Hello {Luke Hemmings}

Destiny has had a crush on Luke Hemmings since 7th grade and y/n hasn't even met him yet. It's y/n's freshman year and she meets Luke…What will happen when he invites her over after school and they become close???

READ TO FIND OUT!❤️❤️❤️Thanx��


8. Chapter 8

Hey everyone! Umm so I'm just gonna jump into this one!

Warning: cussing, smoking, inappropriate mentionings


"I would" I mumble. I don't think he heard me though. I was still looking out the window as awkward silence filled the air.

Of corse I was upset! Who wouldn't be, Luke is perfect and he might be calling a stupid ass skank for a date. And he says noones knocking on his door for dates? I would, anyone in their right mind would! He's sweet, gentle, cute… and UGH!

No y/n, you need to think about Brandon, he's the love of your life, the only thing that loves you back! Of corse Ash says he loves me but he means the friendly way, I'm pretty sure Brandon REALLY loves me… right?

We pulled into my drive way and Ash was outside smoking… even though it was illegal, WE'RE IN HIGH SCHOOL! I opened the door myself instead of waiting for Luke to do it and ran over to Ash and grabbed his cigaret.

"You want some?" Ash asked giggling knowing I HATE cigarets.

I threw the cigaret in the ground and smushed it with my shoes against the concrete.

"HEY!" Ash yelled pulling me into a hug tightly.

Luke exited the car and came walking up to me and Ashton.

"Hey mate" Ash said letting me go.

"Hey" Luke simply replied.

"You wanna come inside y/n's house her moms gone for a month on a business trip and we're gonna watch scary movies, y/n LOVES'em" Ash said pulling me into his side.

Ash knew I didn't like scary movies unless I was with someone and I could hide my head or cover my eyes.

"That…umm… sounds great mate" Luke replied.

"Umm… then y'all come on in" I said trying to join in the conversation.

They followed me inside and shut the door.

"Y/n get us some chips, pretty please" Ash said giving me puppy dog eyes and a pouty lip.

"Fine" I sighed.

I tried to grab the 2 bags of chips off the fridge, but I couldn't reach. So I started stretching an jumping to reach it and failed every time.

"Need help sweets?" An all too familiar voice said from behind me.

Soon enough I felt a presence RIGHT behind me, his crotch on the small of my back- that close- I even felt him harden a little. And he raised his hand and grabbed the 2 bags with ease.

I turned around him still so close- chest to chest.

"There ya go" he said calmly not moving his body, only bringing his arm down holding the tops of both bags with 1 hand.

"Thanks" I shyly replied.

We were looking into eachothers eyes for what felt like a century.

"GUYS STOP MAKING OUT AND COMEON!" Ash yelled from the living room couch.

As soon as he said it both me and Luke blinked out of our dazes and he backed away with a small tint in in pants- (you know where)


OH MY GOD! I'm getting a hard on just looking at her, we barley touched when I grabbed the chips.


I saw her blushing horribly, I know she noticed, but I'm glad she didn't say anything.

We walked back to the living room to see the lights turned off and the scary movie paused on the screen and Ashton on the couch covered in a blanket.

"Took you long enough" Ashton said.

Then he noticed my hard on and almost burst out laughing but stopped himself when he noticed my embarrassment.

We piled onto the couch and my hard on slowly faded due to the scary movie and no physical contact with y/n.

Through out the movie I noticed y/n jump a little every time there was a jump scare. She snuggled into Ashton and he held her tight.

I'm pissed now, I want to hold her, her to snuggle into me and trust me, love me…


The door bell made y/n jump like 3in. Off the couch and fall on the floor. Ashton paused the movie and turned on the light.

We all started laughing but were cut off into seriousness when a tall brunette, muscly guy stomped through the door and slammed it behind him.

HAHA! Cliff hanger! I'm sorry gonna post again soon❤️ Thankyou❤️ Be prepared for another update soon❤️ Sorry for my lack of updates hope these past 3 made up for it. Gonna go to sleep now and post an update soon. G'night😴

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