WWE: Road To WWE

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  • Published: 26 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 28 Sep 2014
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Road To WWE; Kim's dream is to be a WWE talent, but most of all, she always dreamed of holding the Divas title. Kim confronted to her parents that she wasn't interested in school anymore and wanted to try out for wrestling. Kim's dream came true when Mark and Jane was in town in LA looking for talents to sign. Without hesitating, she signed up and was sent to the performance center to train. A few months later, she was sent to NXT to start, but without a even getting to start on NXT, she was called up to the main roster. Kim's dream has now really began.


7. Ravishing Russians

(Hell In A Cell) 

Kim: *walking backstage with seth* 

Seth: Hey, you got this tonight right? 

Kane: Yeah, we got this Seth, tonight; Dean Ambrose will be put away into his place. 

Seth: That's what I thought. 

Nikki: *walks up to kim and seth*  

Seth: Can we help you. 

Nikki: Kim, before you go out to your match, just know that AJ can be a handful at time, and with her mind games and craziness, I think you should let me go out there tonight and help you win. That is what's best for business and for you to keep your title. 

Kim: You know, yeah, how about that Nikki. You're a great diva, a strong diva; I want someone fearless to be out there with me when I defend my title for the first time. *smiles* Come on. *walks off first* 

Nikki: *smiles and follows behind* 

AJ: *skips out to the ring first* 

Kim: *comes out next with nikki* 

AJ: *trades some back and forth with kim* 

Kim: *goes for a ddt* 

AJ: *laid out* 

Kim: *grabs aj by the hair slams her face first to the mat* 

AJ: *covers her nose* 

Kim: *climbs the turnbuckle* 

AJ: *gets up* 

Kim: *dives and spears aj* 

AJ: *laid out again* 

Kim: *puts aj in the cloverleaf* 

AJ: *screams in pain* 

Nikki: *looks at aj and then kim* 

Kim: *puts more pressure onto aj* 

Nikki: *gets in the ring and attacks kim from behind* 

Ref: Hey! Get out the ring Nikki! Get out! *calls for the bell* 

Nikki: *gets out the ring 

Justin: The winner of this match by outside interference, Kim! And still your divas champion, Kim! 

AJ: *screams in anger and beats up kim* 

Refs: *runs out and pulls aj away* 

AJ: *gets out the ring and heads back to the back* 

Refs: *checking on kim* 

(Later On) 

Seth: *comes out to the ring first* 

Dean: *comes out next to the ring* 

Seth: *brawls with dean back and forth* 

Kane: *comes out to help seth* 

Dean: *dropkicks kane out the cage door* 

Seth: *attacks dean* 

Dean: *throws seth into the cage* 

Kane: *grabs a hold of dean* 

Dean: *kicks kane and runs into the ring and grabs a chair* 

Kane: *runs for dean* 

Dean: *attacks and hits kane with the chair* 

Seth: *jumps from the turnbuckle* 

Dean: *hits seth with the chair* 

Seth: *out cold* 

Dean: *goes for a pinfall and wins* 

(The Next Night On RAW) 

Seth: *backstage* 

Kim: Seth! Seth. 

Seth: What! 

Kim: What is your problem? 

Seth: My problem!? My problem is Dean Ambrose! I was supposed to win last night Kim! 

Kim: Look, I'm sorry you lost, but we all have to move on from it one way or another. 

Seth: Just like our relationship right? 

Kim: What? 

Seth: Yeah Kim, it's over between us. *walks off* 

Kim: *gasp* 

RAW: *goes to commercial* 

Nikki: Hey Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: Hey Nikki. 

Nikki: I want to apologize in advance before we go out there. If I hurt you please give me a sign so I know ok. 

Kim: Girl, just go for it, I don't care. *chuckles* If we get hurt, we get hurt. Oh well. *walks off* 

Cole: Well we all just witnessed the breakup of Seth Rollins and Kim. Let's take a look at it again.  

Seth: I was supposed to win last night Kim! 

Kim: Look, I'm sorry you lost, but we all have to move on from it one way or another. 

Seth: Just like our relationship right? 

Kim: What? 

Seth: Yeah Kim, it's over between us. *walks off* 

Kim: *in the ring upset* 

AJ: *comes out the ring next* 

Kim: *stare downs with aj* 

Ref: *stops kim and aj* 

Nikki: *comes out last* Kim, Kim, Kim. Listen honey, I didn't mean to cause you your first PPV match last night. I just couldn't stand hearing AJ scream. *groans angrily* It was just so annoying that I had to push you off her, I am truly sorry Kim. You are still my friend ok. *smiles and walks to the ring* 

Ref: *calls for the bell* 

AJ: *attacks kim first* 

Nikki: Hey! *attacks aj* 

AJ: *blocks and attack nikki* 

Kim: *on the ground watching aj and nikki fight* 

AJ: *gets out the ring and goes for kim* 

Kim: *gets up quick and hits aj* 

AJ: *blocks and pulls kim into the ring* 

Kim: *rolls in the ring and sees nikki* 

Nikki: *looks down at kim* 

Kim: *backs up into aj and turns around*  

Nikki: *pushes kim out the way and knocks aj to the ground* 

Kim: *about to roll nikki for the win* 

Nikki: *reserves and kicks kim* 

Kim: *groans* 

Nikki: *puts kim in the rack attack and gets the pinfall* 

AJ: *looking from the apron upset* 

Kim: *laid out* 

Nikki: *gets out the ring and looks at aj* 

AJ: *gets in the ring and goes for the shining wizard on kim* 

Nikki: *walks up the ramp and watches* 

AJ: *grabs the belt* This belongs to me! *throws the belt at kim* 

Kim: *grabs her belt* 

(Smackdown Taping) 

Lana: *comes out to the ring and cuts a promo with rusev* 

Kim: *interrupts from the ramp* Lana... Lana. Hi there. *smiles* 

Lana: *stops talking and looks down the ramp at kim* 

Kim: *smiles and waves hi to lana* Hi there Lana, I'm sorry to interrupt you, but I couldn't stand, but hear how you always disrespect the USA. I mean, if you're not satisfy with us... why not leave? *smiles at the fans* Right? 

