Hello {Luke Hemmings}

Destiny has had a crush on Luke Hemmings since 7th grade and y/n hasn't even met him yet. It's y/n's freshman year and she meets Luke…What will happen when he invites her over after school and they become close???

READ TO FIND OUT!❤️❤️❤️Thanx��


6. Chapter 6

Sorry again for my updates being so late- school and stuff- NO EXCUSE! Here we go!

Warning: cussing


I woke up in a tight grip. I turned to see Ash. I remember that last night I was upset he told the boys about me and Brandon and Ash came over to apologize and we ended up watching IronMan and he stayed the night. GOD BRANDON WOULD KILL HIM IF HE SAW!!


I looked at the caller id and it was unknown, but I answered.

"Hello?" I asked still half asleep.

"Oh! Did I wake you I'm sorry sweets" Said the unknown caller.

The caller had a familiar voice so I continued the conversation.

"Its fine, umm… who is this?" I asked.

"Oh! I guess I forgot that part too! It's Hemmings- Luke Hemmings," He said with a little cockiness at his James Bond impression.

"God Luke, why are you calling this early?"

"Umm… it's noon" he replied confused.

I looked over at the time- and he was right.

"CRAP!" I whisper/yelled into the phone.

"It's okay sweets, no need for rush." He replied.

Ash groaned when I moved out of his grip.

"Who was that?" Luke replied sounding a little mad.


I heard a groan through the phone. Is she with that dick Brandon?

"Who was that?" I said to her through the phone a little pissed off.

"That? Oh it was Ash." She replied. She sounded sleepy and exhausted. Still perfect.

She's sleeping with Ash? No,no she's with Brandon and she doesn't look like the girl that would cheat. Even if her boyfriend was a dick. And I do remember Ashton saying they're Bestfriends.

"Oh." Was all I said. What was I supposed to say?

"Hey, Luke?" She asked sincerely. GOD THE WAY SHE SAYS MY NAME!!!

"Yes, y/n?" I replied alittle concerned but giggled at the seriousness. I was never good with serious.

"Wanna go for lunch? Ash is still asleep and I'm starving!" She replied giggling. GOD HER GIGGLE!!!!

Now what was I gonna say-

"FUCK YES!" I yelled through the phone. She laughed at my reply but we both agreed I would pick her up in a few.


I was looking through my closet throwing every piece of clothing on the bed. Why can't I find something good to where!? Wait, it's just lunch. Not a date.….. I need to calm down.

I grabbed a strapless black sundress that cut off at my knee and put on tan wedges (not too high) maybe 1in. And put my hair in a tight bun with hair down around my face- only one strand by my left and right cheek. And put on mascara and a tanish eyeshadow.

Then I woke up Ash and told him I was going to lunch with Luke and Ash made kissy faces and noises. He's just joking right? Luke doesn't like me we're just friends. All I need to remember on this date- LUNCH not date- is that I have a boyfriend, Brandon…and he loves me, when he wants too.

Sorry it's short❤️ I WILL post again TONIGHT! But I must eat dinner😄 please like and fan me - Thanx -I love y'all!❤️

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