Hello {Luke Hemmings}

Destiny has had a crush on Luke Hemmings since 7th grade and y/n hasn't even met him yet. It's y/n's freshman year and she meets Luke…What will happen when he invites her over after school and they become close???

READ TO FIND OUT!❤️❤️❤️Thanx��


31. Chapter 31

Hey babes(; I hope you like this chapter it's gonna be SUPER fluffy and cute! It's pretty long, so I hope that's okay, and here we go! :D


Warning;cussing and FLUFFY FLUFF STUFF (if dead from the feels, I am responsible, but shhhh!)




I woke up with the beams of light from my window hitting my face.


I tried to move but was held back by a strong arm.


"5 more minutes." Luke whispered smiling and dozing off again.


I smiled and laid back looking at him.


He was here. Not a dream, but actually here, holding me from walking away.


I just wish the world would pause right here and right now, so I could savor the moment, but I want more moments with him in the future, ones that I can also savor, so things must move on at some point.


He's eyelids fluttered open and shut from the light. "I'M BLIND!" He yelled covering his eyes with his hand.


I burst out laughing as he opened his eyes to join in laughing.


I rolled and almost fell of the bed when he grabbed my arm and pulled me back, both of us laughing our asses off.


"My hero!" I laughed.


"Anything for you, my princess." He laughed.


*ding ding*


His phone dinged from the bedside table making him check as his smile dropped.


My laughter died down as I looked at him with concern.


"What?" I asked holding his hand.


He looked up at me, almost like he forgot I was there and mumbled a 'nothing' before getting up.


I just stared as he threw on his skinny jeans and ran down the stairs.


I moved and grabbed his shirt off the floor and replaced mine with it.


Sure, it reached to mid-thigh, but that's okay, since I was wearing short shorts.


I grabbed my own phone and skipped down the stairs to see Luke pacing in the living room on the phone.


I walked into the kitchen and made some toast and sat on top of the counter waiting for his call to be over.


"Tell her I said later, okay?...Okay...Good, see you then." I heard Luke say as he walked into the kitchen.


"Who was that?" I asked swinging my legs and taking another bite.


"Oh-that?" He cleared his throat. "...No one, hey look I have to go, see you later?"


"Uh...yeah." I said giving him a hug and he kissed my cheek.


He walked out and shut the door behind him.


I sat there on the counter and thought.


Who was he talking to at-, I checked the time,-at 8 in the morning?


I thought hard, his band mates maybe?, no he would've said so.


It had to have been someone that was talking about a girl because he said he'd talk to HER later.


His mom?, no...If it was someone I knew, he would've told me...right? I don't know, I should call Ash.


I dialed his number while walking to the couch.


"Yes Miss Y/n and what did I do to get the honor of YOU calling me at 8 in the morning?" He asked and I could tell by his voice, he was smiling.


"Well, I was wondering if you could come over...Unless Stella's still there I don't want to intrude..." I said.


I accidentally let a tear fall onto my cheek...I just felt a weird feeling, of something bad, and I don't know why I was crying, but I was.


"Well Stella left an hour ago...What's wrong, I hear you sniffling." He said and I heard some movement in the background, which probably means he's getting out of bed.


"I just need to talk to you.." I said.


"Okay, okay, sweetheart, just wait right there I'll be there in 10." He said...more movement so I assume he's getting dressed.


"Okay Ash, thanks." I said hanging up.


I went to look in the mirror and saw myself wearing Luke's 'YOU COMPLETE MEss'  shirt that I threw on this morning and my shorts, with my red and puffy eyes.


About 7minutes later my door bell rang but instead of answering the door, I just called "Come in!" from upsatirs.


"You know y/n, that's how people die! I could be here to steal all your money and you wouldn't know who I was!" Ashton came in laughing.


I ran down the stairs to find him in my living room.


"I'll help you look for the money." I laughed as he spun around, concern appearing on his face.


"Why were you crying? What happened? Where's Lucas?" He asked walking to me and I just shut him up by giving him a tight hug. "Tell me what's up." He said hugging back.


"Alcohol first." I stated going to my fridge for the whiskey.


"It's 8a.m, put it back." Ashton lectured.


"You'll be surprised if I don't drink the whole fucking bottle after my story." I said walking into the living room and sitting on the floor.


Ashton came over and sat in front of me.


I explained the morning to him as he nodded, understanding. "Well...and I think, maybe, he's ya'know..." I explained taking a gulp of the whiskey.


"...Cheating?" Ashton asked removing the bottle from my mouth.


My head dropped down as another tear fell.


"...Oh my god, no sweetie, I don't think Luke would EVER do that to someone, especially you." Ashton explained hugging me.


