Hello {Luke Hemmings}

Destiny has had a crush on Luke Hemmings since 7th grade and y/n hasn't even met him yet. It's y/n's freshman year and she meets Luke…What will happen when he invites her over after school and they become close???

READ TO FIND OUT!❤️❤️❤️Thanx��


22. Chapter 22

I'm back :) I think I'm just gonna update over the computer from now on, because it's just getting annoying with the app deleting everything I write. Plus this is more convenient. So let's get back to the story fellas!






"Well-What if I told you....THAT WE HAVE A GIG THAT'S GOING TO LEAD TO A TOUR?!?!?!?" Calum yelled jumping excitedly.


"Well, I'd be shocked." Ashton said sarcastically, even though you could tell in his voice he was happy.


"JESUS! SHUT THE FUCK UP ASHTON! CALUM, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" I exclaimed getting up from the couch enthusiastically.


"Yeah, dude, our gig is in 2weeks and that night we leave for 3months!" Mikey joined in.


"AWESOME OH MY GOD, I HAVE TO TELL MY MUM!!" I said happily running to the hall to call my mum.




I sat still, dumbstruck, on the couch.


I was happy for them, no doubt. But...I want them to stay.


I couldn't move, too many emotions hitting me at once.


I wanted to hug them and congratulate them. I wanted to throw a rock at Calum and Michael, for saying the news. I want to cry.


"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON Y/N?! WHY IS THERE SCREAMING?!" My mom yelled coming into the room.


"T-t-they..." I tried to say but was out of breath.


"Y/n, what's wrong?" Ashton asked giggling.


"Nothing....Mom, their band has a gig...and they're leaving for 3months on a tour, in 2weeks..." I managed to say in between breaths.


"OH ASH BABY! THAT'S WONDERFUL! CONGRATS GUYS OH MY GOD! YAY!" My mom said hugging them separately."Where's the Luke-ster?" My mom asked giving Luke a terrible nickname.


"He's in the hallway calling his mum." Calum said pointing down the hall.


"THAT"S WONDERFUL BOYS! I'm tired so I'm gonna hit the hay, night." She said and smiled walking to her room.


"Seriously y/n... AREN'T YOU HAPPY?!" Ashton asked bumped my shoulder with his.


"Yeah..." I whispered "...yay."


"Jesus, no need to be a party pooper y/n" Michael said laughing as Luke came into the room smiling like a hyper child with candy.


"My mum started crying guys." Luke said tearing up.


"NO TEARS LUKE, WE'RE PUNK ROCK!" Calum exclaimed.


"You're right, I'm so fucking excited!" He yelled and started jumping around till he noticed I was frozen on the couch. "What's wrong with y/n...she's not even blinking?" He asked the other boys.


"I don't know. She's been like this since we told you guys." Calum said sincerely.


They all started to stare at me,


"...I'm gonna just go to bed guys.....congrats" I mumbled the 'congrats' and went upstairs to my room.


I got to my room and gently shut my door and slid down, bringing my knees to my chest and sobbing quietly.


I heard a door shut and muffled voices.


There was a knock on my bedroom door.


*knock knock*


"Y/n...The boys left it's just you and I." I heard Luke mumble against the door.


"Luke...oh-um just a second." I hurried to wipe my tears and got up and looked in mirror.


You could tell I was crying due to my tear stained cheeks, but thank god for waterproof eye makeup.


I walked to open the door, but Luke opened it carefully first and gently shutting it.


"I was just-" I tried to say but before I could he smashed his lips against mine.


The kiss was slow and full of passion but ended fast .


"Y/n...I didn't even think about the bad things, I'm so sorry I was selfish and was only thinking about the benefits for me and the guys..." Luke rambled on but it was my turn to cut him off with a kiss.


"It's okay, you weren't selfish, I was, this is great for you guys, you'll all be HUGE stars!" I said trying to act enthusiastic about the situation.


"I can't wait, I'm super excited, but I don't want to leave you. Ever." He whispered hugging me.


We ended up snuggling on my bed, chest to chest so we could see each other, talking about random things.


"...2weeks, huh?" I asked absent mindedly cutting him off mid-sentence.


"....Yeah..." He mumbled.


I sat up and finally let one hot tear drop down my face and sniffled.


"We're gonna be okay Y/n...right?" He asked becoming unsure.


"Yeah....I hope." I said, looking back at him.


I saw a tear roll down his face, and him quickly swipe it away.


"Shh...no, Luke, don't cry, please, we're gonna be okay...we're gonna be just fine." I said comforting him, cupping his cheeks and pecking kisses all around his face till he giggled.


"I'm tired..."He giggled.


"Same." I mumbled.


"NO MORE TEARS SWEETIE, ONLY CUDDLES!" He laughed out and grabbed me quickly so I fell back on him. My head hitting his solid chest.


"AH!~~HAHA!" I giggled.


He held me close and turned my lamp off so it was pitch black.


"I don't like the dark, Luke..."I said quietly. It was true, ever since I was little I hated the dark it scared me so much I'd get up and cry in a corner.


"It's okay y/n...I'll protect you...from anything...Ever." He said. he leaned over and dimmed my lamp so it was still pretty dark but a tiny bit of light. "There you go princess..." He said drowsily and kissed my forehead.


We ended up spooning, me as the little spoon, due to Luke's size. He held me as tight and as close as possible, and it was the best feeling ever.


I didn't want to think about what'll happen in 2weeks. I wanted to think of now.


That's all for now guys! :) hopefully you liked this update, I'm taking benchmarks at school this week so I probably won't update again till those are over, But I SWEAR I'll make time soon :D Thankyou for reading so far <3 Love y'all











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