Always Ginny

Ginnys last year at Hogwarts but how will she cope without her beloved Harry?


12. A little normality well almost...

It was the final term of school.The wedding was over and things were back to normal at Hogwarts.Ginny was still cooped up in her dorm when all she wanted was to be with Harry.2 months she kept telling herself that's all.

Harry was still teaching,it was the Thursday after the wedding,Ginny's first DATDA class that week.Ginny sat on her usual seat,she was feeling watched by most of the class.Harry asked the class a question and Ginny raised her hand to answer,"Yes Mrs Potter,what is the answer" Harry said in his formal teacher tone,the whole class sniggered.The rage was building up inside Ginny,she turned to the rest of the class" what's so wrong with being called that it is my name,Harry and I are married,grow up!"Ginny turned back around Harry was smiling a very large smile.

Everyone was whispering "whys she so cranky?" Or "you don't think she's pregnant"

Ginny heard these remarks and got out of her seat,went to Harry's desk,took his keys and walked up the stairs to his office.

"Class dismissed" Harry said whilst sighing.

Harry ran up the stairs to his office "baby what's up?"Ginny was in tears."I'm late" Harry looked confused,"you were early to class?" Ginny sighed" my period,it's late"Harry's jaw dropped"wait your pregnant?" Ginny looked so upset" I think so" Harry smiled a huge smile "Harry it's not like having an owl it's a baby,this is bad we don't know what to do." Harry was still smiling"so you never want to have kids?"Harry wiped away Ginny's tears" no I do just not now I don't think we are ready." Harry took Ginny's hands" so when is the right time,no time is right,I think we can do this babe"Ginny nodded,a baby they were going to have a baby.

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