Rising Darkness

When Sophia Quinn and Luna Nevermore find a small Pyrus Dragonoid lying on the beach, their Bakugan journey begins. But they have to beat the most feared Bakugan in the universe while trying to find Dan. What will befall them on their quest?


15. Chapter 15

"Okay!" Sophia fist-pumped as she, Max and Morgan walked away from the others. "Let's do this!"

Morgan tilted his head in surprise. "You act as if this were a competition."

A vein popped in Sophia's head. "Shut up. I'm just trying to motivate people here, ya know!"

Skyress chuckled. "You sound so much like Dan."

Sophia rolled her eyes. "That's what Drago keeps saying, too."

"It's true," Gorem commented.

"And why are you the only girl here?" Max asked, more to himself than Sophia. A vein popped in Sophia's head again. Max continued, oblivious: "I mean, I thought your sis would've been nice enough to put you in a group with Kyla or somethin'."

Sophia turned on her heel and grabbed the collar of Max's shirt. "I may be a girl," she growled, "but that doesn't mean I can't or won't kick your ass right out of Bakugan Interspace."

A sweat drop rolled down Fenix's side. "You should listen to her, Max." She advised. "She got suspended from high school once because she beat up her class bully."

Sophia let go of Max and rounded on Fenix, who flew off her shoulder and hovered in the air level with Sophia's face. "Shut up! That guy was asking for it! He was beating other people up!"

"True, but you can't beat up everyone who ticks you off."

"Yeah, but I can sure as hell try!"

Morgan held his hands up. "Okay guys, let's just stop arguing and keep looking for Shun and Marucho, okay?"

Sophia calmed down. "Fine."

Fenix returned to Sophia's shoulder. "Let's go!"

So, they went off again, this time without Max's remarks and Sophia's anger. As Ventus users, Morgan and Sophia got along very well, the same with Skyress and Fenix.

Before long, there was movement behind them and they turned. There was a man standing there, smirking. "Are you the partners of Subterra Hammer Gorem and Ventus Storm Skyress?" he asked. Morgan and Max nodded. "I challenge you two to a brawl." He continued, holding up a Bakugan field card.

"You're on." Morgan agreed, taking out his own card. Max did the same.

"Hey," Sophia said, "you ain't doing this without me, you guys." She held up her field card between her middle and index fingers. "Oh, and by the way, can we at least know the name of our opponent?"

"Careful." Fenix warned.

"Shizu," the man said simply. The group of six immediately tensed. "Field open!"

"Field open!" Time slowed, and the Bakugan field opened.

"Gate card set!" Shizu, Sophia, Max and Morgan all set a card. Two glowed green, one glowed orange and the last glowed a deep purple.

"Bakugan brawl!" Morgan started, throwing a green Bakugan onto his card. "Ventus Monaris stand!" The Bakugan rolled onto the centre of the card and popped open. After a single beep, a green pixie-like figure rose up onto the field.

Ventus Monaris stands at three-three-zero Gs.

"Bakugan brawl!" Shizu launched a black-and-purple ball onto the card that was Morgan's. "Darkus Stinglash stand!" A giant crab-like being rose to face off Monaris.

"Ability card activate!" Morgan held up a card, which glowed green as he spoke. "Blow away!" A tornado surrounded the Darkus Stinglash, and it directed the Bakugan onto Max's card. The field stilled.

"Bakugan brawl!" Sophia threw her Bakugan onto her card. "Ventus Mantris stand!" Mantris stood, proud as ever.

"Bakugan brawl!" Shizu threw another Darkus Bakugan, but not at Mantris. It landed on Shizu's card. "Darkus Laserman stand!"

Ventus Mantris stands at three-four-zero Gs.

Darkus Laserman stands at three-seven-zero Gs.

"Bakugan brawl!" Max and Morgan yelled in unison as they launched their respective Bakugans onto the Gate Cards.

Subterra Hammer Gorem stands at five-zero-zero Gs.

Ventus Storm Skyress stands at four-five-zero Gs.

"Ability card activate!" Shizu stated, "Demise Bringer!"

Shizu's Laserman was surrounded by dark clouds and was destroyed.

"What is this?!" Max asked, shocked at the existence of an ability named that. The only thing to let the Brawlers know what the ability did was the evil laughter coming from where the Laserman once stood.

"It can't be...!" Gorem said as he stared at the dissipating clouds to see Naga.

"Naga?!" The three Brawlers and their Bakugan yelled in unison.

"You fools played right into my trap!" Naga said with a bit of arrogance in his tone. "Honestly, I thought you would've seen how this would play out!" He sighed. "Well, I guess I should've expected it after that human Drago called his partner."

"What did you do to Dan?!" Sophia yelled at the white beast.

"Sophia--!" Fenix said as Shizu pulled out an ability card.

"Ability card activate," he said calmly, "Guardian of the Dead."

The shadow balls surrounded Naga, then shooting them at the three Bakugan. Out of those three, Skyress and Fenix were the only ones who were able to avoid the attack.

"Gorem!" Max exclaimed as the Subterra Bakugan and Max were transported out of the battle.

"What just happened?!" Morgan asked as he looked at the spot where Max once stood.

"Did that ability just knock them off the field?" Sophia asked.

They didn't have time to get their answers, as Skyress was the next one to get hit and was transported out with Morgan.

"Say hi to Drago for me," Naga said before hitting Fenix after a few tries, taking the last pair out of the battle.

Shizu had once again won.

As soon as Sophia made it back to the normal time, she saw that Morgan and Max were looking at their Bakugan. Her eyes widened as soon as she saw them in detail.

They has devolved back to their original forms.

"That ability..." Sophia thought aloud, "sends powerful Bakugan back to their original forms."

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