Kiss the scars on my arms

suicidal thoughts ? not all super-heros wear capes right ? everyone cares when its too late...


2. Am I "Normal" now ?

Luke came into the room 

Luke: Hi sophia 

Sophia looks up 

Hi Luke she says as blood pours from her mouth

Luke : i'm so sorry sophia, i wanted to protect you but i didn't know how to.


Sophia was confused 

what do you mean she said as she hopped of off the table


Luke turns towards her : i mean i've liked you since ages but we didn't get to speak properly now i feel like a jerk for not helping you urgh. Luke punches the wall.


Sophia walks toward Luke: Look its alright i'm use to being let down you know like a "normal" person you know. as she tries forcing a smile Luke comes to her and holds her hands. 

Luke: I'm really sorry sophia i wish i'd told you how i felt earlier but i had a feeling one of the other boys had a thing for you but i'm not sure. He scratches his head 


Sophia was a bit shocked the fact those boys who she hardly talks actually have a thing for her. This made her feel a bit better about not being like everyone else. 

After luke had admitted his feelings to her. her and the boys started hanging out they went over to each others houses and had real fun. The boys new she was hiding something they could see it in her eyes.

they had confronted her about the pain she is feeling and gave her advice and told her to stay strong whenever she had a problem she'd count to 10 and think of them and they'd be there the boys really helped her through her tough times but...

one thing still stuck in her head 

Why me? what did i do? am i fat? am i ugly? 

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