Rising Darkness

When Sophia Quinn and Luna Nevermore find a small Pyrus Dragonoid lying on the beach, their Bakugan journey begins. But they have to beat the most feared Bakugan in the universe while trying to find Dan. What will befall them on their quest?


7. Chapter 7

~~Dan was hanging from chains around his wrists; he was beat up, bruised, and seemed to almost be lifeless. In the corner of the room, Shizu stood guard in the case someone tried to break in.
“I'm sorry for doing this,” he said to Dan, “If there wasn't so much at stake for me, you'd probably wouldn't be here for a long time.” Shizu took out a picture of a younger version of himself, a girl that looked around five years old, and presumably his parents; Shizu seemed to be the only person in the photo with blue hair.
“You will be with them soon,” Naga said as he came out from a jacket pocket, “When this world and Vestroia are in our possession, you will get your family.” Shizu nodded. To be honest, he could care less about ruling two worlds; he just wanted to be able to hug his parents and little sister again.
“I want to see them now,” Shizu said, “at least my little sis.” Naga was quiet before 'nodding'. Shizu walked out of the room at a faster pace than what he usually walks at. Everyone in the halls seemed to cower in fear.
Most likely due to Naga, Shizu thought as he entered a poorly lit room with a little girl held back by thick, metal bars.
“Why are they doing this, Onii-san?” the girl wept as she reached out her hand. Shizu grabbed the little hand and tried to comfort her.
“Everything's going to be OK,” Shizu said softly, “Soon, you won't have to be held back by these bars, and you'll be able to roam freely. And you, me, and our parents won't be separated again.”
“Promise?” The little girl looked up at Shizu with her tear-filled brown eyes.
“With my life, Jenna.” Shizu smiled in hopes to comfort her. The girl known as Jenna smiled back before Shizu let go of her hand and walked out. When he was in the hallway, Shizu took Naga out; the Bakugan popped out from it's sphere mode.
“You were awfully quiet back there,” Shizu said bluntly toward the white Bakugan.
“Just remember the plan,” Naga said bitterly.
“To use the power from the Dragonoid and combine it with your own,” Shizu said, “after we learn how to control it.”
“Exactly,” Naga said as he went back to sphere form. If it was possible, some tears would be coming from his eyes. He's a better older brother than I could ever be...

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