Hello {Luke Hemmings}

Destiny has had a crush on Luke Hemmings since 7th grade and y/n hasn't even met him yet. It's y/n's freshman year and she meets Luke…What will happen when he invites her over after school and they become close???

READ TO FIND OUT!❤️❤️❤️Thanx��


9. Chapter 9

Hey! I hope ur enjoying the story so far and it continues☺️

Warning; Cussing,abuse, inappropriate mentionings


The doorbell rang and it scared the shit out of me so I fell to the ground.

The boys broke out in laughter and Ash paused the movie and turned on the lights.

The laughter stopped when A tall brunette, muscly guy came through the door and slammed it behind him.

"…Brandon?" I whispered. Luke jumped up off the couch to see Brandon better and Ashton just ran over next to me.

"WHAT THE FUCK!?" Brandon screamed stomping his way over towards the couch.

"What mate?" Ashton said innocently. He loved messing with Brandon- making him mad.

"YOURE WITH MY GIRL AND SHES WITH BOTH OF YOU!" Brandon yelled and before I knew it he was coming at me- arms out.

He slapped my face twice and started screaming.


All I could manage to do was block my face with my hands but I kept crying. The pain was unbearable- he just kept swinging.

Then it stopped.

"Y/n are you okay?" Ashton said running to my aid.

I just mumbled a 'no' and Ash helped me to my feet.

"Where's Brandon?" I looked around and Luke was missing too. "And where is Luke!?" Oh my god, what happened to Luke- is he okay?

"Luke handled Brandon..." Ashton said and pointed upstairs.

I went up the stairs and heard grunting from the bathroom.Oh god I hope Luke's okay.

I walked in to see Luke punching the shit out of Brandon and grabbing the back of his head and slamming the front into things.

"L-Luke?" I stuttered. Luke did this for me? Or did he do it for the attention- the satisfaction?

Luke looked away from Brandon, dropped him and came running to me. When Luke reached me he cupped my face with his hands.

"Oh baby… it's okay-it's okay" He pulled me into a hug and I couldn't help but sob. "Shhh-Shhh… it's all alright, it's okay- I handled it- you're okay baby…" was all I heard

then i blacked out.


I held y/n in my arms while she cried trying to calm her down… then she fell limp.

So I picked her up bridal style and carried her down the stairs to see Ashton.

He looked in my direction and looked like he was gonna cry and made the couch like a bed.

We set y/n down on the couch and put a pillow under her head.

"It's been a year…he does this whenever he wants!" Ashton yelled to me.

"Why?" I asked shocked. There's no way he could beat her like this all the time… right?

"He's a jealous bastard. And he controlling." Ashton stated putting his hands in his jean pockets. "I don't know why she doesn't breakup with him!"

Y/n stirred alittle which caught both mine and Ashton's attention.

We looked towards her as she sat up rubbing her head.

"My head hurts" she complained.

I just laughed and sat down on the couch by her feet. She started crawling towards me and plopped down her head on my lap and laid out the opposite direction.

I combed my hand through her hair playing with it a little.

"Mmmm" she said tiredly.

"Sorry." I mumbled taking my hand away.

She immediately snatched my hand and put it back on her head and held the other with hers.

"Are you feeling okay?" Ashton spoke up.

"Yea… I guess" she said sitting up resting her head now on my shoulder still holding my hand.

"Why don't you break up with him?" Ashton said.

She just shrugged… there has to be a reason.

"He hits you y/n! You're lucky you had both Luke and I to be here for you! Remember when I left that one time and he beat you up and I didn't see you for 2 weeks but when I finally did you had a black eye and a cut lip?! BOYFRIENDS ARENT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT Y/N!" Ashton yelled.

He was right… I would never treat y/n like that- she deserves love…care.

"I know Ash… but it's just complicated." She said snuggling her head into my neck and groaned a little since she still had bruises on her face.

"Whatever…" was all he mumbled back.

"I'm hungry…" I said and they both just looked at me. "What?"

Y/n started giggling and let go of my hand. "Call Pizza Hut and order Ash!" She said to Ashton.

"Fine" he sighed but broke it by laughing. He left the room.

Y/n excused herself to get into pajamas and went upstairs to her room.

After a while I didn't wanna be alone so I went upstairs and looked in y/n's room to see her sitting on her bed- knees to chest. Sobbing a little in her penguin pajamas and her hair down and smoothly brushed.

I entered her room and she looked up at me and wiped her tear with her hands. The bruises hadn't shown up fully yet but there was a cut by her eyebrow. She looked so fragile- perfect- she always looks perfect!

"What's wrong sweets?" I said walking toward her shutting the door behind me.

"N-nothing" she replied getting to her feet "lets just eat some pizza!"

"No" I stated staring into her beautiful blue eyes.

"Please, I don't want to talk about tonigh-" I cut her off.

"Too bad…it needs to be discussed." I stated still staring into her ocean of eyes.

"Fine" she said and sat back down on the bed. I sat down in front of her searching her face for answers.

"Okay- why haven't you broken up with Brandon yet?" I asked and grabbed her hand.

"It's complicated Luke" she said and yanked her hand back.

"Doesn't sound like it" u said.

She stared at me and I could tell she had a secret she needed to tell. "You can trust me y/n."

"He's the only person that loves me back… In 'that' way… sure I have friends but-" I cut her off and cupped her face.

I leaned in to kiss her and she leaned in too.

Our lips moved in perfect sync.

I grabbed her waist and she flipped us so she was straddling me while we were kissing.

I was getting a BAD boner...but we're only freshmans… I can't have sex with her… not after what just happened.

I flipped her so I was on top.

"We can't." She said with her eyes closed.

"I know." I said.

She opened her eyes with relief. Did she think I would hit her if we didn't continue?

"Let's get some pizza sweets" I said and got up from the bed.

She grabbed my hand and I pulled her up and we went downstairs.

"Mom?!" Y/n yelled when we got down the stairs and saw Ashton hugging y/n's mom in the living room.

Another cliff hanger❤️ I hope y'all are enjoying this so far- if so comment and like and stuff like that❤️ I will update soon I swear!❤️ Maybe this weekend coming up. School sucks sometimes!! Thanx💥Love yall❤️

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