Hello {Luke Hemmings}

Destiny has had a crush on Luke Hemmings since 7th grade and y/n hasn't even met him yet. It's y/n's freshman year and she meets Luke…What will happen when he invites her over after school and they become close???

READ TO FIND OUT!❤️❤️❤️Thanx��


28. Chapter 28

Hey y'all(: I'm sorry it's a long update): OOPs (;






Tonight's the night of the concert.


I made myself some breakfast and turned on the t.v to keep my mind off things


I finished my breakfast and did the dishes and went upstairs.


The concert's at 8p.m and it's 5p.m


I got a long shower to calm my nerves that were bubbling up inside.


What if they don't wanna see me?


Ash is my bestfriend, he'll wanna see me. What about Luke?


I got out of the shower and blew dried my hair.


I curled my hair in  gentle waves and put on mascara and eyeliner.


I decided to also apply lipstick and put on a dark red shade that 'popped'.


I have no idea what to wear and Ashton's not here to help me.


I looked through my closet for clothes when I froze at a black and white sweat shirt.


'Hemmings 96' 


I remember the day Luke bought it for me because I kept stealing his shirts.


He wanted everyone to know I was his....and only his, forever and always.


I grabbed the shirt and hesitated but threw it on anyways with a faded pair of blue short shorts and black combat boots.


I looked pretty good for once.


Now all I have to do is drive for an hour to the concert.


I got in my old,beat up, white, truck that I never drove and started it up. I was surprised it worked.


I plugged up my phone to charge for the journey and turned the radio up as I rolled down a bit of the windows.


The wind flowing through my hair as I shouted the lyrics to 'A Love Like War'-All Time Low.


The journey was faster than I had hoped there being barely any traffic.


I pulled up to the stadium and hopped out of my truck.


I looked at the entrance to see many(and I swear, MANY) screaming girls with posters and faces painted with 5sos merchandise covered head to toe.


At least I looked like I fit in with my 'Hemmings 96 'shirt and 5sos phone case...oops?


I got in the back of line as it started moving quickly, everyone going to the assigned seats listed on their tickets.


I got to the booth and the tall lady pointed to a section and handed me a lanyard for backstage after the show.


I got to my section and sat down in my seat shaking with anticipation.


The lights started to fade as the screams did the opposite.


A girl beside me started laughing and I just looked at her.


"What?" She asked.


She was very pretty. Dirty blonde hair and faded blue, gray eyes.


"Nothing, what's so funny?" I asked.


"Everyone screaming. I mean, I know they're hot, correction, sexy, but like WOAH CHILL BRUH!" She exclaimed laughing.


I couldn't help but laugh with her.


"What's your name?" She asked out of no where.


"Y/n....Yours?" I asked smiling widely.


"Stella" She winked as we heard a guitar strum. "EEK!" She squealed laughing.


"Haha." I laughed turning to look at the stage as the 4boys appeared.


"ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?!" Someone shouted, Of course, Ashton as he banged the drums a few times.


The crowd responded with a roar sounding like nails on a chalk board as the boys laughed and tuned their instruments.


"Haha, Hello we're 5 seconds of summer and we're gonna....well uh-play for you guys." Luke laughed.


He looked happy, truly enthusiastic to be where he is now.


The crowd laughed and screeched.


"I FUCKING LOVE YOU LUCAS ROBERT HEMMINGS!!!!" A girl from behind me shouted.


What the fuck? She doesn't know Luke, how does she know his full name?....Oh yeah, they're famous.


Luke let out a chuckle into the microphone and the girl behind me screeched again "SO FUCKING SEXY!"


They started their instruments and played their first song, 'Good Girls'.


"Thank you guys! LOVE YOU! Next we'll be doing Out Of My Limit!" Michael exclaimed.


"GAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The girl beside me laughed...'Stella' "I LOVE 5SOS AND OOML IS ONE OF MY FAVS!"


I laughed with her again, I couldn't help it.


