Hello {Luke Hemmings}

Destiny has had a crush on Luke Hemmings since 7th grade and y/n hasn't even met him yet. It's y/n's freshman year and she meets Luke…What will happen when he invites her over after school and they become close???

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4. Chapter 4

Sorry it took a while but I go to school and had a lot of stuff due so YAY it's all over (for now)😄👌

Brandon= Your BoyFriend Name

Y/f= Your Friend


I woke up to my phone buzzing in my hand. I felt a minor movement and looked down to see y/n snuggled into me.

I looked at the time: 8:47PM. WE SLEPT THAT LONG!?

Y/n looked so peaceful, but I had to wake her.

"Sweets?" I said not to loudly.

"Hmm?" She responded still with her eyes closed shifting a little.

"It's almost 9'o'clock sweets," I said with sympathy "time to wake up and take you home."

"Noooo…" she answered sitting up rubbing her eyes.

She got up and started to blush as she realized she spent a couple hours in my bed.

"I-I'm SO sorry Luke" she said still blushing a little more now. When she said my name it was like something said from an angel.

"It's okay sweets, how about we get in the car, you text your mum and tell her I'm taking you to Pizza Hut and you'll be home around 10-10:30." I spoke softly and as calmly and cool I could with out embarrassing myself.

"Oh, umm okay." She said putting on her shoes.

We went down stairs and I grabbed my keys off the kitchen counter and walked her out to my car.


I got in the car and grabbed my phone out of my back pocket to text my mom. 4missed messages.

*Where are you? We were gonna chill tonight.* ~ y/f

*Seriously! Answer Y/N are u ok?* ~y/f

*Hey babe what's up?* ~ Brandon


Ugg… Ashton and I have been friends for a while ever since he came over to my house to see y/f and work with her for a project. (We accidentally met)(a mistake with the house #) I gave him instructions to y/f house and he gave me his #.

We went on maybe 2dates and decided we wanted to be friends instead and ever since he's been my best-guy-friend. Now Brandon is super jealous and never lets me hang out with Ashton but I did it anyways. He's my best friend why wouldn't I talk to him?!

*Hey, mom I'm with my friend from school and we're going to Pizza Hut. See u around 10-10:30, Lots Of Love. :) Xoxo* I sent her the message and looked up to see Luke staring at me.

We were already at Pizza Hut. I can't believe I took that long…too much thinking (obviously).

He smiled when I looked up. And got out of the car, went around, and opened the door of the car for me. I smiled and followed him inside the pizza place.

"What kind of pizza do you want y/n?"

He said tapping his index finger to his mouth looking at the menu. His lips, god they're perfect. And that lipring...

I'm a little embarrassed to say that since if y/f was here she'd be hanging all over him or what she calls flirting.

"Umm…" I said thinking. I wanted pepperoni but what if he didn't like pepperoni? "Pepperoni, of corse if that's what you want too." I said slightly nervous, biting my lip and putting another strand of hair behind my ear (nervous habits)

"YAAS DEFINITELY!" He yelled "pepperoni please" he said calmer to the worker while he blushed slightly from the loudness of his voice.

"Haha" I giggled at his embarrassment.

"Are you laughing at me sweets?" He said walking towards me.

"Nope" I said popping the 'p' at the end.

"I think I heard you clearly doll" he said smiling putting an arm around me.

"Uhh…" I tried to say something but I couldn't all I could think about we're those lips and eyes and … pure perfection. Was I seriously crushing on one of the most popular kids of school only knowing him for not even 24hrs. I have a boyfriend!!

We got our pizza and ate. Making small jokes here and there until we finished.

"That was an awesome date" Luke said as we entered his car.

"What? That was a date?" I said blushing. Why did he make me feel this way, he made me forget all about Brandon, which was good.

"If you want it to be…" he said giggling.

"I actually have a boyfriend." I said a little nervous of what Brandon would say if he saw me here with Luke.

"Oh." Was all he said in the longest ride home I've ever had.

When we arrived at my house he opened the door for me again and walked me to my porch.

"Thankyou Luke, and I'm sorry again for---" I was cut off by Luke's lips against mine.

Perfect warm lips full of passion filled with gentleness- except the slightly cold lipring.

I was super shocked. This was my first kiss. Brandon never kissed me, he said he didn't wanna go to that level yet.

"I-I'm SO sorry y/n! I know you said you have a boyfriend but I just couldn't resist, I've been staring at your lips all night! I'm soo so---"

I cut him off "It's okay…I forgive you. It's completely alright." I said smiling.

It really was alright…I enjoyed it even though it wasn't my boyfriends lips (like it should've been). But that's Brandon's fault he didn't want to take it to the next level, I did. Do I? Maybe not soo much anymore…… Luke gives me the biggest butterflies and I've known him only 24hrs. And I've known Brandon for a WHOLE YEAR!

I hugged Luke good-bye and shut my door and went to bed.

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