Hello {Luke Hemmings}

Destiny has had a crush on Luke Hemmings since 7th grade and y/n hasn't even met him yet. It's y/n's freshman year and she meets Luke…What will happen when he invites her over after school and they become close???

READ TO FIND OUT!❤️❤️❤️Thanx��


33. Chapter 33

Hey y'all, It's been a while, sorry :( Here ya go though:)


Warning: cussing




It's been a week. Every day, since, I felt terrible.


This morning I puked twice just from the smell of the strawberry pop-tarts Luke ate.


Now, I was still over the toilet with Luke holding back my hair.


"Are you sure you're okay?" Luke asked worried.


"Yeah, I think I just have a virus, it's probably going around." I smiled leaning back and flushing the toilet.


"I'm supposed to go record today, but if you're sick, I can just stay home baby." He smiled.


"No, no." I smiled. "I need to clean the house, and call my mom, and get groceries, you should go to work, don't wanna be poor, right?" I laughed.


"Right, baby." He kissed my cheek and I backed away.


"Eww Luke, I just threw up!" I covered my mouth to keep the smell away.


"I don't care" He smiled and got up. "Call me if you feel worse, and I can take you to the doc, I love you!" He shouted about to leave now.


"I will baby, Have a great day, I love you too!" I shouted back and the front door shut.


I stood up from the floor and stumbled out of the bathroom.


I feel a little better, but still queasy.


I sat on the couch and turned on a random t.v. show to procrastinate cleaning.


After a few minutes, I decided to start cleaning and started working on the kitchen.


Around 3:30 I was almost done and was making the bed in my room.


I finished and plopped on the couch.


I grabbed my phone and called my mom.


"Hey Mom!" I smiled into the phone.


"Hey darling! How are you?" She asked.


"I actually feel really sick." I mumbled.


"How sick?"


"Let's just say, today, I do NOT like the smell of pop-tarts." I giggled.


"What do you mean?"


"I got one whiff of Luke's pop-tart this morning and puked my guts out."


"Oh, my poor baby!" 


"It's okay mom, I just cleaned the house, Luke's at the studio and I'm about to go to the store."


"Okay, my dear, I'm about to go into a meeting, I'll call you later."


"Okay mom, Love you"


"Love you too, bye."


I hung up and got dressed.


I dressed simply, A long red fuzzy sweater and white jeans with my brown boots and my hair in a bun.


When I go to the store, something in me, REALLY wanted to buy some pickles.


OOOO and Dr.Pepper.


Chips? Chips.


By the time I was checking out, my cart was full of food I didn't even need.


"Is that all?" The cashier laughed.


I looked at all the food and bit my lip.


"You can put back the uhhh, beef jerky." I stuttered.


I left the store, still wanting my beef jerky that I was so stupid to put back.


I got home and unloaded all the groceries and took out the chips and yogurt.


"What if I dipped the chip IN the yogurt?" I wondered and started dipping away.


It was quite delicious. 


The salty chip in the sweetening, blueberry yogurt.


"Baby, I'm home!" Luke called walking in and setting down his guitar. "What the fuck are you eating?" 


I looked down and smiled, "Yogurt and chips."


He laughed. "You're so fucking weird."


"Eh." I shrugged and took another bite. "All done." I smiled and put away the chips.


"Still hungry?" Luke asked as I searched the fridge again.


"I want some apple juice, did I forget to buy apple juice from the store?" I asked. "I DID! OH NO!" I pouted.


"What's wrong, we can get juice tomorrow." Luke laughed.


"But I wanted it nowwww." I plopped on the couch.


"Shhh, it's okay my dear, we'll get a large gallon tomorrow so you have a lot." He kissed my forehead "I'm all sweaty, I should probably take a shower." He went upstairs and did so.


I laid on the couch and pouted because I still wanted some apple juice.


and my god damn jerky!


That's all for tonight, I know it's REALLY short, but I need to do some homework and the next chapter will be pretty long, so be prepared:), thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all



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