Hello {Luke Hemmings}

Destiny has had a crush on Luke Hemmings since 7th grade and y/n hasn't even met him yet. It's y/n's freshman year and she meets Luke…What will happen when he invites her over after school and they become close???

READ TO FIND OUT!❤️❤️❤️Thanx��


15. Chapter 15

Hey y'all, so I know we have a few impatient fans that are just dying to find out what happens in the closet, so here ya go!


Warning: cussing, inappropriate mentionings, SMUT!


If you don't know what smut it I advise you probably shouldn't read it! but please understand that if you read this it's at your own consent.




I looked intently at the bottle who viciously decided to land on y/n and I.


I was met by y/n's gaze, innocent and guilty at the same time. Oh god, 7 whole minutes in a dark closet with the most beautiful girl in the world.


"Hey! What the hell!? I want to go with Luke!" I heard Destiny yell as I stood to my feet.


"Sorry sweety but It's Luke and y/n's turn for now!" Calum said winking.


"HURRY UP IN THERE SO WE CAN CONTINUE. LUKE TAKE YOUR PHONE AND START THE TIMER WHEN YOU SHUT THE DOOR!" Michael yelled to me pointing at the closet door and handing me my phone.


I walked side by side with y/n to the closet door.


I opened the door and y/n went in first and I followed shutting it behind me, then starting the timer and putting my phone in my back pocket.


I felt around for a corner and sat down.


I didn't know where y/n was but I know she probably doesn't wanna be in here with me.


"L-Luke?" I heard her mumble in her innocent voice.


"Y-yes y/n?" I asked looking in the direction of the voice. Which was in the other corner.


"I'm sorry." She said sounding sympathetic.


"For what?" I asked


"Lying...I knew I could make it and I decided I didn't want to face you... Then Ashton made me come and to be honest I'm glad I'm here, I'm really sorry." She said.


"It's okay sweets" I giggled at the nickname I haven't called her in so long.


I heard movement then felt y/n beside me.


"Sorry, I just wanted to be beside you." She mumbled.


{what a coincidence- sorry please continue}


"It's okay...I've missed you y/n." I said looking at her.


My eyes were becoming used to the dark so I saw her more clearly.


"I've missed you too." She mumbled.


"Then why'd you lie?" I couldn't help myself. I was angry and confused.


She sighed and faced me looking directly in my eyes.


"After Brandon, my mom didn't want me to be around guys other then Ashton." She said.


"But...I would never hurt you." I mumbled grabbing her chin with the pads of my fingers.


"You already did." She said.


My heart just shattered. She hurt me too.


"You hurt me as well y/n." I said letting go of her chin.


"But that night, I kissed you, I knew I needed you." I said cupping her cheeks.


"Luke..." Was all she said then smashed our lips together.




We kissed hard and wanting.


Luke started to kiss down my neck and sucking on my neck finding my sweet spot I didn't know I had.


"Luke..." I moaned.


"Shh-baby we don't wanna be heard." Luke said then started to nibble on my collar bone.


I tugged at the hem on his shirt and he got the idea and broke the kiss to pull it over his head.


I took my hem in between my fingers and pulled my shirt off as well.


Luke started to unbutton his jeans and slide them off.


He was now in just his now too tight boxers due to his hard on I could shape with my eyes.


I started to unbutton my pants and heard a tisk.


"Tsk tsk tsk. Baby I never said get un dressed." Luke growled.


He bent over and unbuttoned my jeans for me and slowly slide them down.


He reached behind me then un-clasped my bra.


Leaving me in just my black lace panties that I decided to wear not knowing this would happen but I'm glad I did.


"Mmm...nice choice." Luke mumbled then laid me down on the floor, hovering above me, panting.


"You like?" I asked as innocently as possible, looking into his lustful eyes.


"I like enough to rip off." He said then yanked my panties down my legs in one swift movement.


