Rising Darkness

When Sophia Quinn and Luna Nevermore find a small Pyrus Dragonoid lying on the beach, their Bakugan journey begins. But they have to beat the most feared Bakugan in the universe while trying to find Dan. What will befall them on their quest?


8. Chapter 8

Beep beep beep.

Luna's eyes flew open.

Beep beep beep.

She sat up in her bed and stretched, stifling a yawn.

Beep beep be-

She turned off the alarm and climbed out of bed. She put on her glasses and quickly got dressed, before walking out into the kitchen. She barely noticed Drago flying after her.

Sophia was sitting at the kitchen table munching on some toast and staring at her laptop screen. She blinked once before clicking something. Luna sighed and got some bread out of the freezer. As she slid it in the toaster and pushed it down she looked at what Sophia was doing. Playing chess online. Again. Fenix was sitting on the laptop beside the mousepad observing Sophia's strategies.

"Do you ever stop playing that?" Luna asked her sister. Sophia shrugged, too absorbed in the game to answer.

"Does she always play that game?" Drago asked from the bench. Luna nodded. She got butter out of the fridge and a knife out of the drawer just as the toast popped, brown and warm. "Where are your parents?" Drago noticed for the first time that their parents were nowhere to be seen.

"Dad's on a business trip in the UK, and Mum had to work early this morning." Luna explained as she buttered her toast and took a bite.

"YES!" Sophia yelled suddenly. She pumped her fists in the air.

"Win again?"

"Hells yes!" Sophia grinned. "I beat that guy so bad he's wishing he never logged on!"

Out of the corner of her eye, Luna saw Drago turn away. She studied him with interest.

"What's up?" she asked as she finished her piece of toast.

"What Sophia just said." Drago started. "It... it sounded like something Dan would say."

"I see." Luna put the knife in the dishwasher and the butter back in the fridge.

"Hey Luna," Sophia shut her laptop with a snap and put it in the bag lying on the chair next to her. "Why don't you take Drago to school with you today?" She suggested.

"And why would I do that?" Luna asked incredulously

"Jeez, calm down." Sophia held her hands up. "I'm just saying it'll lighten his mood a little."

"Sophie, please. He just lost his best friend. Best friend. I highly doubt that anything would 'lighten his mood' right now."

"And your assumptions are always right, aren't they?"

Luna rolled her eyes as she trooped into her room. She gathered up her books and shoved them into her bag. She swung it onto her back and picked up her shoes. She turned to find Drago hovering right in front of her face.

"Yes?" She asked, adjusting her glasses.

"Actually," Drago began, his voice uncertain, "I was wondering if I could come with you today."

Luna smiled. "As long as you don't interrupt my studies, I don't see why not." She nodded and Drago flew over to her shoulder and she walked out. "Are you working tonight?" She asked Sophia on the way out.

"Yeah, three 'till eight." Sophia replied. "Five hours of listening to my favourite music. It's gonna be awesome."

And with that, Luna smiled, nodded and walked out.

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