Lukes english love affair


1. Lukes hangover mayhem

Luke! Luke! Michael called trying to wake luke up

Dude wake the hell up.said Calum

"Maybe we should just pour hot boiling water on him".said Ashton

Luke woke up in an instant. Rubbing his eyes.For some reason he had a headache.

Ashton said "so how is he gonna cure his little hangover. "

Calum answered "I'm starting to think we should have poured that water on him.

Michael laughed and said "everyone knows the best way to cure a hang over is pancakes. "

Luke just stared at them in confusion and the only words he could get out was

"why are you guys in my room. "

Ashton answered

"maybe because you came home at 5:00am half passed out. "

"And it's 4;00pm and your just waking up. "

Luke sighed

Calum asked did you get lucky last night. "

Michael and Ashton were standing there desperately and impatiently waiting for an answer.

Luke said "I wish. "

Michael said " I can't believe you still haven't lost your virginity. "

"Believe it." Luke said

Calum said "good cause if your ever about to get 'lucky' call me so we can make it a threesome. "

Luke stuck his tou he out almost making the same face as an emoji. 😜

Luke went downstairs to get something to eat. Michael was already at the table he seemed to be waiting for him.

Luke grabbed the box of trix and milk.

Out of know where Calum and Ashton stumbled into the dining room.

Ashton was just on his phone and Calum was basically was just looking at the hashtag 'clifficonda' with Michael,just to make sure his nudes didn't leak.

Michael said"LETS GO SWIMMING!"

He said it so loudly and out of nowhere causing Ashton and Luke to flinch. While Calum laughed at them.

But Michael really didn't like going swimming that much he just likes to watch the girls in there bikinis.

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