Rising Darkness

When Sophia Quinn and Luna Nevermore find a small Pyrus Dragonoid lying on the beach, their Bakugan journey begins. But they have to beat the most feared Bakugan in the universe while trying to find Dan. What will befall them on their quest?


1. Chapter 1

A/N: Hi everyone!!! WindInTheWillows here!

So, just because there aren't enough fandoms in the world, Bakuganlover13 and I decided to write our very own Bakugan fanfiction!!! And it's coming along nicely, in my opinion. Sorry if it gets a little confusing down the road, what with all the characters we've made up.

Oh yeah, that reminds me, this is going to be written how it would play out in the anime. So there'll be popping veins, sweat-drops and a few other things. Just letting you know, in case you get confused later on down the track.

Another thing, the spellings in some of the chapters will be different, because I'm an Aussie and Bakuganlover is from the US. So it might get a little weird, because she talks in feet and inches while I'm meters and centimeters, there are U's in some words in the chapters that I've written, etc.

Well,  think that's all. Enjoy the book, and peace out dudes!


“This is great, isn’t it Drago?” Dan Kuso asked, stretching out in his chair.

They were on the beach in Adelaide, Australia. It was a beautiful, 34 degree day and Dan was enjoying it immensly. He was sitting in a big beach chair underneath an umbrella that shielded the sun from his face.

“Absolutely.” Drago agreed from Dan’s shoulder. Pyrus Fusion Dragonoid was Dan’s Bakugan – and best friend.

Dan and Drago were exploring the world. They were traveling around, looking for new brawlers to battle, and they were loving every minute of it.

Then the unexplainable happened. The sun seemed to dissapear for a minute – there were no clouds in the sky – before re-appearing.

“Weird.” Dan muttered.

Then small rectangular objects fell from the sky. Dan leapt out of his chair with a loud “Whoa!” and Drago went tumbling to the ground.

“Hey!” Drago yelled. “Dan, you pick me up this instant! DANIEL!”

“Sorry, Drago.” Dan picked him up and dusted the sand off of him. “But, the cards…”

“I don’t understand.” Drago looked at the cards that were steadily falling out of the sky, like rain.

Dan reached out and caught one in his hands. I glowed before turning black. Dan turned it over and saw the six attribute symbols: Pyrus – the fire attribute; Subterra – the earth attribute; Haos – the light attribute; darkus – the dark side; Aquos – the water attribute; and Ventus – the wind attribute. Dan’s eyes widened at the sight. It was these cards that started the whole Bakugan fiasco.

Then Dan grinned. But then again, it was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

“Are you Dan Kuso?”

Dan turned around. Standing behind him was a man with royal blue hair and clothes similar to Masquerade’s, back in the day. His mouth and nose was covered with a mask, like you see ninjas wear.

“That’s me!” Dan replied.

The man held up a field card identical to Dan’s. “I want a battle.” He said calmly.

“What, like, right here right now?”


Dan’s instinct told him this was going to be exactly like the original Bakugan battles. He looked sideways at Drago. “What do you say, Drago?” he asked with a grin.

“I’m ready, Dan.” They looked at the man.

“So, you going to tell us your name?” Dan asked him.

“My name is Shizu.” He replied. “Field open!”

“Field open!” Dan repeated.

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