Hello {Luke Hemmings}

Destiny has had a crush on Luke Hemmings since 7th grade and y/n hasn't even met him yet. It's y/n's freshman year and she meets Luke…What will happen when he invites her over after school and they become close???

READ TO FIND OUT!❤️❤️❤️Thanx��


14. Chapter 14

Okay I'm back y'all ❤️

Destiny=y/f/n (sorry y'all but it was confusing me from y/n lol✌️😂)

Warning:cussing,alcohol, inappropriate mentionings


When Mikey vanished we all went down to the basement.

We sat in a circle; Luke, then Calum,Me, then Ashton and a spot was saved for Michael between Luke and Ash.

I admired the room. Posters, everywhere. And a drum kit in the back and about 4 guitars on the wall and 4 microphones on a small table in the corner un-plugged.

We all sat down, and heard Michael's footsteps hurrying down the stairs to the basement.

"All right guys! Let's play some games!" Mikey yelled throwing his arms up almost dropping his 12pack of beer.

He joined us in the circle and handed everyone 1beer.

"Uhm...N-no thanks" I mumbled as I handed him back the beer.

"We got a good girl on our hands? Eh?" Michael said then snickered.

{what a coincidence-sorry please continue}

"Well I wouldn't say 'good girl' just that I rather be it be legal when I first drink." I said trying to keep my pride which was just taken away by Mikey.

"Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught...you do know that, correct?" Ashton said nudging me with his elbow.

I just prayed the night would be over soon. By this rate- if I keep blushing this bad- I might die of heat.

"SO WHAT GAME WE PLAYIN?!" Calum yelled gulping down about 2gulps of his beer.

"Hmmm-Truth or Dare?" Mikey suggested.

"YAY!" Calum and Ashton yelled together then high-fived.

Oh god I was never good at truth or dare...always nervous to choose dare so I was always the chicken that chose thruth.

Then always got embarrassing truths.

"Okay so, Ashton, Truth or dare?" Mikey said taking a sip of his beer.

"Hmm-gotta think of it fir-DARE!" Ashton said as if it was obvious.

That was exactly why we were Bestfriends. He always pushed me to do riskier things and I always kept us in line and out of trouble...or at least tried to.

"Okay, I dare you to kiss y/n!" He yelled and brought his beer back up to his mouth and took a gulp.

There wasn't a problem, many people have dared Ashton to kiss me; we never took it personal.

So Ashton leaned in and pecked my lips. Nothing but a usual dare.

"I'm guessing you get dared that a lot seeing that y/n didn't freak out." Calum said laughing.

"Well, that and we actually dated once so- not that bad." Ashton said and took a gulp of his beer as well.

"WHAT!? I thought you guys weren't dating!" Luke said obviously taken aback.

"We did once, a while ago actually, we only went on like 2dates and decided to be friends so..." Ashton said.

"Oh." Was all Luke said, then took a sip of his beer.


After about 2min. Of playing stupid dares and simple truths, I had drank only about 1/4 of my beer.

I guess I didn't wanna make a fool of myself in front of y/n.

I'm really glad she made it, just seeing her face made me happy. And just the mention of her name made me smile.

"So what's next?" Michael slurred as he gulped down the last of his 4th beer. Michael wasn't a light weight but he loves to drink so I'm pretty sure he added his own mixture into his glass.

"How's about 7 in heaven?" Ashton slurred a little. Obviously getting close to drunk.

"You mean 7minutes in heaven?" Calum corrected.

"Yeah- that! What'd I say?" Ashton asked.


"Okay so umm, well y/n's the only girl so that wouldn't be fair." Calum mentioned then winked at me.

"I can call Destiny and she can come over! She's pretty cute too!" Ashton said wanting to play the game.

I always knew he had a small thing for Destiny, he had actually told me the night we decided to be just friends.

After about 5min. Of just sitting around waiting we heard a doorbell and then the door open then shut and then running down the basement stairs.

"Hey!" Destiny said as she approached us.

She sat between Calum an Luke and all the boys just stared at her.

I have to be honest...I was jealous.

She was beautiful and always got the guys' attention.

It hurt a little to know that Luke was also staring.

"Uh-okay so let's play!" Ashton said knowing that I always felt jealous and un-comfortable around Destiny if guys other then him were staring.

"Yeah!" Destiny yelled and chugged half her bottle of beer.

"WOO-HOO! SEE AT LEAST SHE KNOWS HOW TO BE ENTERTAINING, NOT BORING!" Michael yelled glancing at me then pointing and laughing.

I felt like I was about to cry, but I wasn't gonna let it happen. Not in front of a mostly drunk crowd of 5 and one being Luke.

"Okay so let's spin the bottle to choose!" Calum yelled spinning his empty beer bottle in the middle of the group.

The first couple to go in the closet was Destiny and Michael.

And during the whole 7min. There was constant moaning,sucking noises and panting coming from the closet.

Everyone just shifted un-comfortably and waited for the timer on Luke's phone to go off.


Michael opened the door of the closet holding Destiny up while she put her shorts back on. Both of them were shirtless.

They walked back over kissed and sat down back where they originally were.

"Okay so hopefully the next pair will have just as much fun!" Calum said spinning the bottle again.

I stared at the top of the bottle as it slowed down and pointed directly at me.

I followed the bottle's direction and was met by Luke's gaze.


That's it for now👏 thankyou for reading so far❤️❤️ Love y'all💥

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