"Is this seat taken?"

That's how it all started between the new mysterious boy Calum Hood and loudmouth Aria Winters. The first conversation that would change their lives forever.

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5. chapter five

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I walk in from work and sit my keys down on the kitchen table. "Mama! I'm home!" I yell into the living room.

"Hey how was your day?" She asks and turns and looks at me and smiles, her red, frizzy, curly, messy hair framing her face as usual. There was no one that i was closer to than my mom. She's always been the one to take care of me. My dad was a drunk and left when I was about 12. It was the best and worst thing that had ever happened to me and mom. After he left my mom never got remarried or had any boyfriends, and I honestly don't know why. But as long as she was happy I was okay with it.

"It was alright. How was yours?" I say and sling my backpack over my shoulder.

"Long. Did you eat while you were at work or do you need dinner?" She asks as I walk to the steps.

"Umm if you could make something that'd be great." I say and smile at her as I make my way up the stairs

"Sure sweetheart." She says and stands up and walks to the kitchen.

I'm laid across my bed with homework spread out all around me when my phone rings. "Hello?" I answer without even looking at the number.

"Hey is this Aria?" A familiar male voice asks.

"It is. Is this Calum?" I ask and try to fight back my smile.

"Uh yeah. Hey. So um I was wondering about the whole tutoring thing. When would be good for you? I mean if you're too busy you don't have to worry about it." Calum says.

"No no um can you do tomorrow after school? We can come back to my house, and I don't have to work so we can work til whenever. Does that sound okay?" I ask and bite the inside of my lip.

"Yeah that sounds perfect. Thanks Aria. I'll see you tomorrow." Calum says.

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