"Back in high school we used to take it slow, Red lipstick on and high heel stilettos, Had a job downtown working the servo, Had me waiting in line couldn't even let go, 'Cause I never wanna be that guy, Who doesn't even get a taste, No more having to chase,To win that prize You're just a little bit out of my limit, It's been two years now you haven't even seen the best of me, And in my mind now I've been over this a thousand times, And it's almost over, Let's start over, Back in high school we used to make up plans, Called you up one day to meet split ends 'Cause I never wanna be that guy, Who doesn't even get a taste, No more having to chase, To win that-....."


Luke stopped mid sentence as his eyes locked with mine.


The boys continued to sing as they stared at Luke.


Luke didn't seem to notice as he kept returning the attention I was giving him.




"......y/n....." I whispered accidentally in the microphone.


She was here...At our show....At MY show. She was here, for real this time. I could see her and she could see me.


I froze staring at her as the world stopped around me.


Her beautiful face shining with happiness but a touch of loss hidden deep down.


I just want to hold her right now, just get off stage and have everyone leave and just hold her as tight as possible. Forever.




The rest of the boys immediately shot their glances my way in surprise.


"Did Luke Hemmings just say your name?" Stella asked with a large smile on her face.


"....Y-yeah." I laughed as I continued to stare at Luke.


"THATS ALL MATES! LOVE YOU! ROCK OUT! STAY CALM." Calum laughed as they exited the light coming back on.


I stood up before someone grabbed my arm.


"Yeah?" I asked seeing Stella.


"Backstage pass?" She asked smiling.


"Yeah, you?" I replied walking with her to the, shorter than expected, line...the tickets were pretty expensive.


"I'd die if I didn't." She laughed.


"You a big fan?" I asked smiling.


"Well I consider myself part of the fam., yeah, you?" She smiled.


All she does is smile....I think I like this girl.


"Yeah, I love them." I replied with a smile.


"You're nervous." She stated clearly.


"What?" I asked confused...I was but...How'd she know?


"I'm observant and I can tell you're nervous, you're biting your lip and tapping your foot. It's okay, they're probably hotter up close, might need an ambulance anyways." She winked.


"That obvious?" I laughed.


"Only to me." She smiled. "We're gonna be friends, and I'm pretty weird so"


"Okay?" I laughed "I guess we're friends"


"YEP" Stella chuckled popping the 'p'.


"This line is short yet it's taking forever" I complained.


"Excited to see Lucas?" She smiled.


"All the boys really." I smiled while blushing.


"Mostly Luke though, because he did after all say your name on stage in front of millions." She smiled nudging my shoulder.


"....yeah..." I blushed harder...I was REALLY nervous.


"Are you close with all the boys or just a fan?" She asked as we moved forward a step.


"They're my best mates for a while now, you?" I asked smiling remembering memories with the boys.


"I only know Cal and Ash." She smiled blushing.


"OOOO YOU LIKE ONE OF THEM!?" I suggested wiggling my eyebrows.


"WHAT?! NO!" She blushed deeper.


"Ash is my bestest friend, so if it's him may I warn you he is super crazy but the best" I smiled knowing it was Ash.


"How'd you know?" She gave up.


"Well, how could you not like Ash?" I laughed "He's awesome."


"Yeah. LOOK! We're up next!" She jumped around.


I looked ahead as the person in front of us went in.


"Ticket?" The big built man asked.


I handed him my ticket as Stella handed him hers and we walked down the dimly lit hallway.


"AHHHHHHHHH!" We heard girls screaming and decided to just stay in the hallway and wait till they left.


We sat down and played on our phones, exchanging numbers, taking selfies and all you can do when you're bored and don't want to be bombarded with crazy fangirls.


We waited about an hour before people were literally being dragged out as they cried.


Wow, They must've been REALLY happy to be here, who wouldn't?


"Y/N, STELLA!!!!!!" Ashton screamed out no where.


It made both Stella and I jump up to our feet as we laughed.


"OH MY GOD Y/N YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL, I ALMOST FORGOT!" Ashton exclaimed bringing me in for a super tight hug. "OH GOD YOU LOST WEIGHT TOO! WHAT THE FUCK, PIZZA WHEN WE GET HOME! GOT IT? GOOD!" He yelled releasing me and hugging Stella.


"Hey Ashy" She smiled as he kissed her forehead.


