Kiss the scars on my arms

suicidal thoughts ? not all super-heros wear capes right ? everyone cares when its too late...


1. Why Do I Feel The Way I do

*tick tock* *tick tock* went the clock

As she sits there watching the blade cut her, as the blood pours out. Tear drops falling down her cheek as she breaths in and out trying to hold the pain in, But is the blade really working?


sophia was a normal teenager, she was pretty smart had it all until. 

Doctor: she's loosing to much blood how can we save her.

Sophia's mum : Just please help her i don't know why she's done this.


Those same two sentence playing in her mind over and over again, Sophia opened her eyes looked around everything was so fast or was it just her mind playing tricks on her. Sophia went to her locker looked to one side of her and saw 5 boys really intelligent ones who were cute she smiled at them they smiled back and waved.


When suddenly the locker crashed as it hit and Sophia got pushed onto the lockers getting bullied by these olders who had just beaten her up for fun.

one out of the five boys and come over. Beau he had come and stopped the fight

Beau: WTF is wrong with you what do you think you're doing to this girl

as sophia so weak couldn't say her name 

Holly (the bully): Well she was botherin me thats why

Beau was confused and screamed

Beau: are you stupid or something? she didn't do shit to you no go away you!

Holly scoffed and left 


Beau reached down to sophia and picked her up and got her some medical attention the other boys joined in.

Jai: Wow That holly is quite something she's so rude and needs to fix up 

James: i agree wtf was that, sophia didn't even do anything

Daniel: Sophia thats her name, she's the nicest person i've ever met

Luke: yeah she is

as Luke peers into the room 

Sophia sat there icing her face and bursted into tears 

Sophia: Why me why do i feel the way i do?

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