almost home

hi. that's what im going to start with is hi. Lets start over, hi my name is Rachel and I ran from everything, all my problems, but I wish I haven't I wish I still had my best friend I wish I had my brother Nial. I wish I was altleast almost home back to that blond freak I wish I was almost home


1. this is me

                                                              Rachel pov

hi my name is Rachel and I am 19 I live in London and I am from Ireland. my brother is probably in his early 20. I don't know because I ran away on his birthday. I know harsh but it was the only time I had I didn't want to be late and deal with any more suffering. im not saying I was suffering then with him but when he left and never came back in five years my heart broke. he was the only one that cared abot me he knew what I was going through. my dad killed my mom, well not that he didn't love her but because he became a drug dealer, a gambler, a robber. yes he got caught and yes my mom tried to do something abot it when I said lets run away but she said "no you should never run away from your problems  you should atleast try and solve especially when its a family  problem". now she is dead. R.I.P for my dad he is in jail and by the laws wich that he had broke he will be in jail for life.

now lets talk about my brother. well theres not much he like me but different gender. he is a boy and I am a girl so yea, he went through all the suffering because of me he tried to tell me to stay but I refused. if I wasn't going to refuse he wouldn't going to go through life peacfuly he was going to have me fallowing him all over the world and I don't want him to go through all that I will be like his baby.

Authors note :

Hey this is my first Movella so comment if I should update more and I don't update if I don't get any likes so sorry.

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