Close As Strangers

3 1/2 out of 4 punk-ish (so confusing XD)
Annabelle Thompson is a 17 year old runaway teen with no family except for her 16 year old sister Izzie and her 21 year old locked up brother Jake. Plus Ali and Maggie who are considered family. She has parents, but their more concerned about money, drugs, and alcohol than their 3 kids.
When Ali and Maggie's brothers fly in from Aussie for Maggie's birthday, they bring 2 of their friends along, and decide to spend the next year in the states. But when that year might turn into moving there, there are decisions that have to be made, and some people from Annabelle's past come back in here life. Her life goes from miserable to having her brother back, to a living Hell.


3. Anywhere But Here

   “ Can we play tag? I wanna play tag! Lets play tag! Wanna play?” Maggie asked. “No. We need to get you home. You need to calm down Maggie. Your parents are probably back now, and you know what happened last time.” I said, putting my hands on her shoulders, walking her to Ashton’s car. “What happened last time?” Ashton asked, following me to his car and unlocking it, helping me get Maggie in, who was resisting in everyway possibly. This is how she acts when she is drunk. She acts like a kid and doesn’t stop until she gets her way, also stays hyper, then has a massive hang over the next day and normally sleeps until 8:00pm. “She was really hyper, like this, and completely trashed the house, and broke some of her moms glass vases, or plates or something. Also got grounded for 3 weeks because of the house, and that she was drinking under age. She couldn’t leave the house, and got her phone taken away.” I explained, closing the car door after successfully getting Maggie in. “ You act like a kid, you get treated like one.” I said, walking back over to the others. “We need to get her home before she throws a fit again, and trashes everything. We’ll meet at her house.” Ali said. “Where’s Izzie?” I asked. “She fell asleep in your car.” Calum said, walking to the car.

   Once we all got in our cars and started driving, Calum and Izzie were asleep in the back. Michael awake in the passenger seat. The ride was silent, except the faint sound of snores from the back, and my burned CD mixed with different artists playing softly.  The ride to the docks from Maggie’s house was about an hour, and it was currently 4 in the morning. I was lost in the road and I honestly don’t trust myself driving when I’m falling asleep. “ I need to get some coffee or something, I don’t know, I just need to stop for a second I'm falling asleep. Plus we need gas.” I said, pulling over at a gas station. After I parked the car I felt in my pocket to make sure I had my pocketknife, because in my opinion, it was a really sketchy gas station. But the only one around.

   I opened the door, but Michael grabbed my arm. “I’ll get the coffee, you just get the gas.” He spoke to me for the first time. “So you do talk?” He didn’t answer me, he just shut the door and went inside. I did as told and got the gas, paid at the pump, and got back in the car. Soon later Michael came back with my coffee and a Monster. He came to my window and tapped on it. I rolled it down and took the coffee, putting it in the cup holder. He reached in, unlocked my door and opened it. “ Do you need me to drive?” he asked. I thought for a moment then sighed. “Yeah, I guess.” I said, getting out and walking over to the passenger seat. We were both in the car and he turned the engine on. “ Wait, how much did you drink?” I asked.  “ I didn’t.” He said without turning towards me. I decided to leave it at that and looked in the back, making sure Izzie and Calum were still alive.  The car started moving and the silence was killing me. I reached my hand over to the radio and turned the CD up, playing Mayday Parade.

“Secret love, my escape, take me far, far away

Secret love, are you there, will you answer my prayers

Please take me anywhere but here”

I leaned back in my seat and looked out the window. “ Shouldn’t the music be quieter? They’re sleeping.” Michael asked, turning the music down. “No. They’re drunk, they won’t wake up for the next 10 hours.” I said, turning it back up. Playing All Time Low.

“When I wake up, the dream isn’t done,

I wanna see your face and know I made it home,

If nothing is true, what more can I do?

I am still painting flowers for you”

“Is this a burned CD?” Michael asked. “ Yeah.” I said, half asleep. “Whose all on it?” “ Mostly Mayday Parade, All Time Low, then one song each of Something Corporate, Maroon 5, Boys Like Girls, The Cab, Daughtry and Ed Sheeran.” I said. “ You have the best taste in music.” He said, turning it up a little louder, not blasting, but kinda loud. I smiled and closed my eyes. “Thank you.”


