Rising Darkness

When Sophia Quinn and Luna Nevermore find a small Pyrus Dragonoid lying on the beach, their Bakugan journey begins. But they have to beat the most feared Bakugan in the universe while trying to find Dan. What will befall them on their quest?


2. Chapter 2

When the field had officially opened, a wave of nostalgia came over Dan.

"Just like old times," Dan said to himself as he grinned with delight.

This was going to be fun. Dan and the brawler known as Shizu set their Gate Cards down on the playing field.

"My turn," Shizu said as he took out a Darkus Bakugan. "Bakugan brawl!" He threw the Bakugan onto his Gate Card and a Darkus Stinglash appeared.

"Opponent's Stinglash at 330 G's," the computer voice said.

"That all you got?" Dan said cockily.

"I have a bad feeling about this, Dan," Drago said.

“What do you mean?” Dan asked his friend.

“Nevermind,” Drago said as he turned to face the field, “For now, let's focus on winning the brawl.” Dan hesitated before nodding and grabbing his friend.

“Bakugan brawl!” he yelled as he threw Drago onto the Gate Card the Stinglash was on. Drago emerged as Shizu smirked.

“The real fun has begun, Dan Kuso,” he said as he pulled out an ability card. “Ability card activate! Demise Bringer!” Dark clouds surrounded the field and the Stinglash was destroyed. When the clouds dispersed, what stood in place of the Stinglash brought fear into both Drago and Dan.

“Surprise, Drago,” the white Bakugan said, his voice raspy enough to bring fear into you.

“How...?” Dan said as he stared at Naga. “How can he be alive!?” Shizu laughed.

“Dan, Dan, Dan,” he said, “You are truly blind. For Naga was never dead to begin with.

“He was banished to the Doom Dimension to rot, to meet his end like all the Bakugan that were sent there before him. Due to being of no attribute, he would be drained faster than the rest, dying sooner.

“Then, the Nonets escaped from the Doom Dimension. Naga took the opportunity to escape, but even if someone noticed, they would pay no mind, because they would think that he had no power to use and was of no threat. Sadly, they would be wrong.

“The power that kept the Bakugan stuck in the Doom Dimension—fear--had entered into Naga, and it is equal, if not stronger, to the Silent Core powers. With Naga having no attribute, it was easier for him to take the power.”

“That explains why I never heard of that ability,” Dan said, “Old Naga over here created it with the power he got. Does he also have an ability that calls the Boogeyman?” He snickered at his little joke, while Drago was confused on why he was cracking jokes at a time like this and Naga was just plain ticked.

“You think you're funny, human?” Naga asked. “Well, you'll be funnier dead.” Shizu nodded, as if he understood what he had to do.

“Ability card activate!” Shizu said. “Guardian of the Dead!” Shadow balls surrounded Naga as his eyes grew redder. Naga charged at Drago, who dodged, but barely. Naga went again, this time hitting him. The hit seemed to break to sound barrier and cause an explosion, knocking Dan back and reverting Drago back to his sphere form.

The battle was over. Shizu was victorious.

The field went back to normal and Shizu bent down to pick Dan, who was unconscious, up by the arm. He was about to go for Drago, but someone began to run in the direction he was,

“Crud,” Shizu muttered as he disappeared with Dan, leaving Drago on the beach.
Before Drago fully lost conscious, he saw a girl pick him up, along with one of the cards on the beach.

“Sophia!” the girl yelled. “Come over here!” Drago gave in and saw only black.

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