Hello {Luke Hemmings}

Destiny has had a crush on Luke Hemmings since 7th grade and y/n hasn't even met him yet. It's y/n's freshman year and she meets Luke…What will happen when he invites her over after school and they become close???

READ TO FIND OUT!❤️❤️❤️Thanx��


5. Chapter 5

Brandon= your boyfriend

Warning: adult language and some abuse that will continue through the rest of the series.


I can't believe I kissed her! Now I have to go to school and see her beautiful face and try not to kiss it. I barley know her but I feel a connection. A strong one.


He kissed me. My first kiss-wasn't with my boyfriend. I need to call Ashton and ask for advice after school.

I walked down the hallway going to my last period of the day. Gosh, I regret going to his house, if he didn't kiss me- if I didn't want him to kiss me- this would've never happened.

I walked into English(my last period) and immediately recognized Luke… I sat down where I did yesterday and he stood up and moved to the front closest to the door.

He didn't wanna be near me? But HE kissed ME!

Class went by as slow as possible. I kept feeling Luke's glance burning through me but every time I looked his way he was taking notes. What's going on? I thought he liked me…

*after class*

Luke ran out of the class as soon as the bell rang and to be honest I did as well. I got to my locker-of corse RIGHT next to Luke's and he HAD to be there. I didn't wanna deal with the silence, I didn't understand, I really thought he liked me… guess not anymore. The kiss probably meant nothing to him.

I opened my locker and he did the same to his.

The tension was unbearable. Just as I was about to say something he slammed the locker door shut and walked off to a group of friends.

I glanced at his group of friends of corse ALL popular. Calum; he was sweet and cute, Michael; a bad boy (like Luke) and…… ASHTON!?

I didn't think Ashton would hang out with a guy like Luke. I mean Ash has always been an attractive guy which made him popular, but I just didn't expect him to be as popular as them. Oh well.

I was walking down the hall to leave when someone yelled my name. I turned to see Ashton jumping waving his arms and chanting my name.

"Y/N! OVER HERE! COME HERE!" Ashton yelled louder, making the other Aussies in the group turn my way.

I walked over to where Ashton was and Luke let out a heavy sigh.

"What's wrong, Luke?" Ashton asked putting an arm around me.

"Nothin'… hey y/n is this your boyfriend?" Luke asked sounding a little jealous clenching his fist till his knuckles turned white.

Ashton burst out laughing and I did as well since how many people thought more of us than friends.

"No mate!!! Y/n's my one of my Bestfriends I've known her since forever" Ashton said still giggling a little, nudging me on the arm with his elbow.

"Oh" Luke said and released the tenseness of his fists, running it through his hair and bit his lipring.

Man. That. Lip. Ring. When we kissed last night it was a warm kiss except the lipring making me shiver a little but leaving me wanting more.

"Y/n!? Y/n!?" I snapped out of my daze to Ashton's hand waving in front of my face. "Stop staring at Luke, he gets enough of that anyways without you too."

I blushed furiously hitting Ashton on the arm with my binder.

"AHH SORRY SORRY!" Ashton yelled giggling as I chased him outside still hitting him. "IF YOU DONT STOP HITTING ME ILL TELL BRANDON WE ARE HANGING OUT!" He yelled. I stopped hitting him immediately after he said Brandon's name. I looked behind me to see that Michael,Calum, and Luke followed us outside. Calum and Michael laughing their butts off and Luke still running his finger through his hair biting that damn lipring.

"I'm sorry y/n I shouldn't have brought up Brandon" Ashton said coming to hug me, I hugged back trying to hold back the tears. Brandon was like my cage the only time I felt free was when I was with Ashton and with…with Luke. I don't know why.

"Who's Brandon?" Calum asked breaking up our hug.

"Brandon's y/n's boyfriend…he's an ass" Ashton said replying to Calum.

"How?" Calum asked

"Well first he gets jealous over nothing especially when we're hanging out" Ashton starts, "and last week he almost fucking slap-" I cut him off by slamming my hand over his mouth. No one needed to know. He ALMOST did… if it wasn't for Ashton who stepped in and punched Brandon~ only making things worse. For me.

The boys stayed quiet starring at me. They knew exactly what Ash was gonna say before I cut him off. Calum and Michael just shocked looking at me with sympathy. Luke looked as though he was gonna cry and looked at me like I was already a dead puppy.

"W-why?" Michael said still starring at me with sympathy like Calum.

"If you don't tell 'em I will y/n they're my best mates" Ashton said standing there about to tell them. I didn't want them to know anyways. But better from me than Ash.

"I-I just wanted to move to t-the next level... We dated a year and never kissed. And I leaned in to kiss him and he tried to h-hit me. BUT Ashton came in time 'cause he was gonna get ice-cream with us." I finished finally noticing the tears rolling down my cheeks.

I hurried to wipe them and looked at the boys. Calum and Michael looking at me still with sympathy and mouths agape. Luke with a clenched jaw and tightened fists making his veins show on his wrist.

"He wouldn't even kiss her. He said he didn't wanna go to that level yet. Y/n hasn't even had her first kiss yet." Ashton said hugging me and looking the boys.

I was about to say that I have but decided against it since I didn't want to stir up trouble or further questioning.


He almost fucking hit her!!!! Almost is too close!!

"He wouldn't even kiss her. He said he didn't wanna go to that level yet. Y/n hasn't even had her first kiss yet." Ashton said telling me and Calum and Michael.

I could tell y/n was about to protest but decided against it. I loosened my tightness of my fists and stopped clenching my jaw---

I kissed y/n… her first kiss was with me!? No. It can't be, but Ash just said so and he knows her pretty well to know about this past event.

I was y/n's first kiss... She has an abusive boyfriend that she's still dating. But when my lips touched hers the other day it was like no one else existed but us. She made me feel infinite. And this 'Brandon' guy wouldn't even kiss her after dating her a WHOLE YEAR?!

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