Time of your life

Luke is in love with his band mate Ashton, but believes that Ashton doesn't love him back. If only he knew that Ashton actually did...
Calum and Luke are child hood friends, so they are extremely close. But when Calum and Luke start to get even closer, with Luke still thinking that Ashton doesn't love him, Ashton gets jealous and changes. With the internet hating on him and him hating himself, things get bad for Ashton and he just needs someone to fix him. Could that someone be Luke?


4. don't get your knickers in a knot

Luke's POV:

I woke up the next morning with a sore throat. Ugh, I need some water.

I get up and get dressed then rush downstairs. I don't bother with a shower because I had one last night. I go to the fridge and pull out a water bottle, take a few chugs then set it on the counter. I decide I feel like coffee so I turn the kettle on, I know, instant coffee isn't the best but i don't mind it.

I hear the padding of feet and look up to see Ashton walking groggily toward me, lol he looks like a zombie.

"Morning" I smile, he just smiles back. "Do you want one" I ask, motioning towards the kettle and the mug I have sitting out with the jar or coffee and sugar.

"Ahh, yeh ok" he says quietly. Okay then... Why's he being so quiet?

I hear another set of feet come down the stairs and Calum walks in looking all chirpy with his hair damp, he must've taken a shower.

"Morning Ash" he mutters and pats Ashton on the back. He then walks up to me and hugs me from behind, I smile. "Morning Lukey"

Me and Calum cuddle all the time, we're child hood friends, it's just normal to us.

The kettle boils so i take it and pour water into the two mugs sitting on the counter, Calum puts another mug down next to mine. "I'll have one to" he says, "ok" I mumble

I get the milk out the fridge and put the right amount in all the cups before handing Ashton his while Calum and I just take ours from In front of us.

"Thanks babe" Calum jokes

"Aaw that's ok" I giggle and Calum playfully kisses my cheek.

I hear a smash and I look up to see Ashton's mug in pieces on the floor and his hands shaking with anger and jealousy clear in his eyes. He glares at Calum. Geez, if looks could kill, poor Cal would be twenty feet under.

"Are you two dating or something?!" He spits.

"What?!" I ask, shocked that he would ask such a thing. "No!"

"Well you're sure acting like it" he sneers

Calum scoffs from behind me "Christ, don't get your knickers in a knot" he jokes

Ashton just stands up, his chair scraping against the floor and storms upstairs, to his room probably.

"What the fuck" Calum asks, gobsmacked and still in shock about what the hell just happened. "What just happened?" He asks

"I have no idea" I say, shaking my head slowly.


"Ooh what about this one!" Michael jokes, showing me a pair of disgustingly frilly pants.

"Are they even for men?" I ask. Michael just laughs

"Well it says on the tag-" he gets half way through his sentence before I cut him off

"No. Never in a million years" I laugh and he does to.

"Thank god" he jokes with a serious face.

Me and Michael had decided to go shopping at the mall because we couldn't be stuffed doing the washing so we just went and bought some new clothes, it was like a routine. Wear the same t-shirt and skinny jeans for a few days, decide they've been worn long enough, go buy new stuff because to lazy to put a couple items in the washing machine. Yup, story of my life.

"I'm hungry" Michael whines.

"We ate before we left" I state

"Yeh but that was 2 hours ago" he complains

"2 hours really?! We've been here longer than I thought" I exclaim.

Michael chuckles at me "geez Lukey, where's ya brain today" he jokes

I glare at him "do not, I repeat do not, call me Lukey!" I say through gritted teeth.

"Fine, geez what's up with everyone today, first Ashton now you" he shakes his head

"Whad'ya mean?" I ask

"Well, when I woke up this morning I got up to get some breakfast but as I was walking towards the stairs Ashton came up them with the most angriest expression on his face I have ever seen. I've never seen him so angry, and plus he was muttering things as he went. I couldn't really understand him but I caught yours and Cal's names and a few curse words after" Michael explains. Geez, he really did get his knickers in a knot.

"Geez, I dont know what his problem is" I shake my head

"Do you know why he was like that?" Mike asks

"Well I have an idea, but I don't know why it would make him angry or upset" I tell him

"And what would that be?"

"Well this morning I was making coffee and Ash came down, he was rather quiet for some reason, and I asked him if he wanted one to and he said yes so I got another cup out but then Calum came down stairs and said good morning to Ashton and he hugged me from behind but then the kettle boiled so he let go. Anyways, I ended up making a coffee for Cal to, but then after I handed Ashton his mug Cal hugged me from behind again and we were mucking around, all he said was 'thanks babe' as in for the coffee and I was like 'aw your welcome' and then he playfully kissed me on the cheek. After that Ashton smashed his mug on the ground and looked really angry, he asked if Calum and I were dating and I was quite shocked but I said no and then he got more angry and was like 'well it sure seems like it' and all Calum did was say 'don't get your knickers in a knot' and then he just stormed off up the stairs which is probably when you saw him" I finish explaining my long ass story and take a deep breathe in.

"Ok, that's weird" Michael says slowly, confusion written all over his face.

"Exactly" I agree

"Well, I have no clue about what to think of that, maybe I'll try talking to him later but for now let's get something to eat I'm starving!" He grabs my wrist and pulls me along with him to macca's.


When we get home Michael slams the door and I glare at him.

"What?" He asks. I sigh and shake my head then walk towards the stairs.

I get to my room and sit down, my feet ache and I'm tired from walking around all day.

I kick my shoes off then get up and take my socks and pants off before putting some sweats on as they're so much more comfy than skinny jeans.

I decide on a movie to watch then put it in and climb back into bed and relax.

Hancock begins to play and I put all my attention towards the movie.


An hour and a half or so later and the credits of the movie roll. I turn the tv off and turn on my side. I fluff the pillow up and lay my head on it.

It take a few minutes but I eventually fall asleep.

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