"Hey Stells" Ashton laughed releasing her.


The boys jumped out at Ashton screeches and smiled widely.


"Y/N!!!!!" Michael yelled engulfing me with a hug.


"Nice to see you too Mikey!" I breathed out laughing.


I'm so happy.


"Stella!" Calum yelled hugging her and then looked at me. "Michael stop hogging y/n" He pouted.


"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Michael whined.


"SHARING IS CARING!" Calum cried out pushing Mikey and hugging me.




"MISSED YOU TOO SWEETHEART!" He laughed letting go.


"Where's Lucas?" Stella asked smiling.


"So you're the reason Mr.Hemmings forgot the lyrics and spazed on stage?" Ashton question laughing.


"Shut up Ash!" I laughed.




"OR ILL STEAL YOUR PENGUIN AND DROWN HIM!" Michael joined in yelling.


It was still silent when the tall, handsome boy came out of a room, shuffling across the floor, biting his lip.


"Wait..." Calum diverted everyones attention. "Am I the only one who has noticed that y/n is wearing a Hemmings shirt?!"


I looked down and blushed deeply as the boys dramatically took a sharp breathe.


"WHAT ABOUT AN IRWIN ONE!?" Ashton yelled pouting.


"OR CLIFFORD?!" Michael whined.


"EVEN WORSE, WHY DIDN'T YOU GET HOOD?!" Calum cried out.


I looked at Luke and saw him blushing slightly but a look of pride showering over him.


He was finally with us in the group as we walked out of the stadium.


I hadn't talked to Luke or even got a hug and just felt awkward.


Did he still feel the same about me?




We walked out of the stadium with Calum, Michael, me, and their friend I didn't know, walking behind Y/n and Ash.


I could tell they missed each other by the way they won't stop smiling.


"HE DID! I SWEAR!" Ashton exclaimed laughing.


"OK, OK, I believe you Ash." Y/n laughed punching his shoulder playfully as he 'pouted' "Aw com'er" She kissed his cheek and he instantly smiled kissing hers back.


I missed her laugh.


"Are they a thing?" The girl I didn't know asked Calum and I about Ashton and y/n.


I felt my face get hot as Calum laughed.


"NO NEVER EVER!" Calum yelled making y/n and Ash turn around.


"What?" Y/n asked smiling.


I missed her smile.


"Stells think you mates are together." Calum winked.


"WHAT!?" Y/n laughed.


"NO!" Ashton joined in laughing.


"Oh..." Stella mumbled.


"Just mates sweetheart" Ashton smiled going over to hug her as they started talking.


Y/n was now alone in front of us.


I don't know if she knew but she was slightly dancing in each step and humming softly.


I couldn't help but smile to myself, missing every part of her.


She tripped over her shoe and almost fell on her ass.


"Hahaha" She laughed as she got her balance back.


"Need help?" Michael said wiggling his eyebrows.


"What kind?" She smiled turning back at us.


Even in the dark you could see her beautiful blue eyes shining.


"I can carry you?" Michael laughed.


"Mmmmm, NO!" Y/n laughed turning around waving her pointer finger.


"Sorry, I forgot your shirt does say Hemmings doesn't it?" Michael laughed  hopping off towards his car "See you guys later, I got to go say hey to my mum."


"I DO TOO! CRAP! BYE GUYS!" Calum yelled jumping in Michaels car leaving it just Ashton, Stella, Y/n, and I.


"I'm gonna take Stella home, need a ride y/n?" Ashton asked.


"No I have my crappy truck I had to bring here." She laughed rolling her eyes. "But call and text me in the morning, both of you?" She winked.


"DUH!" Ashton said holding hands with Stella as they walked to his car.


Before they got in I saw Ashton sneak a kiss onto Stella's lips and I had a feeling it wasn't ending there.


"CRAP!" I exclaimed forgetting I rode with Ashton so I didn't have a ride home.


"Hmm?" Y/n asked stopping a few steps in front of me. "Need a ride?" She asked biting her lip.


That's all for tonight, oops? (; Sorry it's so long, but I was bored and I had nothing to do ): I'll update when I can (: Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all











































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