Kiss the scars on my arms

suicidal thoughts ? not all super-heros wear capes right ? everyone cares when its too late...


3. Lets Take It Back Abit

*Lukes POV*

Luke walked into class, drama great he loved it because Sophia was in that class.


Luke sighed: ahhhhhh shes gorgeous. as he looks into space 


He was analysing Sophia's every move the way she walked the way she talked and oohh the way she'd touch her little nose when she gets nervous. Luke notices that a lot because she gets nervous before she gets on stage to perform.


Lukes thinking...


"Oh My God i should ask her out? maybe today ? no not today its too soon. Woow i love the way her perfume smells as she walks past me, i love how she doesn't always swear, i love the way her smile appears when she gets really excited. I love everything about sophia" 


Sophia turns to Luke and smiles as she bites her lip.


"I think shes interested in me don't you, the way she bit her lip come one that must be a sign" Luke is still thinking while making weird facial expressions towards sophia she didn't really mind.

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