I moaned at the cool air hitting the heat between my legs.




I was ecstatic. 1.) I was here with the love of my life 2.) she was naked in laying vulnerable in front of me and 3.) she looked like she wanted me just as much as I wanted her.


I kept my boxers on wanting to tease her a little longer.


I met her lips with a fast, hard, yet passionate kiss then started kissing down her neck to her sweet spot sucking once, then nibbling on her collar bone.


I slowly started kissing the cleavage between her breasts. I cupped them both, playing with her nipples as they hardened.


I kissed down her stomach as stopped at her waist line.


"Please, do something" she half begged half moaned.


"Beg for it." I growled.


I don't know what it was but I felt confident, If I was given the privilege to have her like this, then damn I will make it memorable for both of us.




"Luke, babe, please,please just touch me! PLEASE!" I moaned.


"I do as the princess asks..." He said trailing his calloused fingers to the insides of my thighs.






The timer went off before we really did anything.


"Just give us a few!?" I yelled to the rest of the group.


I went back to hovering over her, just in case the door swung open. I didn't want anyone to see her body.


"Uhh-YEAH SURE! I gotta get goin anyways! Mikey! Call a cab for all of us we can stay at my house for the night!" Calum yelled back.


I swear that guy always had my back.


"Thanks!" I yelled and soon everything was quiet and they had left.


"Do we have to stay in the closet?" Y/n asked smiling wide.


"Nah come on sweets, TO THE BEDROOM!" I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder and ran up the stairs to Mikey's room and threw her on the bed.


"We have to be quick sweets, no teasing." I growled crawling back over her.


"Mhm..." She hummed closing her eyes tight.


I took of my boxers and was about to thrust in when I felt hands on my chest pushing me away.


"Wha-?" I asked looking at y/n.


"This is my first time...I don't wanna screw it up." She mumbled looking down playing with her hands.


"You're perfect y/n, always have been always will be, there's no way you can screw this up." I said calmingly.


And I was telling the truth.

I'm in love with her.

Nothing can screw this up, even if we stopped and just cuddled.


"Just please, please be careful...I don't know how to-" she said but I cut her off


"I'll go slow and we can stop whenever you want." I said pushing her hair behind her ear.


She looked right into my eyes and bit her lip.


I can't wait.


I leaned in and she did too and the kiss was just as heated. Like we never stopped.


She layed back down and I hovered her again.


"Okay?" I asked before pushing in.


"Yeah." She said.


Then without closing her eyes we stared directly at eachother as I slowly pushed in.


I stayed still for a moment before she squeezed her eyes shut and nodded for me to continue.


I began rocking my hips and grinding slowly as her face became un-screwed and she became relaxed.


"Faster.." She whispered.


I almost didn't hear her until she racked her nails through my hair and down my back.


I went faster and harder.




This was amazing. I was feeling pure bliss.


The faster he went the better I felt.


Soon I felt a weird churning feeling in my lower stomach almost like I had to pee.


"I-I" I tried to say but couldn't between moans.


"I know me too, let go on 3?" He said whispering in my ear.


"Yeah." I said.


"1,2...3" he said and we both let go at the same time.


"LUKE!" I screamed as I came down from my high.


A bunch of muffled cuss words and my name fell from Luke as he came.


We stayed still for a while before Luke slid out of me and walked to the trash can to throw away his condom.


I don't really remember when he put on a condom but I'm guessing he did in the closet.


Luke snuggled behind me and held me kissing behind my ear.


"That was-" he said but I cut him off by crashing my lips to his for a soft passionate kiss.


"Amazing..." I said finishing his sentence.


He smiled at me and squeezed me closer (if even possible).


We got under the covers and were almost asleep before we heard a knock on the bedroom door.



That's all for now✌️ gotta do homework! I hope you like it so far, sorry if the smut sucked because I've never written smut before, ever.

Thankyou for reading so far❤️

Love y'all💥







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