"Is this seat taken?"

That's how it all started between the new mysterious boy Calum Hood and loudmouth Aria Winters. The first conversation that would change their lives forever.

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2. chapter two

"Umm uhh no. It's all yours." I somehow manage to spit out as I grab my bag from the chair and sit it down by my feet. He pulls the chair out from under the table further and sits down in it and looks over at me. "So as you heard, I'm Calum. Hood. Who are you?" He asks in a smooth confident voice.

"I'm Aria. Aria Winters." I say and run a hand through my extremely messy hair. It lays around my head in slightly frizzed waves and had a deep maroon tint to it. Damn it. I didn't have any make up on either. If I would've know he was showing up today I would've tried at least a little bit more.

What the hell Aria? What has gotten into you? You never cared about boys or what they thought. So why now? Why this boy that you had only spoken not even 5 words to? I don't even care. But whatever it is, I need to snap out of it. I let out a breath I didn't even realize I was holding in as I watch his face. "Aria." He repeats to himself while studying my face. I nod slowly and subconsciously start bouncing my knee up and down. It was a horrible nervous habit that I have had ever since I can remember.

"So umm where you from?" I ask and lean my elbow on the desk infront of us.

"Farfield." Calum replies.

"That's like 3 hours away. Why did you move here?" I ask.

"Awful nosey aren't we?" He says and tilts his head slightly.

I shrug. "Maybe."

He rolls his eyes and laughs slightly to himself and turns his attention to the front of the classroom where Mr. Daniels was starting his lecture. His lectures always lost me not even 5 seconds in and I normally daydreamed about random things during this class, or slept. But today all I could seem to think about was Calum. Why did he move here? And why wouldn't he tell me? He seemed like kind of an asshole, but at the same time maybe not. I was so confused by him and I'd known him for literally 10 minutes. I need to calm down this is getting ridiculous. I'm jerked back to reality when I feel his large, warm hand clamp down on my knee and squeeze. "Stop that." He whispers and peers down at me and let's his hand linger on my knee for a moment before removing his hand.

"Sorry. It just habit." I whisper back.

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