Hello {Luke Hemmings}

Destiny has had a crush on Luke Hemmings since 7th grade and y/n hasn't even met him yet. It's y/n's freshman year and she meets Luke…What will happen when he invites her over after school and they become close???

READ TO FIND OUT!❤️❤️❤️Thanx��


32. Chapter 32

Hey guys, I haven't been updating recently, and I'm sorry, but here you go;) enjoy:)


Warning;cussing, SMUT


(Again, If you don't know what smut is, you're probably too young to read it, so you can just skip to the next time I update.)




I woke up alone in my large bed.


The other half still warm, but Luke was gone.


I sat up and smelt burning.


I jumped off my bed and ran down the stairs as quick as possible.


"SHIT, SHIT!" Someone whisper-shouted.


I ran into the kitchen to see Luke throwing away burnt pancakes.


"Oh Luke.." I laughed and he turned around, his cheeks pink.


"I-I was going to make us breakfast...." He stammered cleaning up his small mess.


"It's okay sweetie." I laughed.


"Not to me, I'm starving, LET'S GO TO IHOP!" He exclaimed with a large smile.


I started to blush a little "I-I'm actually not allowed in IHOP anymore..."


"What, why not?" He laughed.


"Well Ashton and I-" I began to explain.


"Well if it includes Ashton, I'm sure there's a good reason." He laughed cutting me off.


*ding dong*


"COME IN!" I yelled from the kitchen.


"HOW MANY GOD DAMN TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY, THAT. IS. HOW. PEOPLE. GET. KILLED AND WHAT'S THAT SMELL?!." Ashton exclaimed slamming the door behind him.


"Shut up, we're in the kitchen." I laughed as Ashton walked through the opening.


"Oh, Luke's here." Ashton said standing beside me.


"Why wouldn't I be?" Luke snipped.


"You weren't yesterday." Ashton stated.


"I had something to do." Luke mumbled.


"Well Y/n thought you were-" Ashton attempted to say.


"Thought we'd do something." I said cutting him off with a fake smile.


Ashton just rolled his eyes as he got orange juice from the fridge and took a gulp from the carton.


"THAT'S MINE!" Luke whined.


"Blah." Ashton laughed licking the whole top.


"I don't care if you licked it, give it to me!" Luke complained laughing.


"THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!" Ashton laughed.


"EW!" I laughed as Ashton handed over the carton to Luke.


Ashton slung his arm over my shoulders and kissed my cheek. "Morning." He smiled.


I smiled and whispered "Mornin'" back and Luke gave him a glare.


"Don't you have to go somewhere with Stella today?" Luke asked taking a gulp of juice.


"That's actually why I'm here, thanks Lucas, Y/n do you want to come to the movies with us?" He asked me.


"Uhh, sure, Luke?" I asked facing Luke.


"Fine." Luke said putting away the juice into the fridge.


"Great! See you guys in about an hour, I'll pick you guys up with Stella." Ashton said walking back out the door.


"This'll be fun." I smiled walking into the dining room for the spray to make the kitchen not smell burnt.


"Sure." Luke mumbled as I sprayed the kitchen.


"What's wrong?" I asked.


"Lets just go get ready okay?" He faked a smile and went up the stairs.


I followed behind him and called dibs on the 1st shower.


"I don't need one anyways." He said as I grabbed my clothes and walked into the bathroom.


I turned on the shower and got in.


I had a short shower since we only had an hour and dried off.


I put on my black hoodie along with my leggings and put my hair into a ponytail and added some mascara and eyeliner.


I went into my room and grabbed my black converse along with my phone and skipped down the stairs.


"I'm ready." I said putting my phone in the front pocket of my hoodie.


"She'll love it, hey I gotta go, talk to you later?....yeah, thanks, bye." I heard Luke say into the phone and I plopped onto the couch.


"Who was that?" I asked as he shoved his phone in his back pocket.


"No one." He said.


"Same person from yesterday?" I asked looking up at him.


His eyebrows furrowed together and he mumbled a 'yeah'.




"They're here, let's go." Luke said trailing behind me as we got into Ashton's car.


"What movie?" I asked smiling.


"Into The Woods" Stella said laughing.


"Isn't that supposed to be like a musical?" I asked.


"Yep. Ashton wanted to see it" She laughed.


"It'll be cool, shut up." Ashton defended.


