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Destiny has had a crush on Luke Hemmings since 7th grade and y/n hasn't even met him yet. It's y/n's freshman year and she meets Luke…What will happen when he invites her over after school and they become close???

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37. Chapter 37

HEY LOVELIES! I'm super bored so...update? yes. here ya go ;)


Warning; cussing


Y/n's P.O.V


I softly cried bit, before calling Ashton to make him take me elsewhere.


Away from anything Luke's been near.


Ashton took me to the skate park. Out of all places.


I didn't even know how to skate. On anything, other than roller rink skates.


"Hehe, don't fall over, birthday girl." Ashton smiled as he set me on a skate board, holding my waist.


"Shut up Ash!" I giggled, completely scared of him letting go. "Please don't let go."


"Now, it's your turn to shut up Y/n, grow some balls." Ashton laughed loudly pushing me slowly.


I smiled down at my feet and let my glace wander to beautiful green stilettos. Who wears stiletto heels in a skate park? I followed the thin, took-pick, body to see a red headed woman in an all green pantsuit that hugged her boney features and of course her stilettos.


I saw her bright red lips moving faster and saw who she was speaking with...Luke?


I hadn't even noticed Ash had let go of my waist and I began heading towards a fence.


"HOP OFF!" Someone yelled before I hit the fence.


I looked up and saw Ashton hovering above me. "Are you okay Y/n?" He whispered, concerned.


"D-did you know Luke was here?" I asked, not even thinking about the stinging coming from my forehead.


"No, I swear. You're bleeding, let's go home." Ashton gave a wary smile, helping me up.


"No. I'm staying." I hissed.


I ignored Ashton looking at me and stared at the thin figure. 'She's such a bitch' I thought to myself. I sighed loudly.


"Y/n, do you know her?" Ashton asked.


"I think it's that girl Luke's cheating on me with." I whispered.


"He's not cheating on you Y/n, please listen to me." Ash begged.


"Ashton, look at her." I pointed "She's so thin. Luke wouldn't want to come back to me. I'm only going to get bigger." I felt my breathing slowing down, not in a relaxing way, more like a shocked. "I-I knew." I whispered.


"Stop Y/n, let's leave." Ashton pleaded again.


I shook my head in anger.


Ashton sighed and picked me up, along with the board. I didn't fight back, I was too shocked. Seeing the beautiful 'Gina' was worse than I'd ever hoped. God she was so thin I was surprised that when she gave Luke a peck on the cheek, her nose didn't stab him. He was blushing? Luke-blushing? She made him blush... Her kiss made him blush.


I felt hot water run down my cheeks as the couple become distant.


Ashton set me in the car and drove me home, after buying me Wendy's, then cleaned my open wound, putting a band-aid on it.


"For the hundredth time, Y/n, Luke isn't cheating on you!" Ashton yelled after we sat down on my couch. "Grow the fuck up. He would never, ever, cheat, on ANYONE."


"Stop. Yelling." I hissed. "You don't think I hate thinking of how she makes him feel? Do you think I like imagining him coming home one day to tell me he's moved on?"




"Fine, Ashton, I'm sorry my pain is an inconvenience for you." I growled back, standing up.


"God!" He sighed "That's not what I meant and you know that!"


"Really? I do? Because obviously I should let you rule my life now since you just know everything right?" I argued. "What about dinner, what should I eat tonight Ashton? Pizza? No?"


"I'm not controlling you, Y/n." Ashton groaned. "Stop whining all the time." I rolled my eyes. "Maybe this is why Luke would hang out somewhere else. Without you." Ashton grumbled, then his eyes widened and brought his hand to his mouth.


I let out a choked sob "G-get out."


"Y/n..." Ashton's eyes became watery, but I couldn't care less. "I didn't mean it like that."


"Then how'd you mean it Ashton?" I cried softly.


"I-I didn't mean to say any of that! Luke or anyone else would have NO reason to leave you." Ashton pleaded, walking closer to me.


"Yes they would Ash. You even said so." I choked on my words. This was really happening.


The door swung open and neither Ash or I looked.


"Babe?!" Luke called out. I ignored him, staring at a hurt Ashton, pleading for forgiveness. "Babe! I'M HOME!" He laughed to himself before going mute when he entered the living room "Hey...what's up?" He asked, looking between Ash and I.


"Please forgive me." Ashton said just above a whisper. I just continued to stare at him as more tears fell.


"Someone, tell me what's going on." Luke asked louder, stepping closer.


"I swear to god Luke, if I lose Y/n as a friend because of your sloppy ass, we're done as mates. DONE." Ashton hissed, his stare not leaving mine.


"W-what?" Luke squeaked.


"I-I" I tried to speak, but I couldn't. Ashton was right, Luke and any other guy is lucky to have a girl like Gina with them instead of me. I should stop trying and whining. "You're right.." I whispered.


"No, Y/n, I am soo wrong, please!" Ashton pulled me into a hug as I sobbed into his chest. He hushed me whispering apologizes in my ear.


"WHAT. THE. FUCK." Luke screamed, making me jump. "TELL. ME. NOW. WHAT'S GOING ON?"


"You." Ashton let go of me and pointed to Luke "Are responsible for this. Tonight better be fucking worth it. I love you Y/n" He kissed my cheek and I hugged him. I forgave him. He was my best friend "I love you too. Come over tonight?" I asked. "Of course, happy birthday." He smiled before leaving, walking right past Luke.


"Please Y/n, tell me what's going on." Luke said, full of concern.


"She's gorgeous Luke." I whispered, trying to smile. I wanted him to be happy, no matter what.


"Who Y/n?" Luke asked.


"Gina." I 'smiled' again "Ash to me to the skate park earlier. That was Gina yes?"


"Yes Y/n, that was Gina. Why didn't you say hi to us." Luke gave me a wary smile.


"I-I" I paused, collecting myself. "I just want you to be so happy Luke."


"You sound crazy, just spill, please." Luke pleaded, sitting me down on the couch with him.


I turned to look him in the eyes and felt mine getting watery again. "I love you, Luke. I mean it, but if you love Gina, please, please, just let me know so I can try to heal. You can be with her if you want, Luke. I, promise, I wont get in your way. I-" I tried to continue but Luke just kissed me. Hard.


"I love no one. No one, other than you and my baby. No one will ever, EVER, take your place. You are the only thing I need in life." Luke started to get tears in his eyes "I-I would- Never, Y/n, please listen to me, I would never and will never, love someone else like I love you. There is no Gina in my heart."


"Please don't cry" I whispered, brushing away his tears as he brushed mine.


"I love you so much and I am so sorry for our fight this morning, I was being an asshole. I didn't even tell you happy birthday, baby. " Luke sniffled. "Happy birthday."


I smiled and kissed him again. "I love you too." I whispered.


"Good because I'd die without you." He brushed my hair out of the way and rested his head by my stomach. "Mommy and Daddy just had a fight today baby, but that's okay, that's what people do. Everything's okay now because we love you and each other no matter what."


I couldn't wipe the smile from my face watching my boyfriend speak to my pregnant belly as I combed his hair back.


That's all for now lovelies <3 I hope you love this update, I did. If you thought Luke would cheat, get you head out of your ass, he's a little noodle, he'd never do that XD UGH DADDY LUKE WOULD BE SOO CUTE! Thankyou for reading so far <3  Love y'all


P.S. I would NEVER body shame. I made Gina, thin, because many girls beg to be thinner and envy those who are and I wanted to show how envious Y/n is of Gina. It is a common want to be thinner. Remember, thin, curvy or thick, all of you are beautiful. There is no 'perfect body'.








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