HeartBreak Boy

Luke's POV

"Hot chicks. The ones that aren't tall. The ones that have these legs that you want to own. And these big boobs that you can touch." I say to Kiara. I smile at her as I tell her the kind of girls I like.
Kiara is my best friend and I can tell her anything and she doesn't mind.
She's like my little sister and we say everything to each other!

Kiara's POV

I'm not the kind of girl he likes.
I'm not hot, I'm a nerd.
I'm small though.
I'm not a girl that have those legs that the guys want to own.
I don't have boobs. Well yeah I do, but they aren't big like the "hot chicks's" boobs.
I really like Luke but he is popular and I'm a nerd.
We are friend-zoned.


7. || Uh-huh! ||

"So you are moving with your mum again?" I ask Luke as I take a bite of his pizza and he just groans at me making me giggle. We sit on his bed, of my house, eating pizza and watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. He takes my pizza and bites it making me gasp.

-2 weeks later-

"Would you move with me to my new apartment?" Luke asks me with a box of pizza like if it was a proposal. I nod, then shake my head. "Oh. Okay. Why?"

"Mum and dad. I have to ask them." I smile at him, almost breaking my cheeks. "So they bought you an apartment?" He nods. Wow, big move, I guess.


"Mum? Can I move in with Luke?"

"Sure. Just don't have physical game."



"Me and Luke are just FRIENDS."

"Gotta go. Nick wants to eat."

"'Kay. Bye."

"Pack your stuff btw."




"Eat healthy."





"So..." Luke stares at me, waiting for my answer. I bite my lip, just to hide my smile but fail. "Yes?" He smiles. I nod, smiling at him. We hug for 5 minutes.

-5 days later-

Luke has helped me pack my stuff and move them to the apartment. When we finally finished we decide to have our own party. Of course, I cannot drink 'cause the baby, but Luke can.

He and I have been dancing in the living room for Lord knows how many time. He takes a lkng sip from his beer and smiles at me. I get closer to him, wrapping my arms around his neck. We keep dancing, as he wraps his arms around my waist.

Before I knew it, I was pressed against a wall. His lips are drunk, but soft against mine. His touch is gentle, like if he holds me tigh I'd break. He knows what I feel about him an I know what he feels about me. We are not dating, but we feel like it.

He kisses my neck, leaving marks. I moan as he presses me against the wall and kisses me. He looks up at me. "You sure?" I nod. I press my lips to his. I whisper to him to take us to his room because is done.

He throws me to the bed. He hovers ontop of me, holding himself with his to hands on both of my sides. He leans in and I close my eyes. He plants kisses in my lips. On one of them, I bite his lips and giggle. I open my eyes and he shakes his head.

He rips off my shirt and his. I push him down to the bed and hover ontop of him. He blushes at my act and I smirk. I start leaving kisses from his lips, to the jaw, to the neck and then the chest. I go lower as he curses. I stop as I reach his waistband. I start pulling his pant off but he helps me. I take mine off and keep kissing his chest until I reach his under's waistband again. I look up at him as he looks down at me. He nods so I start taking his under off. It wasn't complecated though. I don't look at his crotch because I want him to feel fine.

He pushes me down to the bed this time, kissing my lips to my breast. He stops and looks at me to find me alreay looking at me. His hands find his way to the back of my bra and untick them. I take them off. Showing him my breast which he stares. I roll my eyes as he leans in to one of them. He places soft kisses in it then licks it. He kisses it again, but harder making me moan. He does it to the other one too.

He kisses my chest and goes lower. He finds the waistband of my black pantie and takes them off. He kisses it softly, going lower. I close my eyes, suddenly feeling something inside me. I open my eyes, gasping, making him stop and look at me. I shake my head so he puts his mouth in my bowl, tasting it. I moan as he presses harder. He stops and enters 2 fingers making me moan. "SHIT!" He gets them out.

"My turn?" I ask him and he shrugs.

I push him to the bed and lean into his crotch. He closes his eyes. I lick and then bite it, softly. I start sucking it and he moans cursing words. I feel some kind of liquid in my mouth. I frown at it's taste, but chew it and drink/eat it. It is sticky and feels funny in my mouth.


"Hey, mum." I hear Luke say in a rapy voice. "No, she is at her room. No I would never sleep with a slut like her.. Yeah, promise."

Slut? So all of this meant nothing? So this is how he wants to play with me? Fine!

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