"But Ash, what if he is?!" I half yelled half sobbed.


"I'm so sorry...." Ashton said hugging me tighter.


I just held onto him for dear life and sobbed into his shoulder.


"Shhhh." He whispered. "I might know something to get your mind off of things." He smiled pulling me back to look at my face and wiping the tears away.


"What?" I asked sniffing.


"Well, there's a party tonight celebrating our success, you should go, and afterwards we could eat ice cream and watch movies?" He smiled.


I stayed quiet and thought.


"It might be good for you." He said.


"Okay Ash." I smiled hugging him again.


"It's at 6, I know pretty early but it lasts until midnight." He smiled.


"Sounds good." I laughed. "You ARE helping me get dressed right?"


"Why else do you think I invited you?" He laughed making a 'duh' face.


"Haha, you're awesome." I said and kissed his cheek.


"OMIGOD SHE KISSED MY CHEEK! EEK!" Ashton squealed sarcastically.


"OMIGOD OMIGOD" I joined in laughed.


"So, breakfast?" He asked smiling widely.


"NOT IHOP!" I said sternly as we both laughed.


"I don't think we're welcome anyways!" He said laughing. "I am making you waffles with my special syrup." He winked.


"Maple?" I asked peeking at him in the kitchen.


"You know it!" He said grabbing it out of the pantry.


During breakfast he did everything to make me laugh but I just couldn't stop thinking about Luke sucking on a beautiful groupie's face.


"Y/n. Stop." Ashton said.


"What?" I asked taking my last bite of my waffle.


"You're thinking of Lucas and what he's doing right now, stop, you're only torturing yourself." He explained cleaning up our plates.


"You're right..." I sighed. "But I cant help it!" I said my eyes beginning to tear up again.


"Shhh, no more tears!" He said putting the dishes in the washer. "We shall now play board games!" He laughed.


We played Life, Clue, Jenga, Candy Land, Shoots and Ladders, and Monopoly until 4p.m


"I WIN!!" Ashton yelled as the bricks fell meaning he just won Jenga for the 2nd time.


"Oh god, Ashton, it's already 4" I said shocked.


"Well, I'll be damned." He laughed. "LET'S GO GET CHANGED!" He yelled running up the stairs.


I followed him and told him I needed a shower first and got a quick one returning to my room to see 2outfits laying on my bed with shoes for each.


"I picked out some outfits. YOU are welcome." He winked.


I looked between them, one knee-high yellow cocktail dress with black heels and the other being a knee-high white flowy dress with black sandal-like heels.


I chose the white dress outfit and put it on.


"I didn't even know I had this in there." I said from the bathroom.


"Well, neither did I" He laughed walking into the bathroom.


"You're glad I'm dressed stupid." I laughed. "Zip me?"


"Kay." He said quickly zipping my dress up.


"Thankyou." I laughed putting on the heels. "How do I look?" I asked.


"Beautiful, now put on your make up while I go home real quick to change and I'll be back to pick you up." He said kissing my cheek and running out.


I applied my normal make up (mascara and eyeliner.) and went with a faded black,sparkly eyeshadow and pink-ish lipstick.


Looking in the mirror I thought.


Luke's going to be there...SHIT! Why didn't I think that before? He's going to be there, probably drunk and flirting with the secret 'mistress' he was talking about earlier on the phone.


I paced back in forth in the living room and constantly checking the time, making it go slower.


Finally I heard a car horn and walked outside with my phone in my black clutch.


"Finally." I sighed getting in Ashton's car and seeing him in ripped skinny jeans and a muscle tee. "Not fancy?" I asked feeling over-dressed.


"No, it's a fancy party...I just wanted to wear this." He laughed turning on the radio which blasted 'American Idiot' by Green-day.


I laughed and yelled along with the song as Ashton did the same when we pulled into a diner lot.


"Party's here?" I asked as he turned off the car.


"Yeah, I told you, it's a party, not a club, you're dressed appropriate so chill." He laughed throwing his arm around me as we walked inside.


I saw people already dancing and most, already drunk off their asses.


"What time is it?" I asked Ashton shocked at how many were ALREADY drunk and sweating.


"8, so, I guess I was a little late, oops?" He laughed.


"ASHTON!" Stella yelled giving him a large hug. "Y/N OH MY GOD, YOU'RE SO PRETTY!" She gave me a large hug too and smiled.


"I brought Y/n, she has a lot on her mind, get her a drink?" Ashton asked with puppy dog eyes.


"Mm-hmm" Stella smiled walking away and coming back with a drink.


"Thankyou." I said as Stella grabbed Ashton leading him to the dance floor.


Ashton mouthed a 'sorry' but he didn't seem so sorry while grinding on Stella.