Summer: I don't get it, so is she face now? 

Nikki: Yeah, she's face now. 

Summer: Oh, she's pretty good as face too. 

Eva: Yeah, she is. 

Kim: I mean, c'mon Lana, people don't care what you have to say, I know you love getting boo and I know you love the USA chants, but c'mon, get real here Lana. You talk about how you hate us Americans and our president, well sorry to break it to you, but "we the people" don't care for you or your leader either. *smiles* 

Lana: *gets mad* 

Kim: Now, now Lana, don't get mad, I see you getting mad, but don't be mad, if you want, since I'm the divas champion, I will let you go against me for the divas title yeah? *mocks the Russian accent* I know you want to crush me right now for talking down on you and your stupid Russians. *smiles and laughs* 

Lana: *gets out the ring* 

Kim: Oh. *laughs* I guess it's a match then, but I'm sorry Lana, you're not dressed to wrestle and I wouldn't want you to mess up your nice suit you have on, so maybe when you're dressed right and in more comfortable shoes, I'll fight you. But on the other hand, I don't mind messing that suit of yours up right now either. *walks down the ramp* 

Rusev: *gets out the ring and guards lana* 

Kim: *stops and smiles* Oh, I forgot, I have someone to help me fight you as well Rusev. *looks back* 

Jack: *music hits and makes his way out to the ring* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Rusev: *gets ready to fight swagger* 

Jack: *runs and fight rusev* 

Lana: *screaming and telling rusev to crush* 

Kim: *watches on from half the ramp* 

Rusev: *puts swagger in the submission move in the middle of the ring* 

Kim: *gets mad and walks back to the back* 

Lana: *smiles* 

(The Next Week On RAW) 

Rusev: *opens smackdown with with lana* 

Lana: *cuts a promo* 

Jack: *comes out to the ring* 

Rusev: *fights back with swagger outside the ring* 

Lana: Crush! 

Kim: *runs thru the crowd and attacks lana from behind* 

Lana: *screaming* 

Kim: *gets off lana and goes up the turnbuckles* 

Lana: *laying on the mat* Please! Please don't. *trying to crawl away* 

Kim: *frog splashes lana* 

Lana: *groans* 

Kim: *puts lana in the cloverleaf* 

Lana: *screaming* 

Rusev: *runs into the ring* 

Kim: *lets go and runs out to the ground at the table announcers* 

Rusev: *gets half way out to the ring* 

Kim: *gets up jumps the barricades and thru the crowds* 

Rusev: *checks on lana* 

Lana: *holds her back* 

(Later On) 

Lana: *comes out dressed to wrestle* 

Kim: *comes out next with her title* 

Lana: *upset at kim holding her back* 

Kim: *smiles and gets in the ring* 

Ref: *calls for the bell* 

Kim: *headlocks lana* 

Lana: *trying to break out* 

Kim: *head takedowns lana* 

Lana: *groans* 

Kim: *headlocks lana on the mat* 

Lana: *kicks and pushes kims arm and sets loose* 

Kim: *grabs lana by the hair* 

Lana: *screams* 

Kim: *head bumps lana* 

Lana: *falls to the mat and rolls out the ring to the ground* 

Kim: *looks over at lana* 

Lana: *about to stand up* 

Kim: *runs to the ropes and dives thru the ropes* 

Lana: *crashes to the ground with kim* 

Kim: *gets back up fired* 

Lana: *crawls to the barricades* 

Kim: *grabs lana by the arm and throws her to the ring post* 

Lana: *runs into the ring post and stay against it exhausted* 

Kim: *grabs lana by the hair and hits her face first onto the post then tosses her in the ring* 

Lana: *rolls to the middle* 

Kim: *climbs the turnbuckle and does a backflip and goes for a pin* 

Lana: *kicks out* 

Kim: *shocked/gets up and screams in anger* 

Lana: *gets up* 

Kim: *grabs lana by the arms and goes for an armbreaker* 

Lana: *taps out quickly* 

Kim: *puts more pressure onto lana* 

Rusev: *music hits and runs to the ring* 

Kim: *releases lana and stands up quick and looks at rusev scared* 

Lana: *holds her arm* 

Rusev: *jumps onto the apron* 

Kim: *tries to move* 

Lana: *holds onto kims leg* 

Kim: *falls to the mat* Please, please don't hurt me. *cries*  

Lana: *scissor locks kim* 

Kim: *kicks out and tries to move lanas legs* 

Lana: *puts kim in the camel clutch* 

Kim: *screams in pain* 

Dean: *music hits and runs to kims rescue* 

Lana: *lets go of kim and stands up quick* 

Rusev: *tells lana to get out the ring* 

Dean: *fights back with rusev* 

Lana: Rusev! *gets worried* 

Kim: *runs and puts lana in the Christo lock* 

Lana: *tapping out* 

Kim: *puts more pressure onto lana* 

Dean: *puts rusev in the dirty deeds* 

Seth: *runs out to the ring* 

Dean: *jumps out the ring and pulls kim and hops the barricade* 

Kim: *runs and jumps the barricade next* 

Dean: *holding onto kim and smiles at seth* You got to think smart Seth! *smiles and grabs kims hand and runs up the stairs*

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