Hello {Luke Hemmings}

Destiny has had a crush on Luke Hemmings since 7th grade and y/n hasn't even met him yet. It's y/n's freshman year and she meets Luke…What will happen when he invites her over after school and they become close???

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7. Chapter 7

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{ }= authors note

Warning: cussing, and some inappropriate mentionings


I went downstairs and grabbed an apple.


I opened the door to a cheeky blond in black skinny jeans with a white shirt with a printed faux suit on it with a leather jacket. He looked good.…..really good.

"Hey Lukey" I grinned.

"Lukey?" He said chuckling.

"U call me sweets." I stated

"But-" I cut him off

"Let's get some food!" I yelled and slammed the door behind me.


I opened my car door for her and she stepped in and I went to my side. She looked hot- sexy even- even though she probably didn't try.

It took me about 10min to choose this one plain, simple outfit.

We arrived at IHOP ~ my choice! But she still looked excited.

I went around and opened the car door for her again~ Liz taught me well~ Y/n smiled her gorgeous smile and I walked her to the entrance opening the door yet again and held her hand.….. She held mine too.

"Booth for 2?" I asked the hostess lady. She smiled at me and winked. As she winked y/n's grip on my hand tightened. Was she jealous?

"Comin right up!" The lady smiled "follow me sweet-cheeks!"

And I did but I still held on to y/n's hand.


DID HE NOT SEE THIS GIRL PRETTY MUCH THROWING HERSELF AT HIM?! Wait… why do I care… I have Brandon.... And I'm happy… I guess.


We sat down and ordered our drinks. And they soonly came and I ordered waffles and y/n ordered a smiley face pancake. God she's so childish… I just wanna lay with her- cuddle- like we did the first day we met.

As we were eating the waitress slipped me a piece of paper, winked and walked away. Y/n grabbed the paper off the table before I could and opened it then started giggling uncontrollably. That giggle!!! Damn it!

"What does it say?" I asked laughing a little myself.

"She wrote down her number then, umm…" y/n handed me the paper and a small paper folded fell out.

I looked at the small fallen paper and it was a picture… of the waitress in nothing but panties.

Y/n started laughing again and fell over on the booth.

I started blushing and looked under the table to see y/n holding her sides with a red face and her eyes squinted. Even now she looked so perfect

{what a coincidence- sorry please continue}… she always did.

People started staring and y/n slowly sat up trying to control her breathing. Her beautiful blue eyes looking at me. I just stared into them and it felt like we were the only two people on earth... Or in a whole galaxy.

The seriousness got a little awkward and the waitress came with our check- winking at me yet again. I could tell y/n was trying to hold back her giggles and almost failed but took a deep breath and got an ugly look from the waitress.

We got into the car and y/n continued laughing.

"Breathe sweets! BREATHE!" I yelled at her shaking her by the shoulders.

"Okay,okay I'm good" she said finally calming down. "So… are you gonna call her?"

"I don't know, I might" I replied honestly.

Y/n just stared at me with complete shock on her face.

"What?" I asked as I started the car.

"I- I'm just surprised" she replied turning to look out the window as we were driving away. Was she jealous or just shy?

"Well, I don't see anyone knocking on my door for a date." I stated.

Y/n mumbled something, but I couldn't hear her.

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