We arrived at the movies and Luke was still on his phone, texting away.


"We're here." I said to Luke as I got out.


"Oh, sorry." He mumbled with a slight smile.


We walked in and sat down as the light dimmed.


"Just in time." Ashton whispered.


Luke sat to my right and Ash to my left and Stella sat on the other side of Ash.


About halfway through the movie Luke's phone quietly buzzed, as he opened and checked it and replied to the message.


"Put away your phone Lucas." Ashton instructed.


Luke mumbled something and put away his phone.


After the movie Stella and Ashton laughed about scenes walking in front of Luke and I.


"How was the movie?" I asked Luke.


"Good." He said.


"Good." I mumbled.


We arrived at my house and Luke, I guess, believed he was staying another night, since he followed in behind me.


"I'm going to get into pj's" I said walking up the stairs.


I shouldn't had said anything, it's not like he responded.


I got into sweat pants and a Nirvana shirt and went to take off my make-up, but stopped.


I grinned.


If he isn't going to notice me, then I'll make him.


I went back into my room and grabbed my red lacey bra and panties.


I put those on and put the Nirvana shirt on top.


It was Luke's shirt so it reached to right below my butt.


I released my ponytail making my hair look wavy and a little messy.


I smiled at my reflection and hopped down the stairs.


I reached the bottom of the stairs and went in search for the tall, lanky man-boy, I called my boyfriend.


I found him on the couch playing Black-Ops online with Calum,Ashton, and Michael on the Xbox.


"GO, GO, GO, LEFT! NO GOD DAMN IT, YOUR OTHER LEFT!" He shouted into the headset.


"Lukey..." I said softly walking lightly towards him.


"RPG! RPG! DAMN IT CALUM!" He yelled completely ignoring my presence.


"Luke?" I asked trying to take his attention away from the game.


I was still standing at the back of the couch.


As he ignored me, yet again, I had to think of a way to make him pay attention.


I sighed and leaned forward over the back of the couch and grabbed Luke's shoulders and gently brought them back and began slowly and gently massaging them.


"Yeah guys, Uh- Michael, you take front, I'll take the back entrance." He said cozying back into the couch.


At least I know my actions relaxed him.


I kept gently massaging him and bent my head down and began peppering kisses all along his neck.


But of course, an action in the game made him jerk forward and ignore my attempts.


I felt like giving up, taking off my makeup and just retreating to bed, but, no, I want him now.


It's been WAY too long without him.


I took a deep breath and thought of how I could get his full attention.


I decided on the easiest one.


I'll just distract him while he's playing the game.


I walked to the front of the couch and Luke leaned back as if making way for me to just casually walk by.


Oh, but this wasn't casual.


I stopped right in front of him and he started getting irritated, looking to the left and right, trying to see past me.


"Y/n, you're in the way." He said as if I didn't know.


I didn't say a thing as I sat on his lap, straddling him.


"Wha-?" He asked confused but noticed he was still playing the game, and focused back on it.


I rolled my eyes and started kissing his neck again.


"RUN, RUN, RUN!" He shouted into the microphone and I was so close I heard the others shouting as well.


I was now getting slightly annoyed that he's being such a prick, can't he tell I need him?


I WILL NOT, give up.


I begin sucking his neck in different places and finding his sweet spot.


"GUYS GO-OHHHHH..." Luke moaned into the mic. He cleared his throat "G-go forward."


Damn this boy is pissin' me off.


I set my hands onto his shoulders and continue to suck his sweet spot.


"Hey Guys-Y/n....." He sighed.




I moved and accidentally un-hooked the audio to his head set so I could hear the boys on the other end loud and clear.


"Y/n?...Lucas, last time I checked my name was Calum....., not Y/n." Calum laughed, as did the others.


"No, guys, sorry, just continue." Luke said back into the mic. and pressing resume.




I'll just have to try hard. {what a coincidence ~sorry please continue:)}


I decided to grind on him, 1.) to get his attention and 2.) to be honest it was also to help me have some friction.


its a win-win.


I started slowly rocking back and forth, just barely coming in contact with his jeans.


He cleared his throat and slightly shifted.


I started going a little harder.


Again, he shifted and cleared his throat.


"Why do you keep clearing your throat Luke?!" Ashton exclaimed from the game.


"I-I just." Luke stuttered, unable to find a reason. "T-thirsty." he said.


I laughed knowing the boys would take that way out of proportion.


