My First Date

Hi I'm Bradley. I'm seventeen and have a giant crush on a girl named Alexis. Will Alexis like Bradley? Will the end up together? To find out read my first date!!


2. The Date

I was rushing around my house like a chicken without a head. I was excited. Why would the most popular girl ask me out? No questioning now!! I was on my way to Alexis's house when I got a text from my mum, it read 'hey Bradley, were are you I'm at your house?' 'Not now mum' I just texted back then turned my phone off. I knocked on the door. "Hello" that's not Alexis? I opened the door to see a boy around my age "Who are you and ,why are you here?" He practically yelled, "Um... Didn't Alexis tell you? I'm her date" I said proudly, "DATE? WHAT DATE?" Ok he was screaming now. "Jack we aren't dating anymore I told you to leave now leave!" Alexis yelled "ok, um Jack I think you should leave now" I said calmly, he just grunted and slammed the door behind him. "Sorry about that" Alexis said nearly in tears. "It's ok..." she just looked at me.. AWKWARD!!! I took her hand and walked out the door. I opened the car door for her and she got in I quickly ran to my side and started driving.

👉after drive👈

We were at the canteen bar at the cinemas. I bought the tickets to see 'The Maze Runner' and bought some food. The look on her face told me that she was either nervous or excited.

👉After Movie👈

We walked out of the cinema and to my car. We haven't spoken a word since the start of the movie.

*~*~*Alexis's P.O.V*~*~*

This was sooooo awkward!! I've had a crush on Bradley for like, EVER! I looked at him and turned his head and kissed him on the lips... I felt the electricity run through me 'wow' I thought.our lips were moving in sync and it felt so good.i moved my hands around his neck deepening the kiss. All of a sudden he ripped out of the kiss, what?? I open me eyes and saw that he was under jack getting punched. I screamed and felt a tear running down my face. Jack stopped and came over to me. Yea he was caring but when it came to him seeing me with another guy he got vicious.

*~*~*Bradley's P.O.V*~*~*

He threw one more punch and I was out I heard Alexis screaming at Jack and that's that.

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