Rising Darkness

When Sophia Quinn and Luna Nevermore find a small Pyrus Dragonoid lying on the beach, their Bakugan journey begins. But they have to beat the most feared Bakugan in the universe while trying to find Dan. What will befall them on their quest?


6. Chapter 6

~~Luna muttered history facts under her breath as she walked back to her house. Her professors (thankfully) didn't yell at her, but she did have a couple of exams coming up.
“I got this,” she said to herself with a small smile on her face as she walked down the beach. Even though she moved there only two years prior to now, she already loved everything about it. She remembered the times when she was in the orphanage, where the closest thing to a beach was a small sandbox that was falling apart.
Luna looked down at the Bakupod on her wrist and smiled a bit more.
“To think that Drago, a powerful Bakugan, landed here on this beach,” she said to herself once more as she looked at the small, roundish dent in the sand from earlier. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed something shine from under the sand. Curious, Luna bent down and moved the sand out of the way to reveal a necklace with a silver chain and a ruby smaller than her fist. It felt familiar to her, but from where?
She shrugged it off and continued to walk back home, taking the necklace with her. Maybe her adopted parents, or even Sophia, knew about it.
Luna eventually got to her house and saw her parents' cars gone. She walked inside the front door, hoping that Sophia was still there and not looking for a brawl. Thankfully, Sophia was rummaging through the pantry.
“Where are the fruit snacks?” Sophia muttered as Luna walked up behind her.
“You still eat those?” Luna asked as Sophia yelped and fell down from the shock.
“Would you stop doing that?!” Sophia asked angrily as a vein popped out from her head. “And I only eat them when I'm thinking.”
“Alright. Say, you wouldn't happen to know anything about this, would you?” Luna held up the necklace and Sophia shook her head.
“Sorry, I'm not all knowing when it comes to jewelry. And I highly doubt Mom or Dad know anything about jewelry, either.”
“OK, I just wanted to check.” Luna went for the stairs and stopped at the second step. “The fruit snacks are near the back of the third shelf.” She continued to go up as Sophia grabbed the box.
“I will never understand your interest in those snack items,” Fenix said as she came out from a pocket. Sophia grabbed three of the snacks before putting the box back.
Luna went to her room, set her backpack down, and lied face first on her bed. Even though she liked her college courses, she got tired kind of easily. She looked over at her nightstand, where Drago was napping.
“I can't blame him,” Luna muttered, noting his slumber, “he lost his closest friend to an enemy they defeated so long ago. I would want to sleep if Sophia was kidnapped and hope it was all a bad dream.” She looked back at the necklace shook her head. “There's no way I can wear this. Tomorrow, I'll try to see if anyone lost it.” She set it on her backpack and closed her eyes, falling asleep.

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