"Is this seat taken?"

That's how it all started between the new mysterious boy Calum Hood and loudmouth Aria Winters. The first conversation that would change their lives forever.

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3. chapter three

After what seems like an eternity the bell finally rings to dismiss class. I gather my things and stand up as I throw my bag over my shoulder. Calum stands up beside me with a wrinkled piece of paper in his hand. "Um Aria, do you know where room 408 is?" He asks and points to his schedule.

"Yeah. Do you want me to show you where it is?" I say and look up at him.

"If you don't mind." He says and stuffs the paper back in his pocket.

"Not at all." I say and walk past him to the door and glance back and smile slightly as we make our way out the door and to the hallway. "So do you like it here so far?" I ask and turn to look at him.

"I mean I guess so. School is school." He says and shrugs and licks his lips. He had full, plush, pink lips. "It's different from Farfield but it's alright." He says as I watch his lips instead of his eyes as he talks.

"Ummmm yeah." I say and force my eyes back to his. "Well it's alright here. You'll get used to it. It's pretty small. Here's the room uh room 408." I say and point to the door.

"Right thanks. Well...I'll see ya around." Calum says and grins slightly and glances up and down my body and nods before walking into the class.

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