WWE: Road To WWE

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  • Published: 26 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 28 Sep 2014
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Road To WWE; Kim's dream is to be a WWE talent, but most of all, she always dreamed of holding the Divas title. Kim confronted to her parents that she wasn't interested in school anymore and wanted to try out for wrestling. Kim's dream came true when Mark and Jane was in town in LA looking for talents to sign. Without hesitating, she signed up and was sent to the performance center to train. A few months later, she was sent to NXT to start, but without a even getting to start on NXT, she was called up to the main roster. Kim's dream has now really began.


8. Return Of The Roman Empire

(Monday Night RAW) 

Seth: *comes out to the ring with kane and cuts a promo* 

Dean: *pops up on the screen* Seth, Seth Rollins. Up here. 

Seth/Kane: *looks at the screen* 

Dean: *smiles* Seems like you lost someone who could have made you a top guy, but I guess you didn't want it. 

Kim: *pops up on the screen* 

Fans: *cheers* 

Kim: Hi Seth. *smiles* 

Seth: *gets upset* No! No! *looks at kane* 

Kim: You see, while you were running around with that briefcase with Uncle Kane, you kind of left me alone at most times you know. But let's just get to the case Seth; you thought this fight with Dean is over? *laughs* Honey little do you know, I'm the one behind it all.  

Seth: No, no, no, no, you are not Kim. Believe me, you are not, this is something Dean Ambrose and I have been going thru way before... 

Kim: No, you didn't let me finish Seth.  

Seth: *laughs* Ok, what then. 

Kim: You see while you were in matches' barely winning or maybe taking control and when Dean Ambrose came out to attack you, he didn't do it just because he wanted to. I told him too Seth. I am the one that told him to come out every week and destroy you!  

Dean: *laughs in the background* You see Seth, I told you, you don't always get what you want. Not only do I get the divas champion... I hate to break it to you, but Kim's right, while you were running your mouth and everything without Kim. Kim and I were secretly seeing eachother. 

Seth: *gets mad and kicks the ropes* No! This is not true! Kim! Kim! I love you ok. Why would you do this to me? 

Kim: Well... Remember when I told you everyone has to move on from their loss one way or another and you said just like our relationship. Well... I hope you move on from it too.  

Dean: *grabs kim by the hair and makes out with her*  

Seth: *gets out the ring and runs to the back* 

Kane: *follows behind* 

RAW: *commercial* 

Seth: *backstage looking for kim and dean* Dean Ambrose! Come out now! *getting mad* 

Kim: *walks out from the door*  

Seth: Kim. Kim. *tries to calm down* Why? How could you do this to me? I loved you Kim. 

Kim: *makes a sad face* I'm sorry Seth. *puts her arm around seths neck and about to kiss him* 

Seth: *gets ready to kiss kim* 

Kim: *slaps seth* 

Seth: *groans* What the! 

Dean: *attacks seth out of no where* 

Seth: *brawls back with dean* 

R-Truth: *comes out to the ring with dolph* 

Miz: *comes out next with Damien* 

R-Truth: *wins by count out* 

(Later On) 

Nikki: *comes out to the ring* 

AJ: *skips out next* 

Kim: *comes out to the ring* 

JBL: Oh c'mon, what now Kim! 

Jerry: That's Kim, what is she doing out here? She's not supposed to be out here. 

Nikki: *eyes kim* 

Kim: *sits next to jbl at the table* 

Cole: Welcome to the announcers table Kim. 

Kim: *puts on her headsets* Well hello guys. 

Ref: *calls for the bell* 

Nikki: *locks up with aj* 

Jerry: It's good to see you out here Kim, welcome to the commentary table. 

Kim: *smiles* I know right, it's my first time too, and so far I'm loving it already. 

Nikki: *clotheslines aj* 

Kim: Oh, that hurted. 

Cole: Kim, what is your problem with the ravishing Lana right now? 

Kim: My problem? I don't have a problem with her Cole, I'm just trying to stick up for country. I and I'm sure along many others are sick and tired of hearing her same speech every day. I'm sick of her accent, and I'm sick of her. I'm sick of Rusev as well. 

Jerry: Hey, I think Lana is great on the mic. 

Kim: Oh please Jerry, no one was talking to you. I was answering Michael Cole. If you want to talk, ask me something. *watches the match* 

JBL: Yeah Lawler. 

AJ: *goes for the blackwidow* 

Nikki: *taps out* 

Kim: *takes off her headsets and look at aj* 

Nikki: *rolls out the ring* 

AJ: *sits on the ropes and tells kim to come in* 

Kim: *smiles and gets in the ring afar from aj* 

AJ: *stares at kim* 

Lana: *comes out and attacks kim* 

Kim: *fights back with lana* 

AJ: *grabs a hold of lana* 

Nikki: *runs into the ring and attacks aj* 

Kim: *spears lana and attacks her* 

Securities: *runs out and separates the girls* 

Kim: *runs loose and attacks lana again* 

Securities: *pulls kim away* 

Lana: *runs out the ring to the back* 

Securities: *carries kim out of the ring* 

Kim: *trying to fight out* 

AJ: *looks over at nikki and tries to run to her* 

Refs: *holds aj back* 

Nikki: *gets out the ring and walks off* 

AJ: *screams* 

(Backstage Segment) 

Kim: *walking backstage* 

Lana: *runs to kim* 

Kim: *turns back and clotheslines lana* 

Lana: *falls to the ground* 

Kim: *grabs lana by the hair and slams her face first to the table* 

Lana: *groans and covers her nose* 

Kim: *carries lana and body slams her onto the table* 

Lana: *out cold* 

Refs: *grabs a hold of kim* 

Stephanie: Take her out of this building! Make sure she cannot get back in!  