“It was like a Time Bomb set in emotion, we knew that we were destined to explode

And if I had to pull you out of the wreckage, you know I’m never gonna let you go.

We’re like a Time Bomb, gonna loose it, lets defuse it

Baby we’re like a time bomb

But I need it, wouldn’t have it, any other way”

“ Luke told me that you have a house that you don’t use, and that if we wanted we could move in there.” Michael said all of a sudden. “ Um, yeah.” I said, opening my eyes and turning to face him. “Tell me about it. Luke was really excited, said that it would be amazing if we moved in. What’s so amazing about it?” He asked. ”Well, it’s not a house, its underground, and it’s under my parents’ house. But it’s completely sound proof.  And you wouldn’t have to pay anything, it’s with the cost of the house, and my parents are paying for that. They don’t know about it though. There are 5 bedrooms, one instrument room, a living room, kitchen, and 2 extra rooms. There’s one room that was my old room, it has all of my old stuff in it, I kind of moved down there because of my parents. They never found out, and they never caught me. Anyways, it has a window, but if you look outside, it just looks like the wall. So they wouldn’t see it, but it’s a clear view from inside. The other rooms all have white walls, but you could paint them. There are 2 keys, and I have one, the other is locked inside it. There are 3 doors that lead to it. 2 inside the house, and 1 outside. The one outside has a different key than the one’s inside, which is locked inside. So until we get inside through the house, that door will be locked.” I explained.

“We’re all part of the same sick little games

 And I need a get away, get away

I’m wasting my days

I throw them away

Loosing at all of these sick little games”

    “So no one knows about this underground house except for you, me, and Luke?” he asked. ”Well, you, me, Luke, Izzie, and my brother. I haven’t told Calum and Ash yet, unless Luke has.” I said, closing my eyes again. “ You don’t live there?” “Nope.” “ Why not? Where do you live?” he asked. “Why are you asking so many questions?” I asked, opening my eyes and turning my head to see him already looking at me. He looked backed at the road. “Because, I don’t know you and if your gonna be with the guys a lot, I should know you.” He said. I just looked at him.“ I just wanna find out. What if you were a serial killer, I wouldn’t let you by them if your gonna kill them. Or if you’re a kidnapper, or a vampire or something. I need to know this stuff, and I need you to know that I wont let you kill them.” He said. “Do you play a lot of video games?” I asked. He nodded. “ That’s what I thought, and I would never hurt them, I love them like family.” I yawned. “Oh ok, if you don’t live there, then where do you live?” he asked again. “Nowhere. I sometimes stay at Ali and Izzie’s, or stay up all night at a coffee shop, or a hotel.” I said, closing my eyes again. “ Hotels add up, where do you get the money? Do you rob banks? Make money? Are you a drug dealer?” he interrogated me. “No, no, and no, but my mom is.” I said, almost falling asleep. “A drug dealer?” “Yep.” “ Do you steal the money from her?” “Yep.” “ Are you falling asleep?” “Yep.” I heard him chuckle. “ Where are you staying tonight?” “ I don’t know, a motel or something. Might just stay in my car. Why?” I asked. “ Would that underground house thing be available?” he asked. “Uh, Yeah. What about Izzie and Calum? We can’t leave them in here, and they wouldn’t wake up to go inside, plus calum doesn’t even know about it.” I asked. Not even thinking anymore. “We would drop them off. We’re supposed to meat up at Maggie’s house anyways. And I need to make sure its safe, and if I would wanna move in there before Cal and Ash find out about it.” “Ok, yeah we can do that. I have the key with me. We would have to go through the house though.” I said, drinking my coffee, trying my hardest to stay awake. He nodded. “How much time until we get there?” I asked. “ Uh, we should be there in, 5 minutes.”

   When we got there they helped us get Calum and Izzie out. Michael said that he was going to stay at a hotel, because he wasn’t confortable staying in the same house as Maggie’s parents. Plus there were just a lot of people staying there. The girls already knew that I was staying at a hotel tonight, so they didn’t ask about it.

