Life is all i need

He likes her but know one can tell, does she love him?

This is my first time don't judge


1. Cold

Passion's p.o.v

Here I sit against the warm bakery wall clenching to my one and one blanket. Then the baker walks SHIT I mumble perfect timing passion perfect timing. The baker screams at me "HEY YOU LITTLE SHIT GET YOUR ASS OUT OF HERE ." I said to him "alright god I was trying to find a place that's warm so that I can sleep "I get up and walk away think passion think where can you sleep that's warm. Ohh I know where to go I will go to the place behind the waterfall and then find a place.

Niall's p.o.v

Me and the boys are coming back from the concert and as we're driving I see one of the old homeless people then I see it's a girl I tell Liam "dude pull over now "

Passion's p.o.v

As I'm walking I see this nice I mean nice looking car then it pull over next to where I'm at. There were five boys one boy with blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes said " hey love u need a ride " I told him "no I don't have anywhere to go."

Niall's p.o.v

I said to her "hey love you need a ride " she said to me" no I don't have any wear to go" I just broke down inside when see said that I felt so bad. Come with back to our place and u can sleep in the guest bedroom. She hesitated but finally said yes.

Passion p.o.v

I get in there car and the blonde boy look at me for along time like full on stare I'm like "what" he tells me I'm gorgeous I blush mad like hella mad no ones ever said that to me ever. One of the boys look very familiar he has brown sexy curls and green beautiful eyes. I look at him he looked at me with those sexy eyes and said " have I might you before

This is all I'm going to update i will update more tomorrow and my soccer practice hope you like

- pizza woman out

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