Rising Darkness

When Sophia Quinn and Luna Nevermore find a small Pyrus Dragonoid lying on the beach, their Bakugan journey begins. But they have to beat the most feared Bakugan in the universe while trying to find Dan. What will befall them on their quest?


14. Chapter 14

~~ The next day, Luna woke up to her alarm, turned it off, and sat up, putting on her glasses along the way. She looked at the clock and saw that it was 9:30 a.m.
 “There's still time left before Sophia and I have to go,” she said aloud as she got out of bed, slipped on her day clothes, and headed to the bathroom to dye her bangs. “What color should I use this time...?” She looked at the many varieties of colors. She looked over to her room (the bathroom is across the hall from Luna's room), looked at Drago, who was still asleep, and got an idea; she grabbed the red and orange hair dyes and dyed her bangs in the similar style of Drago's color design.
 “Hopefully he won't mind,” she muttered as she went back to her room and pulled out a box of Bakugan and ability cards; most of them were for the Pyrus attribute, despite her—for a lack of a better word—stubbornness in accepting a brawl and her varying strategies. She kept a Pyrus attribute strategy selection in case she had to take a plunge into the Brawling scene.
 From said box, she took out a Serpenoid and a Saurus, along with several ability and gate cards. As soon as she slid the box back under her bed, she went over to the nightstand where Drago was.
 “Drago,” she said quietly, “time to wake up, sleepyhead.” Drago popped out quickly, almost falling off the nightstand.
 “Wayvern,” he muttered as a question mark appeared beside Luna's head.
 “What was that?” she asked, not hearing the name.
 “Nothing,” Drago replied, “What time is it?” Luna looked back at the clock.
 “Almost 9:30.”
 “Funny, Dan doesn't wake up until almost noon.” Luna laughed slightly.
 “That sounds like Sophia for sure. One time, she slept through an entire day and flipped when she realized that.”
 “It seems those two have some things in common.” Luna nodded before picking Drago up from the stand and began walking downstairs, where she saw Sophia sleeping with her laptop open, revealing her chess game.
 “Don't tell me,” Luna muttered before she walked up to Sophia and pulled the laptop away, causing Sophia's head to hit the table, waking her up.
 “What happened?” she asked as she looked around frantically. She stopped and looked at Luna, who had a small vein popping out of her head. “Oh...”
 “Were you up all night playing chess?” Luna asked as a sweat drop appeared beside Sophia's head.
 “I...might have lost track of time,” she admitted meekly as she scratched the back of her head. Luna shook her head in disapproval as she went to the kitchen for some breakfast. “Say, I just now realized this, put your bangs are dyed like Drago's color scheme.”
 “She has a point there,” Fenix said as she popped open. Luna stopped for a second before getting a granola bar.
 “I thought it would be original,” Luna admitted as she opened the wrapping to the granola bar and took a bite from it. “Now, we need to get ready to go to Bakugan Interspace.”
 “But we don't leave for hours,” Sophia said.
 “That's true, but with Naga around, we need to make sure we're ready for any possible situation,” Luna said as she sat down at the table Sophia was at, “Say we do find out something about Dan's location, it is possible that there would be a spy listening in and try to stop us; if one of us had to brawl, then we have to make sure we know who to send out.
 “If the spy is a brawler that focuses mostly on attack and G-power, we would have to send in someone that works mostly in defense. If the brawler is mostly of defense, attack power wouldn't help, but maybe if we send in someone with abilities that still manage to take away the opponent's G-power, there might be a chance of success.
 “If he or she has an obvious strategy, then we would send in someone with an unpredictable strategy; obviously, that would be Preyas and Charlie. But if the brawler is unpredictable, then we have to make sure we have either attacks that will take out their Bakugan quickly, defenses that will withstand the brawler's attack, or counter abilities that will do both.
 “And that is if we're engaged in combat with the enemy.” Sophia's mouth gaped at just that scenario.
 “That's true,” Drago said, “It is possible that if the enemy is at Interspace when we get there, they will most likely engage in a brawl with us.”
 “We're going to need to get prepared, then,” Sophia said after recovering from the shock.

 After discussion of the possible scenarios, Sophia, Luna, Fenix, and Drago headed to a nearby Interspace Facility in order to log in.
 “Hold on,” Sophia said as they approached the places to log in, “I know I can get in, but what about you, Luna?” The two Bakugan looked at Luna.
 “She's right,” Fenix said, “since you never brawled—much less enter Interspace—you wouldn't have any means of getting in.”
 “Well,” Luna said as she fumbled through the backpack that she brought with her, “I do come by sometimes in order to make sure the Bakugan stats are up to date. It's in here somewhere...” She did manage to find it, but it fell onto the ground along with the necklace. She reached down to pick the items up only to see that someone beat her to it.
 “It seems you dropped something,” a male voice said as Luna looked up to see a boy taller than her (since she's 5', most people are taller than her) with royal blue hair and green eyes that looked similar to those of Gundalians.
 Way to state the obvious, dude, Sophia thought as Luna grabbed the card from the male.
 “Thanks,” she said as he handed her the necklace.
 “It's better off with you,” he said simply before walking off. Luna just looked at the path he took.
 “You like him~” Sophia said with a cheeky smile as Luna looked at her, slightly ticked off.
 “We have more pressing matters than whether or not I like a guy!” she said as she approached one of the pods, scanned her card, and entered it while Sophia followed suit.
 When they got there, they saw that the others arrived as well.
 “Good to see you guys in person,” Max said as Preyas flew off Charlie's shoulder and landed on Luna's, where Drago resided.
 “Drag-ie!” Preyas said with glee as he attempted to hug him. “It's been so long buddy! How's the world? I bet you've seen a lot of cool places!”
 “Stand down!” Drago said in attempt to stop Preyas, but to no avail. Luna laughed at Preyas's cheerful response to seeing Drago.
 “Friends reunited,” she said while in between laughs, “the best kind of friendship.”
 “That doesn't help!” Drago said, sounding slightly ticked.
 “I see the new partners are already getting along quite nicely,” Morgan said as Kyla punched him in the arm.
 “Well, I'm serving as a temporary acquaintance to Drago until we can find Dan,” Luna said, fully recovered from laughing, “so it's not like we're officially partners or anything. Anyways, we should split up into teams to cover more ground in case Dan is here.” Preyas began to fly(?) back to Charlie's shoulder.
 “I mean no offense,” Michelle said, “but I don't recall anyone choosing any leaders.” Luna held up her hands in both defense and shock.
 “I-I'm not trying to be a leader,” she said nervously, “I was just suggesting that we do so in order to look faster.”
 “I'm alright with it,” Charlie said, “And seeing how we have seven people, one group will have three people.”
 “And maybe we could split them up according to opposite attributes,” Luna added, “you know, so we don't have too much strain with each other.”
 “That would have Morgan, Sophia, and Max in one group, Michelle and Kyla in a second group, and you and I in the third group.” The others seemed almost lost.
 “I guess that's what happens when you have two geniuses,” Kyla commented as the others nodded.
 “Well, we aren't doing any good standing around idly,” Hydranoid said.
 “Agreed,” Skyress added, “we begin the search now.”
 “Let's meet up back here in about...one hour, give or take,” Sophia said.
 Everyone nodded and split up into the previously mentioned groups.
 The search for Dan was on.

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