"Y/n's there to help you with that, sorry bud, but I'm not into you that way, I hope we can stay friends." Calum laughed from the other end.


"Shut up." Luke laughed.


I decided, now, to go slow and hard, balancing my hands on his shoulders and sucking his neck at the same time.


He let out a throaty groan.


"Uhhhh..." Ashton laughed from the game.


"What's going on?" Michael asked.


I ignored them and continued my actions.


Luke dropped his controller and put his palms on my waist pushing me further onto him.


"S-shit...." Luke moaned rolling his head back.


I smiled to myself, finally able to make him notice me.


"What the fuck, Luke are we going to play or not?" Calum asked.


"F-FUCK!" Luke moaned pushing me even further (if possible) against his jeans.


"Is that what you're doing right now?" Michael asked laughing.


"Shhh." I whispered kissing his jaw line.


"I think I'm going to go now..." Ashton laughed. "Rather not hear my 2 best friends fuck, uh bye"


"It sounds like a fucking porno." Michael laughed.


"You'd know what that sounds like." Calum said laughing.


I continued my actions and finally connected my lips with Luke's for the first time.


"I'm gonna go too, Mikey, come over I have pizza." Calum said.


"Be over in 7minutes." Michael immediately responded as they both disconnected and the tv screen went black, from lack of activity.


"Finally." I moaned into Luke's mouth between kisses.


"Why so eager?" He asked kissing my neck.


"Well..." I trailed off.


"Hm?" He asked resting his forehead on mine and looking into my eyes.


"You've been ignoring me all day." I mumbled.


"No-I just- I" He stammered.


I just continued to look in his eyes and let my eyes drop downward.


"I'm sorry..." He mumbled swirling his fingertips on my hipbone, sending bumps throughout my skin.


"It's fine." I said and looked back into his eyes and we connected our lips again for a lust-filled yet loving kiss.


I trailed my lips down his jawline and onto his neck again.


He let out a mix of a sigh and groan as I laughed into his neck, happy I have his full attention.


"You think it's funny?" He asked with an eyebrow raised.


I just bit my lip staring into his sharp blue eyes.


"Answer me." He growled.


"N-no..." I mumbled.


"Then why'd you laugh?" He asked flipping me over on the couch so I was on the bottom.


"Because it was funny." I laughed gaining confidence.


"Mmmm, it won't be soon, when it's you who's moaning." He whispered into my ear before ripping his shirt off.


I sat up and reached to take his shirt off me.


I peeled it over my head leaving me in just my bra and panties.

"Nice choice" Luke smirked.


Those being gone just as soon as my shirt and I laid back onto the couch.


He slid off his pants with his underwear as well, making his hard on spring free.


"I won't ignore you now." He whispered leaning back over me to connect our lips.


"Good." I whispered back into the kiss.


We continued to kiss passionately as he slid himself into me, both of us breaking the kiss to moan.


"Y-Y/n..." He moaned.


He went faster until we both couldn't hold it anymore.


Profanities and moans, the only language passed, skin slapping, the only sound, as we reached our climaxes and released.


He collapsed on top of me and we both tried to control our breathing.


"Finally." Luke laughed falling beside me and almost falling off the medium sized couch but he balanced himself, facing the ceiling.


"Haha, it's been too long." I sighed from relief.


"Yeah, I've missed that, and you." He laughed.


"Mhm." I said gently closing my eyes.


"Let's go to bed." He said.


"I wanna sleep out here." I complained shifting to face him.


"Okay, scootch." He smiled.


I scooted back facing him and him facing away from me, making me the big spoon.


To be honest, I actually like being the big spoon, it made me feel like I could help him as much as he could help me, I don't know why some of my old friends complained about having to be the big spoon, they're both just as cuddly.


I wrapped my arm around him and we snuggled close, even though we were both sweating.


I pulled a small blanket over us and let my eyelids flutter shut.


"Good night, I love you." I said.


"It is now, I love you too sweets." He chuckled.


The perfect ending to the day.


Holding the love of my life and listening to him laugh at his own comment while falling asleep.


I sigh...my 18th birthday is in 2weeks, and this'll be the best birthday I've ever had, if I get to spend it with Luke.



That's all for now:) I made it sexual and long just for you guys lol Cx I hope it was okay, I'm not that good at writing smut, so:/ Thanks for reading so far<3 Love y'all 


































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