Rising Darkness

When Sophia Quinn and Luna Nevermore find a small Pyrus Dragonoid lying on the beach, their Bakugan journey begins. But they have to beat the most feared Bakugan in the universe while trying to find Dan. What will befall them on their quest?


9. Chapter 9

~~Luna had walked out of her history class with a relieved look on her face.
“Thank goodness that test is done,” she muttered as she looked at her watch. I still have a bit of time. Maybe I can stop by the old orphanage to see how it's holding up.
When she exited the college grounds, she walked in the direction of the orphanage, which was in the opposite direction of her home.
“Isn't your home in the other direction?” Drago asked as he came out of the pocket on Luna's shorts.
“Yes,” she replied as she looked at Drago, “but there's somewhere I want to visit before I headed back.” Drago was uncertain, but nodded anyways.
After a bit of walking, Luna came up to a building that had a sign that said, “Laura's Home for Children”. Before Luna could walk up to the door, a woman who looked around her late thirties and had golden hair (and eyes) ran out and enveloped her in a bear hug.
“It's been so long Luna!” she said gleefully as Luna tried to get oxygen.
“M-Mrs. Jackson...” Luna let out as the woman let go.
“Sorry,” the woman said, “and after all this time, you still call me that? You know that you can call me Laura.” Luna nodded as she looked at the orphanage.
“I see there was some renovating?”
“Yeah, about a year after you left, we finally fixed up most of the place. Say, I think some of the kids would like to see you again.” As if by mere coincidence, a bunch of kids, possibly around nine or ten, rushed out and almost tackled Luna, almost knocking Drago out of the pocket he was in, if Luna didn't catch him just in time. She was asked so many questions at the same time, that she couldn't keep track.
“Easy on the questions,” Luna said calmly as she smiled. The kids backed off slightly as Drago looked at Luna.
“Is that a Dragonoid?” one child asked as Luna looked at Drago then back to the kid who asked the question.
“Yeah,” Luna replied, “I'm watching him for a friend.”
“Where is your friend?” the child asked as Luna looked at Drago again.
“He had something personal he had to take care of.” Luna tried to change the subject. “Anyways, how about you guys show me the changes this place went through.” All the kids gleefully said yes and dragged her inside as Laura followed.
After showing Luna all the improvements to the orphanage, Luna was getting ready to leave.
“Do you have to go?” one child asked as Luna nodded.
“Yeah,” she replied, “my mom will be worried if I'm not home soon, but I'll try to visit as soon as possible.” Luna turned to leave when she saw a guy with bright red hair and sunglasses that made it impossible to see his eyes; he was wearing something a punk kid would probably wear and had a Bakugan launcher on his right arm.
“Are you a brawler?” the guy asked as Luna looked behind her then back to the guy.
“Are you talking to me?” she asked while pointing to herself.
“Yeah,” the guy replied as Luna shook her head.
“If you're looking for a brawl, then I can't help you. I don't brawl.”
“Then why do you have a Bakugan in your hand?” Luna tightened her grip on Drago. “Relax, little miss former orphan--” Luna didn't allow him to finish his sentence.
“Don't you dare call me that!” she yelled as the guy stepped back in surprise.
Luna wrote a quick message on her Bakupod that said, “I might be late, so get dinner without me.” and sent it to Sophia. She looked back up at the guy, who was smirking now.
“How about some high stakes?” he asked. “If I win, I'll get those kids off of this place hands, but if you win, I'll walk away like nothing happened.” Luna scowled at him and hesitantly took out a field card.
“Ready Drago?” she asked.
“Always,” the Bakugan replied as the guy took out his field card with an evil smile on him.
“Field open!” the two yelled in unison as the field opened up around them. They both set down their gate cards.
“Seeing how you only have one Bakugan on you at the moment,” the guy said, “I'll use one Bakugan as well. To make it even, of course.” Luna stayed quiet. “And I'll even let you go first, seeing how you were an orphan and all.”
“Why does he keep saying you used to be an orphan?” Drago asked Luna as she looked down a bit.
“It's hard to explain,” she said as she then turned her direction to the ginger she was going to brawl, “You can go first.”
“Your funeral,” the guy said as he threw his choice Bakugan, “Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand!” The Bakugan opened up and it emerged, causing Luna's eyes to widen.
“A Pyrus Jinn?!” she said in shock. “They have a power level of 400 G's and have a gate card that allows it to take at least 50 G's from a Bakugan not in battle. Not only that, but they have an ability card that can let it come back even after defeated and add 50 G's as well.” Drago was amazed at her knowledge of the Bakugan before them.
“It is an honor meeting a Brawler that knows so much about me,” the Jinn said, slightly amused. He had pale red skin, black hair that was in a moderately long ponytail, completely white eyes that had a red glow, and something like a ghost tail instead of legs; basically, something similar to the genie in Aladdin.
“Are you gonna talk or brawl!?” the guy asked as Jinn sweat dropped.
“Relax Teri,” Jinn said as the guy got ticked off.
“I told you not to call me that in front of people!” the guy now known as Terri said as Luna hid a laugh.
“Your name is Teri?” she asked.
“I must admit,” Drago said, “that is a...unique name.”
“My name is Terrence!” Teri—sorry, Terrence—said as he face palmed.
“OK, OK,” Luna said as she grabbed Drago and threw him on the gate card Jinn was on. “Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan stand!” Drago emerged as soon as he landed on the gate card.
“Drago?” Jinn asked genuinely surprised. “Is that you? I thought you evolved.”
“It's a long story, old friend,” Drago said as both Teri and Luna almost fell over in shock, “but right now, let us fight.”
“I couldn't agree more,” Jinn said.
“Ability card activate!” Teri yelled as he held up a card. “Sand Resurrection!” Jinn's power level raised to 450 G's.
“Remember,” Jinn said to his partner, “just because I have good abilities, doesn't mean the opponent doesn't also have good abilities.”
“You heard the girl earlier,” Teri said, “She never brawled before. Besides--”
“Ability card activate!” Luna said as she held up a card. “Fire Wall!” Jinn's ability was nullified, bringing his power level back to 400. To add to the loss of power, Drago took 50 G's from him, bringing his own power level to 450 G's.
“What the crud?!” Teri yelled.
“That's not all,” Luna said as she pulled out another ability card. “Ability card activate! Boosted Dragon!” Drago's power level increased to 550 G's and shot a fireball at Jinn, ending the match and sending them back to normal time. Teri seemed shocked, but Jinn looked impressed.
“I must say,” he said, “that was an amazing use of ability cards back there.”
“It was nothing,” Luna said while scratching the back of her head, “It was just a basic combo of abilities.”
“No need to be so modest about that,” Teri said as he did a toothy grin, “Well, since you won, I'm gonna walk away.” Teri walked off with Jinn in his hand as if nothing happened.
“Well,” Luna said to Drago, “I guess we should be heading off, too.”
“What about earlier with the whole 'orphan' incident?” Drago asked. Luna was hesitant, but she broke after a few seconds.
“Well, I guess I could explain while we walk back,” she said as she said her goodbyes to the kids and began to walk home.

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