My First Date

Hi I'm Bradley. I'm seventeen and have a giant crush on a girl named Alexis. Will Alexis like Bradley? Will the end up together? To find out read my first date!!


1. Another Boring day

Today was like every other day... Boring. I got up ate breakfast, brushed my teeth and headed off to school. As I pulled up I noticed people staring at me and my car, I forgot to tell you I bought a fafari!(if you don't know what a fafari is it's basically a fararri) I just smiled to myself, this day might not be as bad. I got out of my car and walked into the school with people still staring. I told them to fuck off so they did. I was at my locker when I heard the click of high heels. I turned around so I was face to face with Alexis,

"So I was like wondering if you would like to go on date with me cause like y'know..."this was some how awkward "uh... Sure... When?" I chocked on my words a bit. "7 tonight be at my house." Those words kept playing in my head. After all these years why ask me now?

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