"Is this seat taken?"

That's how it all started between the new mysterious boy Calum Hood and loudmouth Aria Winters. The first conversation that would change their lives forever.

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4. chapter four

When the last bell rings I walk out into the hall quickly. I have to work almost immediately after school and I wanted to try and get there at least a little bit early. I round the corner and run straight into someone. My books and bag clatter to the ground. A drink splashes out all over me and down my front. "Shit. I'm sorry Aria." A low familiar voice says. Oh god. Please tell me it's not him. I look up, and surely enough there he stands. Calum Hood. The dark beautiful boy. Who now had a perfect view of my chest. The water he held in his hand had spilled all down my front, making my white red hot chilli peppers shirt suctioned to my skin and see through. I watch as a slow smirk forms on his lips as his eyes are aimed at my chest for a few seconds then up to my eyes.

"Um it's fine. Don't worry about it." I say and bend down and gather my stuff and cross my arms over my chest. Trying my hardest to fight the blush slowly creeping on to my face. "Well um I've gotta go." I say and step to the side to go around him.

"Wait, wait." He says and sets his hand on my arm which makes my blood sing. I couldn't help but notice how strong his hands and arms were. I look down at it and imagine them wrapped around me.

"Umm yeah?" I say and watch as he studies my face.

"Well umm in English I didn't really understand what Mr. Daniels was talking about so I went back and asked him about it and he told me just to get someone to explain it to me, and I should be fine . I don't really know anyone else here. So would you mind explaining that to me?" He asks and rubs the back of his neck.

"Oh uh yeah sure. I have to work until eight, but after that or maybe tomorrow you could call me and we'll get something planned? Here I'll right down my number and you can call me whenever you want." I say and scribble my number down quickly and hand it to him, completely forgetting my soaking shirt.

"Thanks." He says and smiles and tucks the paper into his pocket as I start walking towards the door.

"Bye Calum." I say and wave.

"Bye Aria." Calum says.

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