Rising Darkness

When Sophia Quinn and Luna Nevermore find a small Pyrus Dragonoid lying on the beach, their Bakugan journey begins. But they have to beat the most feared Bakugan in the universe while trying to find Dan. What will befall them on their quest?


13. Chapter 13

Sophia opened a chat room that had two people in it. A girl and a boy, both about 15.
The girl had platinum blond hair in a high ponytail and sea blue eyes. She wore a green top that fell off her left shoulder. Her attribute symbol was Darkus.
The boy had jet black hair with bangs that fell over his face, covering deep violet eyes. He was wearing an open green jacket with a black shirt underneath. His attribute was Ventus. They both looked up in surprise when Sophia’s picture joined theirs.
“Hey, sorry for bothering you.” Sophia said to them. The girl laughed.
“That’s okay; nothing important was really happening anyway.” She smiled. “What brings you to our chat room?”
“I’m looking for Shun Kazami and Marucho Marakura,” Sophia explained, “do you know where I can look for them?”
Now it was the boy’s turn to laugh. “Do you really expect to find two of the best brawlers here?”
“Morgan, seriously.” The girl scolded. “Sorry, we have no clue.” She said to Sophia.
“Oh, that’s alright.” Sophia laughed. “I’ve only just started asking around, so I wasn’t expecting to find answers right away. I’ll try somewhere else.”
“Nah, stay and talk a while!” The boy, Morgan, grinned. “We haven’t talked to someone new in ages.”
“You sound like an evil stalker.”
“I’m 15 and I have a girlfriend.” Morgan kept grinning and his eyes flickered to the girl’s picture.
“Morgan Ryder I am NOT your girlfriend.” The girl looked furiously at Morgan’s picture.
“Aww,” Morgan fake whined, “now she wants to break up with me. Life is so cruel.”
“Shut. Up.” The girl warned, before smiling again and addressing Sophia again. “Anyway, I’m –”
She was cut off by another person entering the chat room.
“Um, hi,” Luna began nervously, “Sorry for interrupting.”
“Luna?” Sophia asked, leaning back in her chair.
“Crud, Sophia?” Luna mirrored her. “Guess you’ve already tried this one. I’ll go somewhere else then.”
“It’s alright.” Morgan said. “Chat for a while.”
“Uhh, okay?”
The girl laughed. “As I was saying, I’m Kyla Myar, and this is my Bakugan, Hydranoid.” She gestured to the Bakugan sitting beside her.
Luna’s eyes widened. “Is that Darkus Alpha Hydranoid?” she asked. “One of the Six Fighting Bakugan?”
“The very same,” Hydranoid said. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
“Hydranoid?” Drago’s voice came from Luna’s picture. “Is that you?”
“Good to see you again, Drago.”
“You too, old friend.”
“I’m Morgan Ryder,” Morgan butted in, “and I’d like to introduce you to Storm Skyress.” He proudly introduced his Bakugan.
“Ventus Storm Skyress?” Sophia cried. “Another of the Six Fighting Bakugan?”
“Skyress!” Drago said loudly.
“It’s nice to see you again, Drago.” Skyress said from Morgan’s picture.
Fenix rolled in front of the camera and opened. “Skyress, Hydranoid, it is an honour to meet two of the Fighting Bakugan.” She said.
“Care to introduce yourselves?” Kyla asked.
Then another three people bumped their way onto the screen.
“Sup guys!”
“Hey, y’all!”
“Hi everyone!”
“Hey you guys!” Kyla said with a happy smile.
“It’s about time you got here,” Morgan added, grinning. “We have two new members!”
“Since when?”
“Since now.”
“Can we at least discuss this?”

“We’re discussing it now.”
“I’m Michelle Freeman,” one person gladly introduced herself. She was wearing a white singlet and had bright yellow eyes and hair in two low pigtails. She looked about 14. “Before you ask, I have no relation to Morgan Freeman, as everyone asks. This is my Bakugan Haos Blade Tigrerra.”
“Pleasure to meet you two.” Tigrerra said from Michelle’s picture.
“I’m Max Addington,” another said. He had brown eyes flacked with specks of gold and light brown, shaggy hair. He looked like a typical cowboy, save the hat. “My Bakugan is Hammer Gorem.”
“Nice to meet you.” Gorem quickly put in before someone could interrupt him.
“My name’s Charlie Woods,” the last one gave a kind smile. He had short brown hair and brown eyes, and was clad in a blue top. He was definitely older than the rest of them. “And this is Preyas.”
“Howdy, partner!” Preyas said loudly. “Or, partners.”
“Gorem, Tigrerra, Preyas!” Drago cried from Luna’s picture. “What are you all doing here?”
“Drag-ie!” Preyas almost yelled. “The Six Fighting Bakugan are together again!”
Luna looked like she might faint. Sophia was just plain awed.
“My name’s Sophia Quinn,” she said, “and this is my Bakugan Ventus Fenix.” Fenix gave a small bow.
“I’m Luna Nevermore.” Luna added. “And I highly doubt I need to introduce Drago.”
“But, Drago,” Tigrerra sounded confused, “where’s Dan?”
“We don’t know.” Luna admitted, her face grim. “We’re trying to find Shun and Marucho, so we can ask them if they’ve seen him.”
There was silence throughout the chat room.
“Crazy, huh?” Sophia’s face broke into a wide grin.
“Oh yeah.” Charlie shook his head in disbelief.
“Hey guys!” Kyla said suddenly. “We should go to Bakugan Interspace and hang out!”
“Yeah, sounds good!”
“I’m in!”
Luna thought for a minute. “Actually, that might be a good place to look for Dan.”
“Good idea.” Drago nodded.
“Can we all get to the same place?” Sophia frowned.
Drago nodded. “Marucho programmed it so that all the access points reach the same place, and we all go back to the same access points that we entered in.”
Luna nodded. “That’s a great idea!”
“Where do you guys live?” Kyla asked. “Morgan and I are in the same neighborhood in Victoria, Australia.”
“I live in the Sunshine State!” Michelle boasted.
“I’m a Texan.” Max grinned.
“Well, Luna and I live in the same house in Adelaide.” Sophia grinned. “Say, one o’clock tomorrow, our time?”
“One-thirty, got it.” Kyla said immediately. “See you there!” She logged out and her picture disappeared.
“Until we meet again.” Morgan disappeared too.
“Can’t wait!” Micelle squealed and logged out.
“What time is that for us?” Max looked at Gorem for assistance.
“I don’t know.” Gorem replied.
“That’s nine-thirty at night for you.” Luna replied immediately, adjusting her glasses.
“Good thing it’s school holidays.” Max grumbled. “I’ll sleep in, then. See you guys there.” And he logged out.

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