Kiss the scars on my arms

suicidal thoughts ? not all super-heros wear capes right ? everyone cares when its too late...


6. Never Let Me Go Even If Im Not There










Everyone hears a loud crash and thump.

The parents were crying

Luke punched the wall james and jai crying together Beau sitting and thinking daniel shocked for his life.

Luke and Sophias father bust down the bathroom door finally after 500 tries from before


as they bust in they see sophia lying in her own pool of blood after hanging her self. 

Luke sat there looking at her pale pale body and analysing the small details about sophia. He held her close to his heart and kissed the scars on her arm.

In her hand was a letter which was from Sophia saying...


dear everyone,

I'm so sorry everything led to this i didn't want to commit suicide but it was my only escape, im sorry mum for doing this to you i love you dearly as for you dad you have always been my number one hero. Guys don't blame this upon yourselves because this was my decision im sorry for putting you all in this position. Boys i love you so much but my time is here after you've read this i may not be alive but please remember i only did this so i could live in peace and not be bullied you boys were the greatest thing that had ever happened to me and i am thankful, even though i had great friends and i smiled a lot i was broken inside and you guys could truly see it in my eyes once again i'm sorry you're all my heros and i'm grateful for this. For Luke i love you so much i know we didn't get a chance to date but as long as i know you love me and i love you thats all that matters Luke you were so different form the other boyfriends that i had you were gentle, sweet nice and really genuine and thats what i really loved about you and i e i will always love you all of you. The scars were just a starter for the real thing i was hurt on the inside and that relieved even though i know cuttings never the answer. so good bye my family and friends good by Luke i love you all.

From Sophia

After reading the letter the all broke down everyone was speechless no one said a word, everyone was in there own world of thoughts, they all broke and started crying Luke and her parents most of all.

To sophia her parents and the boys were like her hero's they helped her and tried everything but nothing worked she was too depressed the boys were in complete shock they had no clue what to do now. They were her saviours.

Before the funereal they all laid her favourite flowers on her roses and before she got lowered down Luke once again


Kissed the scars on her arms


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