Hello {Luke Hemmings}

Destiny has had a crush on Luke Hemmings since 7th grade and y/n hasn't even met him yet. It's y/n's freshman year and she meets Luke…What will happen when he invites her over after school and they become close???

READ TO FIND OUT!❤️❤️❤️Thanx��


38. Chapter 38

Okay so this update will be the rest of her birthday, including her telling friends and family that she is, in fact, pregnant. Enjoy ;)


Luke's P.O.V


I can't believe she'd think I was cheating. I love her.


I've been talking to Gina, because we're throwing Y/n a birthday party and I don't know about this stuff.


All I know is going to a club to party, but when she's pregnant, we don't really plan on drinking.


"Ash will pick you up in an hour." I told her, gently shaking her awake from my lap.


She slowly blinked awake and grumbled "I don't wanna leave, Lukey, can I just stay here with you?"


"No babe, sorry, birthday dinner with Ashton, it's a tradition right?" I asked, smiling and helping her up.


"Yeah, but Mom usually comes with us..." Y/n said, looking upset "I just miss her, I guess." She sighed.


"Good." I said smiling "I-I mean, it's good Ashton is still taking you this year." smooth Luke


"Okay?" Y/n laughed, grabbing her phone "Hey, Doctor White said we could go to a sonogram appointment soon."


My eyes lit up and I sat forward to kiss her, her chapped lips against my wet ones "Very soon?" I asked.


She nodded, eyes still closed, smiling.


"Ash said he'll be here soon, go get ready sweets." I winked, slapping her ass, when she got up, making her yelp and try hard not to fall on the floor laughing.


She ran up the stairs, leaving me to text everyone to come over soon.


Y/n's P.O.V


I'm glad everything's settled with Luke now.


I smiled at my appearance in the mirror as I changed into Luke's plain white t-shirt and some washed out blue jeans.


I brushed out my hair, leaving it down, and adding only a little more mascara, before tugging on my lazy comfy boots and skipping down the stairs.


"Luke, Ash said he was at the corner, so I'm gonna wait for him outside, love you." I kissed his dimpled cheek and walked out the front door.


As I left the house, Ashton pulled up, so I skipped down to his car and into the vehicle.


"You okay now?" He asked, laughing and driving away.


"100 percent." I smiled.


Luke's P.O.V


Just as I heard a car speed away, I heard another pull in.


Y/n's mom, Jill, came walking through the door with a huge smile on her face. "Hello, Lucas."


"Hey." I smiled, getting up, "Y/n just left with Ash, he's bringing her back in around two hours."


"Good. Plenty of time." She laughed, setting down her purse on the couch and laying out. "The plane ride took forever, and I leave in the morning."


"Woah, quick trip huh?" I 'laughed'. It was bad enough Y/n hasn't told her mom she's pregnant yet, but now her mom only gets to know and see her for a day before leaving again.


The time went by quickly as more people rolled in.


My mum, Calum, Mikey, some of Y/n's old family friends, Ashton's mum, Harry, and Lauren.


Party time!!!


Y/n's P.O.V


I was so full after Pizza Hut that the near smell of any fast food had Ashton holding back my hair.


We rolled into my drive-way and cars filled the spaces next to us and all around. Did Luke have friend's over?


I sighed as Ashton helped me out of the car, giving me a minty piece of gum to make my breath smell not of throw-up.


"Thanks." I mumbled, walking in front of him and opening the front door to a very dark living room. "Luke, I'm home!" I called out "Why'd you turn out all the li-"


"SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Y/N!" The light came on and plenty of random known people popped out and Luke with a huge smile on his face, walked towards us.


I practically jumped into Ash's arms as he just laughed and shut the door behind us. "T-Thank you?" I laughed.


I looked around at all the faces, smiling and stopped at my mom "MOM!" I ran to her, giving her a huge hug.


"Hi baby, how are you feeling? Did you go to the doctor like I said, to check up again?" She asked, pulling away.


"Actually...I have another appointment very soon." I smiled.


"Why are you smiling? You're sick." She laughed.


Luke came up from behind me and tugged me away before I said anything else and stopped the music in the room, getting everyone's attention.


"Luke, what are you doing?" I asked in a hushed tone.


"It's time, Y/n, everyone's here." He said with a bright smile "Actually, Miss Jill, Y/n's not sick."


"What?" Mom asked walking slightly forward.


"I'm pregnant." I laughed as the shocked faces spread throughout the room, ending in hollers and congratulations'.


After everyone had left, wishing me a happy birthday and touching my stomach, mom came up to Luke and me.


"Hi mom." I smiled.


"Hi." She said sternly "Lucas, she's 18. How are you guys going to support this baby?"


"I-I...I'm in a band." Luke said, knowing it wasn't enough "Plus, I'm gonna get a job!"


She stayed staring at him.


"...Or three?" He chuckled nervously.


"I can't believe you guys. Especially you, Y/n. You're still a baby! How are you supposed to raise one?" Mom asked, turning to me.


"Mom, I can do it- we can do it. I know we can." I said, begging her to agree.


"You both can stay here so you actually have a roof over your heads, I'm staying at a hotel tonight. Happy birthday." She said rudely, walking straight out of the house.


I stood, struck.


Luke came up behind me, lifting me easily in his arms, bridal style telling me we'll clean tomorrow and carried me to "our" room.


I fell asleep with a small amount of disappointed tears falling down my cheeks and Luke pecking my belly repeatedly, telling me everything would be okay.


That's all for this update, lovelies. How do y'all feel about Jill's reaction? Luke and Y/n living together now? Luke and Y/n's coupley moments? Awe!!! Comment your thoughts ;) Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all 




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