Close As Strangers

3 1/2 out of 4 punk-ish (so confusing XD)
Annabelle Thompson is a 17 year old runaway teen with no family except for her 16 year old sister Izzie and her 21 year old locked up brother Jake. Plus Ali and Maggie who are considered family. She has parents, but their more concerned about money, drugs, and alcohol than their 3 kids.
When Ali and Maggie's brothers fly in from Aussie for Maggie's birthday, they bring 2 of their friends along, and decide to spend the next year in the states. But when that year might turn into moving there, there are decisions that have to be made, and some people from Annabelle's past come back in here life. Her life goes from miserable to having her brother back, to a living Hell.


1. A little party never killed nobody

“ C’mon guys, lets not be late for Megan’s party for a try.”  Ali shouted to us from downstairs. Izzie answered her back but I didn’t hear what it was. I finished putting in my 6th earing in both ears and grabbed my teal headphones, putting my music on shuffle, playing ‘Anywhere But Here’ by Mayday Parade. I grabbed my bag from the floor and put it around my shoulders and took one last look in the mirror. I was wearing ashy black-gray short shorts allowing the 3 roses on my upper thigh visible, a white crop top showing my belly button piercing, my All Time Low black vest making the skull and rose tattoo on my shoulder and the ombre purple/blue feather on my fore arm visible, my black studded combat boots, a bunch of bracelets (one with an anchor, another with an owl, and infinity, and a little bar that says ‘Love’) on my left wrist so that you could see my tattoo of half of the yin-yang symbol on my right wrist, my lip ring, and hanging from my neck was the silver circle locket that my brother, Jake, got me as a early present for my 15th birthday before he went to jail for 2 years, and my batman ring (I have a huge obsession with batman, don’t judge). Finishing up the mascara around my light blue eyes, I smacked my red lipstick together and grabbed my phone off the stand putting it in my pocket, the other pocket being occupied by the pocket knife I use just in case I need to safe my life, and threw by skull grey backpack around my arm.

    I took off my brother’s locket and slipped it in my pocket, letting the chain dangle out of the opening, and put Jake’s dream catcher necklace around my neck.

    Deciding that I was ready for the party, I ran down the stairs almost tripping on my Siberian husky, Shadow. “ I’m sorry puppy, I’ll be back tomorrow I love you shadow.” I said petting him and checking to make sure he had food and water. I ran out to the car and jumped in the drivers seat and throwing my bag in the back.

   I guess I should introduce everybody. Well, I’m Annabelle Thompson, in the passenger seat is Izabell Thompson (Izzie), my sister, behind us is Alison Irwin (Ali) she’s my sisters roommate, and our bestest friend, along side Megan Hemmings (Maggie). The four of us are inseparable, we’re pretty much sisters, just not by blood. We’ve known each other since preschool.  It’s only the three of us in the car because its Maggie sweet 16 and we’re throwing her a party at an abandoned hotel. It might sound creepy, but it’s not that old, and we’ve already gone through it and it’s fine. Plus we’re only going to be using the first two floors; the rest is blocked of with signs saying the party stays down here. She is currently at her mom’s house because she had some special guests coming. 

  As for appearance, I have dark, almost black, purple longer than shoulder length hair, natural hair color is blonde, 6 piercings in each ear, light baby blue eyes, lip pierced, belly pierced, 3 tattoos, I’m 17, I’m more on the paler side, not tan at all, I’m really skinny, from everything from my life, its complicated, I’ll explain later.

   Izzie looks like me, 16, really skinny, pale, baby blue eyes, except, she only has her nose and ears pierced, and has no tattoos, plus she has natural long black hair.

  Alison is 18, she was born in Australia, she has longer than shoulder length white and light pink hair, natural hair color is light brown, no tattoos, no piercings, except the small gauges in her ears, skinny, pale, light green eyes.

    Maggie is just turning 16, also born in Australia, is a natural blonde, long wavy hair, brown eyes, skinny, tanner than the rest of us, still not that tan though, no tattoos, ears pierced.

   Then there is my brother, Jake, he’s 21 and has been in jail for two years, I’d rather not say why. It’s almost been two years, and I got a letter saying he was going to be let out in 4 weeks. But they will let him out 2 weeks earlier. Not sure why, but it’s the first question that I’m going to ask him.

  I miss Jake more than anything. I would do anything to get him to come home today. I tried to bail him out and all that stuff, but they wouldn’t let me. I need him. I need my big brother to protect me, since I don’t really have my parents at all. My moms in rehab for being an addict, and my dad is an abusive alcoholic. Before my mom was put in rehab, I was left at home with them, while Izzie was at school (I wasn’t because I’m a drop out). They would abuse me in every way and it never stopped. Before Jake was arrested, he would always beat my parents up whenever they laid a finger on me, he would take me out of the house and we would stay at hotels, or his friend’s houses whenever it got bad at home.

   I’m currently homeless; I guess that’s what it’s called. I mean, since Ali and izzie are roommates and all, they always let me stay over whenever I need to, even offer to move and get a house for all three of us, but I declined it. So sometimes I stay at Maggie’s, or my sister and Ali’s, or I would just walk around, go to coffee shops, or a hotel/motel. Plus my dog sometimes wouldn’t be allowed in places, so he would just stay at Izzies. Also, I have a few thousand dollars that I stole from my dad and moms stash. I could buy myself a house or whatever, but I’m fine how I am.

For a living I walk around and hide from my parents. Other than that, I’m a no-professional artist, at least just pencil drawings in my sketchbook.  Jake and I were always drawing; he was the one who actually told me I was good at it. He bought me this sketchbook and I don’t use it much, so I still have about half of the pages empty.

    We all agreed that I would drive since there will be drinks at the party, whether we’re legal or not, and I wont be drinking. We were almost there and once we get there we all have to be fast to finish setting everything up. I made her cake, which is zebra and pink with a sparkly white bow on top. She has always loved pink and zebra, so I thought this would be perfect. I also set up drinks and snacks on tables.

   Everything was set up and ready and we had about 5 spare minutes before her mom dropped her off. I put music on loud, All Time Low filling the speakers. “Guys, where’s the tiara and the flower crowns?” Ali asked, looking through the bags. I handed her my bag and she took out 3 flower crowns, light pink for Ali, white for me, and black for Izzie. Last she pulled out the sparkling tiara for Maggie. We all put them on and started opening the doors.



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