Kiss the scars on my arms

suicidal thoughts ? not all super-heros wear capes right ? everyone cares when its too late...


4. Can I Cut The Pain Away

*continuing from the beginning flashforward*

As sophia lays there with a blade in her hand and tears pouring down her face without a single noise, she silently cut to relieve the pain she was in,relieve the rumours she thought were true.

She looked up at the mirror and took one hard look at herself and wiped her face as all her mascara had gotten all over her face. She sat down and cried for hours and hours in the bathroom anything people were doing to save her was zoned out she could only focus on her.


Sophia's parents tried pushing the door open but it didn't budge they called sophia's name quite a few times but she didn't reply they had assumed she had comitted suicide.

Mother: Sweetie come out don't do this, we'll help you get through this i promise 

*sophia cut*

Father: Sophia darling please don't we need you youre our sunshine please do not do this

*sophia cut* 

everytime they'd speak she'd cut.

her parents decided to call Jai,Daniel,James, Beau & Luke the friends who'd supported her through thick and thin.

`*Sophias Mums on the phone*

Hi Luke its sophias mum i need your help, sophias locked her self into the bathroom and she's not coming out and i'm afraid she's going to do something to kill her self so can you please come over

Luke was shocked and ran over as soon as possible with the boys and he reached her house barged through the door and shouted 




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