   I grabbed my bag from the back and looked through it, pulling out the small golden key from the zipped pocket, then pulled out the house key. “ It’s Monday, which means that my mom is staying at rehab and my dad is at work. Which makes it so much easier.”  “Good.” Michael said, pulling up at the house. We got out, I grabbed my bag, putting it around my shoulder, and we walked up to the door. I unlocked the door, putting that key in my pocket. Walking inside, I turned the light on and closed the door after Michael came in. “ Holy shit.” I heard him whisper. “ I know right, those rich ass bastards put a lot of money into this house. Yet with all the money the have, we got nothing, except for getting beat, or having to do chores. Fucking ass holes couldn’t even pay to get their son out of jail.“ My voice cracked at the end.  “ Anyways, uh, here is the one door.” I said, pointing to the middle, flat part of the stairs. It just looked like a cellar door, and my parents are stupid enough to this it was just part of the coloring. “We didn’t use this one much. And there’s the other one.” I said, walking in the kitchen and pointing to the side of the island. I pulled out the little gold key and unlocked the door, pushing it open and turning the light switch on. I smiled, thinking of the times when we were pushing all of our stuff through this door. Then the door leads to spiral see through glass stairs. Once you are at the bottom of the stairs your in the kitchen, on the left is 3 bedrooms and one of the extra rooms, on the right is a hall. Once in the hall, on the left there is a bathroom, past that is the other extra room. On the right is the 4th bedroom, past that is my old bedroom. Behind the stairs in just a open space.

   “ C’mon.” I said, putting my feet through the door, and climbing down the 2-foot drop to the first step. I stopped once I was standing. “Watch your step, there’s a 2-foot drop before you reach the stairs.” I said, stepping down a few more steps. I turned around to make sure he heard me. He nodded and did exactly that, closing and locking the door behind him.

    “Holy shit.” He said again. “ Is that all you have to stay about this house?” I asked, setting my bag on the floor, opening it and putting both keys inside it. “This is fucking amazing. If we wanted, you said we could move in here?” he asked, turning to face me, after doing a 360 turn, examining everything. “ Yep, and as much as I would love to give you a tour, its has to wait because its 4:00 AM and I’m really fucking tired.” I said, walking towards my old room, Michael following.

   Once we got to my room I felt my eyes start watering. It looked the same as always. The light green walls. The huge guitar sticker covering the whole side of the wall. All the posters (All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Paramore, Greenday, Pierce The Veil, The Cab, Nirvana, Ed Sheeran, Jake Miller, Maroon 5, Spiderman, and a huge poster of Batman and Joker). The black heart with “Without music, life would be a mistake” in white. My mint green electric guitar on its stand in the corner. The electric guitar that was signed by All Time Low. My queen bed with the white and black, music note, covered comforter and matching pillows. My black couch with my black throw pillow that has white letters saying “Music Is My Drug”. My fluffy green rug on top of my white carpet. It was all here. Everything. And it all made me wanna break down, but I tried my hardest to hold it in. I walked over to my closet and opened the doors, seeing all of my clothes neatly folded and put away. I walked back to go get my bag, totally forgetting that Michael was with me. “ Um, you can just sleep on the couch. We don’t really have and other furniture here.” I said. He nodded. "Oh, uh, do you wanna borrow some sweatpants? My dad has an extra closet full of clothes upstairs." I asked. "Yeah sure, " I was just about out the door, then I stopped. "Do you wanna come with? I don't know what you want, and all that stuff." I said awkwardly. He smiled and nodded.
We went upstairs and to the closet. It looked the same. Never touched. "You can take what ever you need. Just don't make it too noticeable." He nodded and started looking through the clothes. When Michael was done we went back downstairs. While he was changing in the bathroom I went in my closet and picked out some clothes. My black sweatpants and one of Jake's blue plaid shirts. I walked out of my closet and closed the doors, then walking to my bed and falling on top of it. I just stayed like that, feeling tears slip down my face. This place brought back too many memories, plus this shirt, I just felt like breaking down completely. Until Michael came in, sitting on the couch. I threw him a pillow and blanket then fell back down. "I promise I'll give you a tour tomorrow." I said with out looking at him. "Ok. Will your parents be home?" " yeah, but it's soundproof, they won't know." "Ok, and I never got your name." 
"Annabelle." "Goodnight Annabelle."
That was the last thing I heard before I fell asleep.


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