Refs: *taking kim out the building* 

Stephanie: *checks on lana* 

(Later On) 

Rusev: *comes out and wrestles dean* 

Dean: *waiting in the ring* 

Lana: *slowly walking behind rusev* 

Rusev: *fighting against dean* 

Lana: Rusev! Crush! 

Rusev: *puts dean in the submission hold* 

Dean: *yelling to break loose* 

Lana: Crush! Rusev! 

Kim: *jumps from the barricades and attacks lana* 

Jerry: Oh my god! It's Kim! The refs had her thrown out the building, how did she get back in!? 

Kim: *attacking lana* 

Rusev: *gets out the ring and pulls onto kims hair* 

Kim: *screams and gets up* 

Rusev: *carries kim and throws her into the ring* 

Kim: *crawls away* 

Dean: *jumps from the turnbuckle and attacks rusev* 

Kim: *gets out the ring and cont. attacking lana* 

Triple H: *comes out* Ref! Ref! This match is now a mix tag team match! Restart the match! *heads back to the back* 

Kim: *starts off with lana* 

Lana: *slowly gets in the ring* 

Kim: *jumps on lana and attacks her* 

Lana: *pushes kim off* 

Kim: *jumps back on lana* 

Lana: *pushes kim off again* 

Kim: *walks up to lana and grabs her by the hair and throws her across the ring* 

Lana: *groans* Please! Stop! 

Kim: *kicks lana* 

Lana: *groans again* 

Kim: *goes for the cloverleaf* 

Seth: *music hits and runs to the ring* 

Dean: *gets down from apron and gets ready to fight seth* 

Kim: *lets go of lana and runs out the ring* 

Rusev: *attacks dean from behind* 

Dean: *falls to the ground* 

Seth: *runs and attacks dean* 

Ref: *calls for the bell* 

Kim: *jumps over the barricade* 

Dean: *fights seth thru the crowds* 

(Smackdown Taping) 

Kim: *warming up backstage* 

Seth: *stands in kims way* 

Kim: *looks up and sees seth* 

Seth: *chuckles* I see what you're doing there Kim. Warming up like always aren't you? Even though you are not the one wrestling in a match correct? 

Kim: What do you want Seth. 

Seth: I hope you and Dean have a partner tonight because you wouldn't want to lose to the ravishing Lana right? *laughs* 

Kim: *chuckles* Oh we'll find someone Seth, you just wait for it. *smiles and walks off* 

(Later On) 

Seth: *comes out first to the ring first* 

Rusev: *comes out next with lana* 

Lana: *cuts a promo first* 

Rusev: *walks to the ring and stares down with seth* 

Seth: *steps back* 

Dean: *music hits and comes out with kim* 

Kim: *holding a mic* 

Seth: *goes and grabs a mic* I see it's just you two coming out. I knew you guys couldn't find another partner for this match. 

Kim: *laughs* Very funny Seth. *smiles* Earlier you approached me and told me that we won't have a partner. Well I hate to break it to you, but we do have a partner... Seth! 

Seth: *laughs* Kim, honey... 

Lana: Shut up! 

Seth: *looks over at lana* 

Lana: Bring him out already. 

Kim: Well... ok. *smiles* 

Roman: *music hits and makes his way thru the crowds* 

Dean: *holds kim hand and walks down the ramp to the ring* 

Roman: *climbs over the barricades* 

Seth: *stares at roman* 

Roman: *looks over at kim and dean* 

Kim: *smiles and hugs roman* 

Roman: *hugs kim back and then dean* 

Ref: *calls for the bell* 

Roman: *starts off with rusev* 

Rusev: *fights back and forth with roman* 

Roman: *pushes rusev* 

Seth: *tags himself in* 

Roman: *looks at seth* 

Lana: *tags in* Get out! It's my turn! *looks over at kim*  

Kim: *smiles and gets in the ring and leans against the turnbuckles* 

Lana: *walks up to kim* 

Kim: *stands up* 

Lana: *laughs and turns around* 

Kim: *grabs a hold of lana by the hair* I don't think so. *slams lana to the mat* 

Lana: *groans* 

Kim: *crawls on top of lana and head bumps her* 

Lana: *screaming* 

Kim: *picks lana up and throws her to rope for a knee to the gutter* 

Lana: *groans and hold her stomach* 

Kim: *grabs lana by the hand for a arm submission* 

Lana: *elbows kim in the eye* 

Kim: *covers her eye* 

Lana: *sweeps kim off the mat* 

Kim: *lays on the ground* 

Lana: *goes for a camel clutch* 

Kim: *screams and reaches for the ropes* 

Lana: *puts more pressure onto kim* 

Kim: *gets up and side slams lana* 

Lana: *groans* 

Kim: *goes for the arm breaker submission* 

Lana: *screams and taps* 

Rusev: *gets in the ring quick* 

Roman: *runs in the ring and spears rusev* 

Seth: *jumps over the barricades* 

Dean: *goes after seth* 

Seth: *brawls with dean thru the crowd* 

Rusev: *rolls out the ring and pulls lana out the ring* 

Roman: *stares down to rusev and lana* 

Kim: *stands next to roman* 

Dean: *heads back to the ring* 

Seth: *meets up with rusev and lana* 

Roman/Dean: *staredowns seth and rusev* 

Smackdown: *goes off air* 

Eden: *comes out to the ring* Roman Reigns, welcome back to WWE, how are you feeling tonight? 

Roman: *grabs the mic* How am I feeling? Pensacola, Florida, how are we tonight?! 

Fans: *cheer* 

Roman: *smiles* I feel better than ever. *hands the mic to eden and celebrates with dean and kim*

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