I laughed and walked to a booth and sat down sipping my drink.


Don't think about Luke, Don't think about Luke, Don't think about-"Luke?" I asked seeing a tall blonde walk past my booth.


I got up and walked towards him spinning him around as he slurred a 'Hellllllo'


"Hi." I said fake smiling.


"You're really pretty." He said smiling wide.


I leaned in to kiss hiss cheek but he pushed me away.


I stood there shocked...I knew he was cheating... I almost started to cry as Luke grabbed my shoulder and brought me into a hug.


"I'm sorry, you're VERY pretty miss, but I have a girlfriend." He slurred after hugging me.


My face grew hot with anger.


"A GIRLFRIEND?!" I asked tears filling my eyes.


"Yes." He said smiling wide.


"WHAT DOES SHE LOOK LIKE?!" I asked getting more mad by the second. HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND?!


"She's VERY beautiful, blue eyes and long brown hair..." He explained sitting in a booth.


I sat across from him as he talked about his 'girlfriend', fucking asshole, too drunk to realize who the hell he's talking to.


"She's VERY lovely, you would like her." He smiled wide again.


"Mm-hmm" I rolled my eyes.


Hearing him talk about how wonderful this 'girlfriend' of his, is, I cant help but almost cry.


"She's everything to me, everything I've ever wished for. I was in love with her before I even knew her name." He explained. "I've loved her since middle school, and I was so happy when I found out I was going to the same high school as her"


"She went to our high school?" I asked letting a tear drop.


I felt un-wanted...was I not enough?


"Tell me more." I said through sniffles.


"She's the love of my life, I'd do anything for her. I would never hurt her intentionally and I would give up everything in my world to be in hers, and I'm so grateful I am." He smiled. "She's pure perfection."


I saw his eyes light up as he spoke about this girl. "She seems to make you really happy Lucas..." I said a few more tears falling down my face.


"She does." He smiled looking into my eyes.


I felt the worst feeling I ever had in my entire life.


"You should be with her Lucas." I cried getting up.


"Ma'am?" He called.


I turned and saw him stand up dizzily.


"Can I use your phone to call her? I left mine at my house." He explained.


I felt my face get hot again and let out a shaky breath. "Sure Luke."


He grabbed my phone and dialed a number but it didn't even ring.


"It's not even ringing." He said looking disappointed.


"What's her name?" I asked with all the courage I had left.


"Oh I guess I left that part out." He smiled wide again. "Her name is Y/n, beautiful name right?" He said his eyes sparkling.


"Y/n?" I asked thinking I didn't hear him correctly.


"Yes miss, the girl I just talked to you about, yes, her name is Y/n" He smiled.


I froze. Y/n...I'm Y/n... He was talking to me about me this whole time...


"Luke...?" I asked.


"Yes ma'am?" He laughed.


"Need a ride home?" I asked smiling through my tears.


"I think Y/n wouldn't like that, plus I wanna go to her house and cuddle her, so I'll just have Ashton drive me there, thanks though" He smiled walking to Ashton.


I laughed to myself as I saw Ashton lead him outside with a smirk on his face.


I got in my car and drove home and removed my makeup and outfit and got back into Luke's shirt and shorts and laid on my bed with a large smile of relief.


"Knockity knock knock" Luke smiled walking into my bedroom. "Ashton brought me, I'm a little drunk, just a little." He smiled.


"Hi Luke." I smiled.


"Hello." He smiled sitting beside me on my bed and laying his head on my shoulder.


"How was your night?" I asked.


"I met this girl...she seemed so sad, y/n...I wanted to help her, something told me to help her, but I didn't know how, and we talked about you all night." He explained obviously confused.


"I bet she's okay now." I smiled wide.


"I hope so, she was very beautiful...I think." He laughed. "She asked a lot of questions."


"Hmm." I shrugged hugging his side.


"I wanna cuddle." He said sticking his bottom lip out into a pout.


"Okay Lukey." I smiled laying down facing him.




I laughed and faced the other way and he held me close from behind.


"I love you Y/n..." He mumbled.


"I love you too." I whispered hearing his soft snores.


I smiled to myself and almost cried...this time of joy. He wasn't cheating on me, he actually loves me, but who was he talking to on the phone?


I shook the feeling, too happy to think.


I couldn't wipe the smile from my face as I fell asleep tangled in his arms and hugged by his large body.


That's all for now! IT'S NOT OVER SO DON'T WORRY! If you died of the feels, I can be buried with you, because I did as well. GAH! Why'd he call someone and not tell Y/n? Haha! It's 3a.m right now while I'm updating so I'm going to watch some Netflix or go to bed(: I'll update when I can and I hope you like this chapter. (: Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all

























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