Hello {Luke Hemmings}

Destiny has had a crush on Luke Hemmings since 7th grade and y/n hasn't even met him yet. It's y/n's freshman year and she meets Luke…What will happen when he invites her over after school and they become close???

READ TO FIND OUT!❤️❤️❤️Thanx��


25. Chapter 25

OK! I know this is a late update I'm so sorry ): But please don't hate me-HERE'S YOUR UPDATE! (:






It's been 5days...2more and the boys leave.


Everyday after school Ashton has been coming over to spend time with me.


Luke visits, but only long enough to watch maybe one movie.


He seemed to be distancing himself. I guess I can understand.


We've been acting like we'd never have to leave each other for so long. We've been faking a fairytale.


Everyone at school 'awe'ing at Luke and I when we hugged for a long time or passionately stole kisses.


But those hugs and kisses weren't an act of love, it was practice, for when we'd be forced to say good-bye. We both knew it.


Now only 2days until they'd have to leave, and I'm at home...'too sick' to go to school.


Both my mother and I knew I wasn't really sick, but that I needed time alone.


My mom had gone to work kissing me good-bye and leaving me some money in case I got hungry and wanted to get something.


I sat on my bed. 'Stay' by Mayday Parade blasting on repeat. Staring blankly with my knees up to my chin, holding my legs together with my arms.


*knock knock*


I heard a faint knock but was too lazy to answer, hoping who ever it was would realize I wasn't going to answer anytime soon.


Instead I heard the door creak open and shut. Then a person running up the stairs and knocking on my bedroom door.


"....Ashton, I want to be alone today, I acted sick to do so....Please just come back later." I said assuming it was Ashton coming to pick me up for school.


I looked at the clock and school had already started so...If it was Ash, he wouldn't be here to pick me up for school.


"Ash?" I asked now curious but not moving.


The door opened revealing a tall, muscular, handsome, blond, boy holding a bag...Luke.


"I-I....Donuts." He stuttered staring at me and back down to the bag he was holding.


I couldn't help but giggle as I turned down the music.


"Luke, why aren't you in school?" I asked.


"Why would I be there, if you're not? No point I going, if I'm gonna be sad all day." He giggled shutting my door and sitting next to me on my bed criss-cross.


He opened the bag revealing donut holes and 2chocolate milks.


"Luke..." I giggled.


He handed me a chocolate milk bottle and took a sip of his.


"Are we gonna cuddle next?" I asked remembering our first date.


"DUH!" He laughed eating a donut hole.


I leaned over and popped one in my mouth.


We sat in silence eating donut holes and drinking our chocolate milk.


It wasn't an awkward silence, it was a comforting silence.


I leaned back over to grab another donut hole but realized Luke had grabbed the last one.


"Awwwe." I pouted.


"mmmm!" Luke signaled waving his arms.


I looked at him confused and saw a donut hole half way in his mouth, but the other half sticking out.


He raised his chin hinting at the half that wasn't in his mouth.


I laughed and leaned in close and bit the other half of the donut hole as we stared into each others eyes.


I got the half in my mouth and giggled while chewing, Luke doing the same.


I hadn't moved my body so I was still almost touching his face with mine.


After we both swallowed, he quickly grabbed my face and pushed our lips together.


I slung my arms around his neck as I deepened the kiss.


"I love you so much y/n..." Luke whispered looking into my eyes, forehead to forehead.


I didn't say anything, I think I love him but...I don't know...Is this what love feels like?


"You don't have to say anything y/n...I just want you to know, That everyday I think of you, and how much better my life is now that you're in it...I'm so happy with you." He whispered.


"Luke..." I whimpered.


"I know...Trust me, I know, I'm leaving soon, and I'm just gonna say it..." He mumbled.


"What?" I asked holding his hands.


"We both know how this is going to end y/n...." He said looking into my eyes.


I let a tear roll down my cheek as I let out a whimper.


He quickly pulled me to sit on his lap as he held me, my head on his chest as he laid back.


"Shhhh...." He hummed. I could feel his staggered breathing indicating he was crying.


We both fell asleep crying in each others arms.


When I woke up, Luke was gone.


That's all for now! I know it's short, I'm SO sorry ): I hope I'll be able to post soon, but I swear to post when I can! Thankyou for reading so far <3 Love y'all.







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