Time of your life

Luke is in love with his band mate Ashton, but believes that Ashton doesn't love him back. If only he knew that Ashton actually did...
Calum and Luke are child hood friends, so they are extremely close. But when Calum and Luke start to get even closer, with Luke still thinking that Ashton doesn't love him, Ashton gets jealous and changes. With the internet hating on him and him hating himself, things get bad for Ashton and he just needs someone to fix him. Could that someone be Luke?


5. I'm always here for you

Luke's POV:

"Backseat serenade, little hand grenade, oh god I'm sick of sleeping alone. You're salty like a summer day-" I whack the alarm clock and groan, rolling over only to fall out of bed. Great.

I hear a chuckle and look up only to see Calum in my door way.

"Instead of laughing, you could come help me up" I snap

He rolls his eyes before walking over and grabbing my hands and pulling me up. He picks up the quilt off the floor and puts it back on the bed.

I look up at Calum and see him smirking at me. "What are y-" he cuts me off by pushing me onto the bed and jumping on me.

"Jesus, what the fuck Calum?!" I exclaim groaning under his weight.

He straddles me and caress' my sides with his finger tips and I giggle.

"What?" Calum asks, a big smile on his face.

"That tickles" I say with a grin on my face, laughing slightly.

"Oh does it now" He grins evilly

"No, no, no, no, no! No Calum!" I tell him but he starts to tickle me, running his fingers up and down my sides and poking my ribs.

"Aha- hahha s-top Cal- ahaha hahha!!" I laugh my butt off and so does Calum.

"Would you to knock it off" someone snaps from the door way. I snap my head in their direction while Calum just sighs.

"Are you on your man period or something Ash, because you've been a moody little bitch ever since yesterday morning" Calum tells him.

"Fuck you Hood" Ashton spits

"Geez dude, say it don't spray it" Calum jokes

Ashton just looks even more raged. What the fucks up his ass?? I wish I knew. I wish he would tell me stuff and not push me away. If something's bothering him I want to be able to help, I do love him after all. Oh wait, he doesn't know that. But still, he should know I care for him.

I push Calum off and he rolls over and rests his head on the pillow next to mine. I get up and walk over to Ashton.

"Ash if something's wrong or your not ok, you know you can tell me?" I tell him, he just looks up at me. I continue. "I am always here for you Ashton, no matter what. You're my band mate and my best friend and I care about you a lot so just promise me that you would tell me if there was something you wanted to talk about or if something's wrong I am always here ok?"

I take a deep breath after my longish speech. I look up into Ashton's eyes to see him staring at me in wonder.

He pulls me into a tight hug and I wrap my arms around him as well.

"Thank you Lukey, and I promise." He says. I smile.

"Good, because I don't know what I would do without you" I say.

I feel arms wrap around my waist from behind and Calum rests his chin on my shoulder. Ashton visibly tenses up again.

"I care for you to Ash, and we all love you" Calum smiles

Ashton sighs "thanks Cal" he smiles weakly. "Thanks Luke"


For the rest of the day, the 3 of us just watched movies, chilled out and ate snacks.

When Michael got home from the studio he joined us and it felt almost like the old times.

Before we were massively famous, before we had millions of girls screaming our names, before we were playing at stadiums and when we were still playing at Uni bars and practising in my mums basement. Just 4 best friends, enjoying jamming out with each other. Having the time of our life.


That night we all brought our mattresses down stairs and slept together in the living room. We talked for quite a few hours, but then one by one, we fell asleep.

I really had a great day today, even if all we did was stay at home and be lazy.

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