Hello {Luke Hemmings}

Destiny has had a crush on Luke Hemmings since 7th grade and y/n hasn't even met him yet. It's y/n's freshman year and she meets Luke…What will happen when he invites her over after school and they become close???

READ TO FIND OUT!❤️❤️❤️Thanx��


29. Chapter 29

Hey guys (: I hope y'all had wonderful holidays and to make it better here's a update (hopefully it makes it better) (;


Warning: cussing




I asked if Luke needed a ride an bit my lip. Oh god I hope he still cares or this is gonna be fucking awkward.


"Uh sure..." He responded scratching the back of his neck.


I walked a few inches in front of him and lead him to my truck.


He got in the passenger side and I got in the drivers and adjusted the mirrors.


"You look beautiful, you don't have to see yourself to know" he giggled to himself.


I knew he knew I wasn't looking at myself but I blushed at the compliment.


"I've missed your blush." he laughed.


"Haha." I giggled starting the car.


"I've missed your laugh." He said softly. "I've missed...you." He mumbled.


I stayed silent and let out a sigh of relief that I'm not the only one who cares. Well...he didn't say he cared he said he missed me...The other boys also told me they missed me. GUYS ARE WAY TOO CONFUSING!


After about 30minutes of silence I tuned on the radio and I forgot I left my 5sos album in and 'The Only Reason' blasted through the car.


I mumbled a "shit" as Luke burst out laughing.


"CAUGHT YA!" He yelled laughing.


"Shut up Hemmings, you guys are amazing, oops?" I laughed as we pulled into my drive way.


"I thought you lived an hour away?" Luke questioned still laughing.


"No traffic so-" I said unlocking the doors.


Luke never said he needed a place to stay but I guess I just got the signal that he needed a place to sleep.


"Thank god you knew" he laughed getting out.


I reached for my door but it was received from the other side scaring the shit out of me. Luke opened my door for me. Oh god I missed him so fucking much.


"Thankyou" I laughed getting out as he shut my door.


I walked only a few inches in front of him to unlock my door and I fiddled with the keys because I was shaking with nerves.


I finally opened the door and let out a sigh of relief.


Thank god it's clean! Probably from going into a weird state of depression while they were gone and not really doing anything but none the less it was clean.


He walked in before me and walked into the living room as I shut the door praying to not embarrass myself which is the exact opposite of what happened next-


I tripped on my own shoe turning around and fell on my ass, laughing as my cheeks turned pink.


"Y/n? Y/N?!" Luke yelled panicked as he ran to the door and saw me.


"Oops?" I laughed.


"Oh god- I missed this too!" He laughed helping me up.


My shorts went up and I hurriedly pulled them down and out of a serious wedgie and begged that this would end smoothly.


"So...Where's your mum?" Luke asked sitting on the couch as he patted the seat next to him for me to sit.


I walked over nervously and sat a little away. "Well she's been gone for a while on business..."


"So you've been alone the whole time we were on tour?!" He asked wide eyed and sitting closer so I didn't have too.


"Well-yeah..." I said putting a stand of hair behind my ear and I bit my lip from my nerves yet again getting the best of me and looked down at the floor.


"Stop." Luke said sternly.


I quickly diverted my attention from the floor to Luke's face dumbfounded.


"Wha-what'd I do?" I asked worried.


Oh god did I ALREADY screw this up?!


"Your-Your" he stutters and closes his eyes as he cleared his throat. "Nothing."


"Wha-?" I was about to ask as Luke changed the subject.


"So you like being alone for long periods of time?" He asked looking up at the ceiling.


"..Yes.." I lied.


He shot his glance to me and spoke softy "really?"


"...no." I said. I hate being alone for a long time. Sometimes I like having alone time but never more than a few days or so...


"I'm sorry then" he said "that you had to be alone for a long time and I wasn't here for you..."


"Nothing to be sorry for, I told you to follow your dreams, and that's exactly what you guys did!" I smiled.


He wasn't there, but there was no one to blame but myself, for letting myself fall too hard.


"Yeah but-...." He sighed. "Just accept my apology."


"Excuse me?" I asked "I said you didn't do anything so there's nothing to be apologizing for in the first place."


"JUST ACCEPT MY APOLOGY?!" He yelled standing up and he combed his long finger through his quiff now making it messy.


I stayed silent. Not by shock, but he needed to control himself and I wasn't going to respond to just get things worse.


"...sorry..." He said biting his lip and he still kept running his finger through his hair.


"...it's okay." I responded silently. "I'm tired, I think we should head off to bed..."


"What?" He asked shocked.


"I'll sleep on the couch, take my bed and I'm gonna go get a shower to clean off." I said running up the stairs.


I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a somewhat happy but mostly relieved person.


"He's back..." I mumbled to myself "Everything's going to be okay now."




I yelled at her and apologized and she ran to the shower.


"I'm back..." I mumbled to myself "Everything's going to be okay...right?"




I took a long shower to think.


I contemplated every scenario of my relationship with Luke and how to help it from here on out.


I got out of the shower and into a soft pair of short-shorts and I looked at the shirt I wore to the concert and put it on again.


I brushed my hair back to its normal straight state and took off my makeup.


I skipped down the stairs and saw Luke making a pallet on the couch.


"I'm sleeping there Lucas" I smiled.


"Nope, I am" he laughed "and I'm the boss"


"Who ever voted you king?" I asked walking over to him.


"Well...I did" he giggled.


"No, I sleep there." I said walking even closer.


"Fine, then I'll sleep on the floor" he said grabbing a blanket and putting it on the floor and threw a pillow on top.


"What? No!" I said stopping his hand from getting another blanket "why?" I asked.


"So you don't have to be alone..." He said looking into my eyes.


"Luke..." I sighed biting my lip.


"I swear god hates me!" Luke said yelling at the ceiling.


"What?!" I asked grabbing his shoulder. "What. The. Fuck? What's wrong?!"


"...Nothing" he sighed.


"Bullshit" I said putting my hand on my hip.


"You! You're the problem!" He yelled.


I felt a tear about to come out of my eye as my heart broke into millions of tiny pieces.


"Wh-What'd I d-do?" I asked my voice cracking as the year rolled down my cheek and I swiped it away quickly.


"Your biting your fucking lip!" He said.


I stood there clueless "and? It's MY lip not yours I can bite it all I want" I said. I'm very stubborn, as you can tell, and I bit my lip again.


"Fuck it!" He said quickly grabbing my cheeks with his hands and smashing our lips together.


We finished our kiss because our brains finally registered that we needed oxygen to breathe.


"I'm sorry, but I've wanted to practically tear your clothes off since I first saw you tonight with that Hemmings shirt and biting your lip just made it worse." He laughed.


"Bad boy!" I laughed.


"I could teach you a few things about being bad?" He grinned suggestively.


That's all for now(; a little bit of a cliffhanger (: oops? Haha I hope you had very happy holidays(: Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all









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