Hello {Luke Hemmings}

Destiny has had a crush on Luke Hemmings since 7th grade and y/n hasn't even met him yet. It's y/n's freshman year and she meets Luke…What will happen when he invites her over after school and they become close???

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36. Chapter 36

Hey y'all I know I've been sorta MIA since the summer started but I actually had to go to Pittsburgh last week because my great grandma's not doing so well...anyhoo so I understand if you sorta hate me right now but even tho you might hate me, here's an update on the story ;) (AKA,LOVE ME!)


Luke's P.O.V


I didn't know what this meant.


I was going to be a parent...at 18?


What about the band...


I kept thinking a series of questions while I held Y/n in my arms.


I love her and I know I will love my kid but I also love the band...


"Luke?" Y/n softly mumbled.


"Yeah?" I released her from my tight grip and she backed away slightly so she could see my face.


"I was thinking a lot about this, and I completely understand if you want to end our relationship." She paused to inhale a large breath and continued "I know this'll be hard on you and the band and if you need a while, I understand."


I looked at her. How could she think I would just get up and leave? I thought she knew me better than that.


"No. I'm not going anywhere but you thinking that I'd want to just leave you, hurts me. You KNOW I'd NEVER leave you. EVER." I stated.


"I-I know Luke...I know you say you love me but I would have to think about the situation if I were you! I'm just trying to understand from where you're sitting." She explained.


"Well good thing you're not me." I smiled "And I don't just say I love you, I do."


We just looked at each other for a while before her phone rang.


"H-hello?" She sniffled "Oh...Hi mom, yes I went to the doctor...I-I know yeah, sure, I-it was just a tummy ache...Yeah, okay Love you too." She hung up and bit her lip.


"Why did you tell her it was only a stomach ache? She deserves to know Y/n, especially if she knew about so called 'tummy ache'" I said.


Y/n's P.O.V


I just looked at Luke trying to think of why I didn't just tell her.


"Luke, she paid for the doctor visit...she's the one that made me go because I had such an upset stomach. I can't just spring onto her that I'm pregnant like 'Hey mom yeah while you trusted me your 17 year old while you were gone I happened to get knocked up and oh yeah, I have no way to pay for this baby so please let me continue to at least live here'." I rushed out of my mouth.


"Y/n...we can handle this. I'LL GET A JOB! Anything! Anything you need, baby and I'll do it." Luke smiled. "We can do this."


I don't know if that was just for me or if he was trying to convince himself too but it put me at ease. At least for now.


"Who are we supposed to tell?" I asked him. "We obviously have to tell both our parents and what about our friends! How do we explain that I'm going to be a teen mom?" I felt my heart rate pick up again. This was getting too stressful.


"We don't tell anyone tonight. Just me and you, sweetheart. I'll go order some pizza and you pick a movie and we can watch it in bed and just cuddle." Luke stood up and gave me his hand to help me.


"Sounds perfect." I smiled.


Luke ran down stairs and I bit my lip but I couldn't help but call out- "I want extra cheese on the pepperoni pizza."


"Okay sweetie!" He called back.


I bit my lip again "And barbeque wings too!"


I heard him chuckle as I picked 'Jack and Jill featuring Adam Sandler' for the movie.


~~~~~Next week~~~~~


Today I am 18.


I've been praying for the day I turned 18 since I was 6.


Now I'm here and I rather be 6 again.


No doubt I would miss everything I have now, but I would relive it, and the next time, be safer.


I was 18 now, and 2 weeks pregnant.


No bump was showing yet, the doctor said it'd be a few weeks, maybe a couple months before I get one.


I turned over in bed and stared at a gorgeous Luke.


*buzz buzz* 


The buzzing was so quiet it didn't wake Luke, but it was his phone. Who could be texting Luke this early?


It felt wrong but I checked the home screen of his phone.


'Gina- I'll meet you at 11:00 sweetie, bring the stuff, please xoxo'


I felt down again. I had completely forgotten that Luke could possibly be cheating on me.


With the pregnancy and my birthday being today I can't believe he made plans to meet someone else.


I looked at the time, 9:30 and decided to wake Luke.


"5 more minutes." He pleaded.


"Luke you got a text." I said softly.


His eyes sprung open "You didn't read it did you?"


I couldn't lie, not in a relationship like ours, I'd only be caught if I did. "Ye-yeah I looked briefly and its from someone name Gina?"


"YOU WENT THROUGH MY PHONE!?" Luke yelled, grabbing it off the counter. "I DESERVE AT LEAST A LITTLE PRIVACY Y/N. OUT OF ALL PEOPLE I THOUGHT YOU'D RESPECT THAT." He got up and pulled on some skinny jeans and a blue t-shirt while shoving his feet in flip-flops and skipped downstairs where I heard a loud slam of the door.


He's cheating on me...Luke, is cheating on me.


That's all for now beautifuls ;0 Do you think Luke is cheating? :X Thankyou for reading so far <3 Love y'all






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