WWE: Road To WWE

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  • Published: 26 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 28 Sep 2014
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Road To WWE; Kim's dream is to be a WWE talent, but most of all, she always dreamed of holding the Divas title. Kim confronted to her parents that she wasn't interested in school anymore and wanted to try out for wrestling. Kim's dream came true when Mark and Jane was in town in LA looking for talents to sign. Without hesitating, she signed up and was sent to the performance center to train. A few months later, she was sent to NXT to start, but without a even getting to start on NXT, she was called up to the main roster. Kim's dream has now really began.


5. Let's Sell This

(Smackdown Taping- Backstage Segment) 

Janet: *fixing kims makeup* 

Kim: Thank you Janet, I love it. *smiles* 

Janet: No problem. *smiles* 

Natalya: Hey Janet, can I have you fix my make up for me real quick? 

Janet: Sure, I'll be right with you. 

Natalya: No, I mean right now Janet. 

Kim: *gets up from her chair* Excuse me? Do you not see that she is working with me here! Why don't you just wait your turn or get it done yourself. 

Natalya: *grabs the face powder throws it at kim* 

Kim: *screams* 

Natalya: *attacks kim* 

Kim: *sceaming and trying to fight back* 

Natalya: *slams kims face against the table* 

Kim: *falls to the ground* 

Refs: *pulling Natalya away* 

Stephanie: Take her away! *checks on kim* You alright? 

Kim: *getting up* 

Stephanie: Get her cleaned up and fix her up nicely! This is our divas champion, we have to treat her well for representing us so well with the divas champion. 

Janet: Ok, I will Stephanie. *fixes kim up* 

Stephanie: *leaves* 

Miz: *comes out the ring* 

Dolph: *comes out next* 

Stephanie: I'm putting you in charge tonight Kane, you better not disappoint me or else! *leaves* 

Kim: *barges into stephanie's office* Where is Stephanie! 

Kane: She put me in charge tonight, what can I do for you Kim. 

Kim: I want a match tonight and I want it against Natalya! 

Kane: Against Natalya? You're schedule to fight Brie tonight Kim. 

Kim: I! Want Natalya! Make it happen or you will hear it from the authority! *walks off* 

Cole: Well you heard it from Kim, we will see her facing Natalya instead of Brie later tonight. 

(Later On) 

Kim: *comes out to the ring first* 

Natalya: *comes out to the ring next* 

Kim: *gets out the ring and runs for Natalya* 

Natalya: *fits back with kim* 

Kim: *kicks Natalya in the gutter and throws her against the barricades* 

Natalya: *groans/crawls away from the barricade* 

Kim: *climbs on the barricade and clotheslines Natalya to the ground* 

Ref: Come on! Get in the ring Kim! 

Kim: Shut up! *grabs Natalya by the hair and throws her in the ring* 

Natalya: *gets up* 

Kim: *on the apron talking trash to the fans* 

Natalya: *goes and pulls kims hair into the ring* 

Kim: *screaming and getting into the ring* 

Natalya: *slams kim to the mat* 

Kim: *covers her head and gets back up* 

Natalya: *spins and clotheslines kim to the mat* 

Kim: *groans and covers her nose* 

Natalya: *grabs kims leg and goes for the sharpshooter* 

Kim: *kicks her legs and runs out the ring* 

Natalya: Come on! That's not a way to be a champ Kim! 

Kim: *gets mad and runs into the ring and attacks Natalya* 

Natalya: *pushes kim over and attacks her* 

Kim: *tries to roll out the ring* 

Natalya: *grabs kim by the hair again and slams her face first* 

Kim: *covers her nose again* 

Natalya: *puts kim in the sharpshooter* 

Kim: *screams in pain crawling for the ropes* 

Ref: Rope! 1, 2, 3, c'mon Natalya! 

Natalya: *lets go of kim and tries to grabs her* 

Kim: *kicks Natalya on the knee* 

Natalya: *falls to the mat holding her knee* 

Kim: *gets up and goes for the cloverleaf* 

Natalya: *screams and taps out* 

Kim: *lets go and runs out the ring* 

Ref: *hands kims belt to her and raises her hand* 

Kim: *laughs holding up her title* 

Natalya: *disappointed looking at kim upset* 

Kim: *blows a kiss to Natalya* 

AJ: *comes out and pushes kim down the ramp* 

Kim: *rolls down the ramp* 

AJ: *picks up the divas title and kisses it* 

Kim: *looking at aj* That is mine! 

AJ: *smiles and sets the belt down and skips off* 

(After Smackdown) 

Kim: *hanging out backstage* 

Seth: Hey, great match out there earlier. 

Kim: *smiles* Thanks. 

Seth: You nearly got your ass defeated. *laughs* 

Kim: *laughs* Yeah, but I always get the last piece. 

Seth: Yeah you do. Listen, I'm about to work with you next week and I don't even know you. How long you been training with the WWE? 

Kim: Since I got signed 2 months ago. 

Seth: And you're already this good? 

Kim: Takes a lot of guts and talent to get this good and far. 

Seth: *laughs* You are just like me you know that. 

Kim: How? 

Seth: I know I was the best in developmental and in NXT, even in WWE. 

Kim: Yeah, but you see, I'm better than you. I skipped NXT and got onto the main roster. 

Seth: So did Eva. 

Kim: Oh, she did too huh. 

Seth: Yeah, but she's not good like you. 

Kim: That's mean. *laughs* 

Seth: You know that's true too. 

Kim: Ok, yeah. *chuckles* 

Seth: Alright, I think it's time we have to get going, ready to sell this relationship? 

Kim: Yeah, I am. *smiles* 

Seth: Alright. *holds kims hand and heads out the building* 

Fans 1: Seth! Seth! 

Fans 2: We love you! 

Fans 3: Kim!  

Seth: *opens the door for kim* 

Kim: *smiles and gets in the car* 

Seth: *closes the door and puts the bags in the trunk* 

Kim: *gets out and helps seth* 

Seth: *looks at kim and tries to pull a serious face* 

Kim: *smiles and walks back into the car* 

Seth: *gets in the driver's side and starts the engine* Ready? 

Kim: Yep. 

Seth: Alright, let's go. *drives off*

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